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  1. I don't want the main characters to wander off in different directions and never interact with each other. If they must go on a solo mission, fine, but anchor it with interaction with other characters at the beginning or end. I love seeing the characters from other characters' POVs. It's fun to see how perceptions can be different, and I want to see these people play off one another.
  2. Aye. There's that one moment there, when Adolin asks her what she thinks of all this. And after that she acted differently, not following him up from the shore, as a deadeye normally would, but staring at her feet as if... thinking?
  3. I wonder if Maya's recent proximity to Knights Radiant is a factor in developing a Nahel bond. Adolin has been hanging around Shallan and Kaladin, and his father and brother. That's something a dead Shard wouldn't have experienced for a long, long time. Along with meeting Fused and Thunderclasts. Life could start feeling like something familiar under those circumstances.
  4. Kaladin. But this question made me consider, because he is my favorite character, but that is not necessarily the same as being the favorite Radiant. So I filtered it through three things: 1) Best Dynamic Duo. A lot of strong contenders in this category. Kaladin and Syl (my fav non-POV character), Shallan and Pattern, Dalinar and grumpy Stormfather, Lift and Wyndel, Venli and the adorable Timbre, and Jasnah and Ivory (the only Radiant spren with enough maturity I could imagine him lounging in his den in a smoking jacket, checking his stock portfolio). And even though Adolin isn't a Radiant (yet), he and Maya are developing a wonderful bond. 2) Best Radiant powers. From the list above, I pick Kaladin, because his are fun and I love the way he can manipulate the air flow around himself when he flies but isn't really sure how he does it. Shallan might get top marks here for her Lightweaving, though, as she uses it for disguise, distraction, hide in shadows, puppet plays, and interactive maps. It is fine that she doesn't use Soulcasting much, as I don't like Soulcasting, because she doesn't need to with Lightweaving being so cool and useful. 3) Radianting. Dalinar has been trying to "unite them" since before he was a Radiant, so kudos to him for that. But highly visible blue streaks of light dropping from the skies, bringing hope to the populace? Kaladin organized his bridge crew squires, so he gets top marks here.
  5. I think it interesting that Maya is the one who is broken, and Adolin is the one filling the cracks in her soul, sort of the opposite of how a Nahal bond usually works. So, even though I do want Adolin to resurrect her and become an Edgedancer, I voted "other", because I think it is possible for it to be something new and different instead. My big interest in Maya is that she was part of the Recreance, and if she gets her smarts back she can potentially explain what happened. I look forward to seeing Adolin and Maya's bond deepen. If at the end of it all Adolin gets to be an Edgedancer too, that's also cool.
  6. I have to disagree with this. Szeth was selectively upholding a law. But he is well outside of Shin. I just finished a reread of TWoK, and I found myself with no sympathy for him while reading his mass murder spree across the face of Roshar. He knows he is doing wrong, but chooses to do it anyway. He seems to feel that harming others is part of his punishment and all about him, which is so incredibly selfish. I personally found his resurrection to be clunky, and wished he had stayed dead, despite my interest in his backstory. But that is a done deal. But I would like him to die-- though it is highly unlikely to happen before the end of book 5. Between Dalinar, Taravangian, Venli, and Szeth, this story is littered with Monsters As Saviors. I am having a hard time investing in yet another serial mass murderer who is supposedly integral to the survival of Roshar. I find the moral struggles of Jasnah, Kaladin, Shallan, and Adolin and even Moash to be far more relatable and interesting, but the story is confusing in that it asks me to care about those things while shrugging off the deaths of thousands for other characters. I don't want Teft to die, but I do see how that could further the story, so I agree that maybe he should. I kinda have the same feeling about Lirin.
  7. I agree with you somewhat about the shash brand, but not its meaning. Kaladin got it because he refused to be a good little slave, and repeatedly tried to escape, and to take all the other slaves to freedom also. Kaladin is dangerous because he upends Alethi society. It's the one scar I think Kaladin should keep as a badge of honor.
  8. Yeah, I would love to know what the cloak glyphs say! It occured to me that Kaladin was granted the lands because he is a Shardbearer. But his Shard is Syl, not something he can pass down to his heir. So if everything remains the same in Alethkar (I assume it won't, though), House Stormblessed wouldn't survive beyond Kaladin even if he had children; they would have no Shards and may well even be darkeyed.
  9. When I said "Elhokar", I really meant "Brandon Sanderson". It is simply that I find it ironically amusing. I do want Kaladin to survive and settle in his lands, though, and start "House Stormblessed", as others have mentioned.
  10. It really feels like it should be the Windrunner River, but nope, when Elkohar was looking for land to grant the former bridgeman who had had all his men slaughtered in Amaram's army, he thought "You know what would be perfect? Something with Death in the title!"
  11. Heh, even the Stormfather calls Kaladin "Stormblessed".
  12. I think it was called the Death Bend River-- at any rate, I am sure it had "death" in its name. The Windrunner River is the one farther North that flows near Kholinar. Edit Looked it up, it is the Deathbend, all one word.
  13. My half-baked theory is that The Sibling is called The Sibling because it is a sibling to itself. It's a singular thing that should be plural. It is the strata in each of the large cities that make me think this. I bet that there are a few long bands of strata that run between each city, ultimately connecting them all, like a giant stone nervous system. It isn't just Urithiru that sleeps, but all the cities. So, one entity, but multiple manifestations, is my bet.
  14. Pattern seems to have gone to Shallan when she was a child, before her life got crazy messed up. I don't think Cryptics need the present day levels of hidden truths Shallan currently has to offer.
  15. I don't have the altered ending. There was no conversation that I know abut on page, just Kaladin telling Dalinar that they needed to talk. They were at Urithiru about a Roshar week to six days before Kaladin flew off to find his parents, which is plenty of time to have a conversation. It was simply my impression that he had talked to Dalinar about what had happened. I could very well be wrong, because it is not on page. Kaladin only ever seems to worry about what he hasn't said to Bridge 4, not about anything he hasn't said tio Dalinar, which also gave me the impression they had talked.