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  1. That part where Teal'c, Harry Potter, and Arnold J. Rimmer showed up to confirm Kaladin into the Men With Forehead Art Club was just downright weird. I think the worldhopping is starting to get out of control.
  2. I feel a bit cheated that we didn't get to see Syl and Pattern's wedding. There was just the time skip and they had six babies that had sworn an Oath to always tell Lies. I'm still trying to untangle their conversations.
  3. Could put non SA stuff in spoiler tags. Unless reading Mistborn or whatever Marsh is from is now mandatory to come here. I might read it someday, though the more spoilers I get the less likely I will because it kills the enjoyment for me. I try to skim over posts when I see unfamiliar names but sometimes I trip up (Marsh as Moash).
  4. Is Marsh one of the worldhoppers on Roshar?
  5. Dang, I messed up by voting for the RoW cover. I was thinking that it is the prettiest of the covers, but after I hit submit I realized that TWoK is the most intriguing and ambiguous cover, and much preferable to me as a book cover rather than art. It makes the book look interesting without being spoilery at all, because really, who are those people? Cool terrain, though. (WoR and Oathbringer are automatically disqualified for me because they are so spoilery--- here, let's take something that happens at the end of a book and slap it on the front cover!/s)
  6. I would be sooo down for that.
  7. What if.... Syl picks up the Shard of Honor? She is a little piece of Honor, she is intelligent and articulate, and Dalinar is shipping her off to the mad scientist Herald who is looking for more Honorspren for his crazy conversion experiments. I mean, who better than the personification of Honor to pick up Honor?
  8. You forgot Timbre! I voted for Syl, because she is my solid favorite. But Timbre and Pattern and Maya are up there for me, too, and now Design.
  9. Rlenarlain. Okay, maybe it isn't the simplest, but I love the repeating RL's.
  10. I think Hesina and Hessi are relatives from the same learned family (maybe one was named after the other). Hesina does sound intelligent and well educated. However, her resources are too limited in Hearthstone to do any research or publish any writing. She couldn't even get a message out to her sons when they were in the army.
  11. Maybe. Or maybe not. I still don't see Tien in the quote: "Besides, there was . . . another voice. Pure, with a song like tapped crystal, distant yet demanding . . ." It is an odd quote. So far, no other spren has mentioned anything like this. Pattern has not yet mentioned how he and Shallan were drawn to Jasnah-- and Jasnah rejected Shallan to start with, despite having a bond with a spren that has been maturing for six years. So I can't conclude that crystalline voices have anything to do with Radiant spren glomming to the same area, though information in future books might change that. We do know that they tend to glom to the same area once a bunch of them have bonded a potential Knight (Nale mentions this). There is also that poor little Cryptic that was after Elhoker-- maybe something attracted it to the Shattered Plains, or maybe it just wanted to bond with the King of the Alethi. Rather coincidently Kaladin and Syl arrived on the Shattered Plains at about this time. The Honor spren later all show up where Syl and Kaladin are. I am curious to know the source of the crystal voice, and whether any other spren experienced it.
  12. Doesn't make me think of Tien, or his potential spren. Why would it call to Syl? I hope it is explained, because it is curious.
  13. I like the term "systematic racism", because it is clear what it is talking about. Kaladin is very much against systematic racism. He has experienced the injustice of it, he doesn't want to just reverse the tables and lord it over lighteyes, he would very much like it if justice and honor were actually true, fair things for everybody. His experiences have made him prejudiced against lighteyes. Other characters either embrace or passively accept systematic racism, and they are prejudiced against darkeyes, though their prejudice is less about hating darkeyes for things done to them, and more about discomfort at darkeyes being out of there place, fear, or seeing darkeyes as throwaways. Neither prejudice against lighteyes or darkeyes is good. Kaladin shows his ability to grow beyond his prejudice, and start to see the lighteyes he meets as just people. One thing that drives me up the wall about all the "Kaladin is racist" threads I've seen is that Dalanar, Adolin, ans Shallan are also "racist", along with bmany others. It kind of makes me crazy that this is seen as a problem just for Kaladin, that he needs to get over and then the world will just be hunky-dor, but no one else needs to tackle their own prejudices.
  14. Wasn't it Shallan that picked up the palace bead in Oathbringer, when she was looking for a means to get the group off the Kholinar Oathgate platform in Shadesmar? I don't remember Kaladin ever doing so, or showing any interests in the beads beyond the icy one when Captain Ico was making water. When did Jasnah pick up the palace bead-- I don't remember that either, but since she is an Elsecaller and can Soulcast it seems reasonable that she did. I just don't remember when.
  15. I voted other. I just don't enjoy Mraize, I find him to be grating.