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  1. Nale seems to care about local law when acting as a law agent in a specific place, but other times just sort of overlooks the laws of specific lands when convenient. For example, he recruits Szeth despite Szeth's multiple criminal acts across much of Roshar, including states that Nale has the authority of a law agent in. Also, the Skybreaker wannabes are absolved of past crimes when they say the first oath, indicating that some of them had committed crimes before joining. Nale's lawfulness is a bit chaotic. I agree that hiring an assassin seems against his MO, though.
  2. The Window Maker.
  3. Dalinar and Adolin are not the Sons of Honor, and there goal isn't to reestablish the power of the Vorin church at all costs. I think the different reactions of the Sons of Honor and Adolin backs up my point. A darkeyes getting Shards was something out of legend up to that point. Adolin mentions a lighteyed archer kill stealing a Shardbearer from spearmen, and Jost's father grumbled about having killed a Shardbearer and having the Shards stolen (sounded like a tall tale at the time but in retrospect if he was part of a group of spearmen it could well have been a situation like the one with the archer), but that's as close in modern times as we get t the legends until the situations with Kaladin. In both cases he refuses to take up the Shards, and tries to give them away to other darkeyes. As far as I know there is no precedent for granting Shards to a darkeye who didn't earn them, and Moash does make some comment on how people just don't know what to make of him.
  4. My point was more that Kaladin refused to pick the Shards up himself, and so he remained darkeyed. If he had picked them up himself, he would have become lighteyed. I think the Sons of Honor had a problem with that. If Kaladin would just become lighteyed, it would prove the Almighty's favor. Staying darkeyed and being a slayer of a Shardbearer and handing out Shards like some kind of noble kinda messes with the ideas of Vorinism the Sons of Honor were so intent to promote.
  5. I am waiting for Amaram's cronie the stormwarden Restares to pop up as a character. I really want to know more about the Sons of Honor. I think you are right that Amaram would have spared Kaladin if he had picked up the Shards. The Sons of Honor wanted to restore the Vorin church, and legends allowed for a darkeye to win Shards and become lighteyed. But the case Amaram had was a darkeye killing a lighteye but refusing the Shards so he would remain darkeyed, and then the darkeye granting the Shards to another darkeye. That just doesn't fit in with Vorinism. So Restares wanted Kaladin and his men erased, and Amaram got the Shards as payment for doing that deed.
  6. I wondered if Kaladin meant the one who had killed Tien. Wasn't that the same Highprince's army as four years ago? I don't have my book handy to double check.
  7. As amusing as that idea is to me, I believe Stormfather made Syl before he joined with Tanavast's cognitive shadow. Technically, I think all the other Honor spren would be Stormfather/Tanavast's children or descendents thereof, and only Syl is a child of just the Stormfather.
  8. Well, there's at least two of us, then.
  9. There's always the one who name their character Wolf or Raven. It needs a Roshan equivalent. ChickenMink Stormwind, the Stonewalker Ranger.
  10. I think it would need a mythical monster in the title. Chasms & Thunderclasts? Thunderclasts don't have anything to do with chasms, but then I never did figure out how dragons got stuffed into dungeons.
  11. Chickens and Chasmfiends would totally be the name for their Monster Manual.
  12. Perhaps, to build on that, it is because Syl would be the only Honorspren to actually remember Tanavast, and so when she picked her Knight she chose someone close to what Tanavast was like. The other Honorspren were all made after the Recreance, and possibly after the concept of honor had changed.
  13. Adolin thought rebel assassins were responsible for his mother's death, so I don't think he ever blamed Sadeas for that, so I don't think it was a factor Adolin killing Sadeas. Blaming Sadeas for Rathalas may have had an indirect effect, since it showed that Sadeas had a history of fixing problems by killing them along with the several thousand people standing closest, so Sadeas's threat to keep on doing what he was doing may have had more weight. Though I think Sadeas's recent behavior, which included intentionally getting thousands of Adolin's men slaughtered, was enough.
  14. If there is one thing Kaladin and Shallan have painfully demonstrated, it's that they not only have to know their next oath (or truth), but also mean it. I am surprised Pattern didn't spend much of the time in Oathbringer spinning in place on the floor. I expect the fourth oath does relate to something Lirin tried to teach Kaladin. I think Kaladin needs to accept the ideals of triage, by finding a way to prioritize who to help first, because he can't help everyone at once. I also think it would be interesting if Teft passed Kaladin in oaths, just for how awkward it would be. Not sure if Teft could get there so quickly, since he still has issues with what happened to the Envisagers (sp?) after he turned them in. Teft might have some serious issues with himself about knowing what is right. Not sure I could take it seriously if The Lopen is the one to pass Kaladin. Those were the only two developed as having spren in Oathbringer, and I don't think I'd like it if someone random is suddenly at fourth oath without it having been developed on page.
  15. Okay, but is a Soulcaster soulcasting the person's actual soul, or the soul of their meatbag? Meatbag makes more sense to me, since I can understand meat deciding so easily it will change to fire or crystal, but if trying to get the person to agree to change, I feel like the answer would just be straight up "NO" unless the person was suicidal. As it is, I feel like the meat is being pretty traitorous throwing out the person it houses so readily, but I guess that's what I should expect when it has meat-for-brains.