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  1. i sincerely hope this how moash dies
  2. Im stuck between Vasher and Lightsong
  3. thank the heralds
  4. what if autonomy is trying to take over the cosmere ?? ( empire of autonomy )
  5. can one form a nahel bond with a seon and would it turn a person into an elantrian or alllow just them to use aondor without becoming "full" elantrians ?
  6. kelsier the dustbringer
  7. somehow kelsier holding odiums shard is more scary than anything in the cosmere ( except perhaps kell with ruins shard )
  8. or a death star
  9. this thread must never die
  10. then how about a combination of multiple spren for such complex machines like say a car
  11. is it possible for radient spren to like, turn into a gun or something. i mean syl could turn into a sword ,spear, shield etc.