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  1. If no one died it would be the greatest suprise ever.
  2. I don't think that Kaladin and Dalinar talked about what happened in the end of Word of Radiance - what Dalinar said in Oathbirnger it only says that he knew about Kaladin problems with Elhokar, not about what he did or what he didn't do. I don't think that Sanderson would miss this kind of conversation in his novel - it is crucial for action. And if Kaladin would talk with Dalinar he would think about it much more than one short sentence in OB.
  3. I still think that Kaladin have to accept that people dies. And forgive himself. And understand that it isn't his fault. And that isn't easy - it takes time. It's not like you woke up some day and you think - oh I think I just let it go. I'm fine now. It's a process. It takes months, years, sometimes all life, sometimes it never happens. And forgiving is not forgeting - all dead people are still with you and you just have to live with them. And if Kaladin would just let it go it wouldn't be so realistic. Maybe he won't reach it, but inner ballance would help. All what have happened in Oathbringer is important for Kaladin.
  4. I think that Kaladin must build some basis inside him for another hard times. Something to hold on when everything is falling apart - and I think that something like that might happen maybe when everybody finds out what happened with Elhokar and Moash when Kaladin swore Third Ideal. Failures make you stronger because when you reach the bottom and you can do two things - give up or fight. And even with his depression he fights. That is amazing.
  5. game

    Amaram cleaning my room, for dishes I have dishwasher. Would you rather live in Era 4 or OB 6?
  6. @Sorana I have Perfect State and Legion on my bookshelf. And I want to read Reconers in original - I've heard that my language translation is poor quality. But I have a feeling that I will read them all.
  7. @Niteshado every book stole my heart - Elantris and Sarene with her diplomacy and ability to saying what she thinks; Warbreaker and Vasher - I really like his "ancient" story; Mistborn - Vin for beacoming a woman who know what she wants - and Kelsier for being himself, and Wayne in Era 2 - he is so twisted. And I'm waiting to know a real secret related to Steris. I like short stories too - Sixth of the Dusk and Shadows For Silence. But most of all I love Stormlight Archive and Kaladin - he is so broken but he is a fighter and I really like his journey. @Life&Death i love Chocolate - with all consequences.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm here for a few weeks now and I've already read all Cosmere books - Mistborn, Stormlight Archive, Elantris, Warbreaker, Arcanum Unbounded and White Sand as graphic novel - I want to read White Sand novel draft right now. I have to make some break with reading right now to come back to living - shardcast don't make it easier. And I'm thinking about reading other Brandon Sanderson books.
  9. For me it is stronger that Kaladin didn't swear the Fourth Ideal than if he did. I wanted it so much, but it is just so human. Even if he knows these words he isn't ready to say it. There is a difference between knowing something and accepting it. He lost so many people he cared about. He have to deal with it. To accept it. To forgive himself. It's like Lirin said - You can't protect everyone, you have to let it go. For every surgeon or any other physician it is very important to learn that people die. That you can't save everyone. And I think that Kaladin refuses to admit that Lirin was right. And those who he lost - of course he could just swear Fourth Ideal but what about grief? If you lost someone in real life time is needed to cure you. Even if someone tells you - it's time to deal with it - maybe sometimes it helps, but most of the time it won't work. Sometimes little things will make difference - like just that someone is near you someone that you could count on like Bridge Four for Kaladin. And sometimes it is better when you lose than when you win like when he can't swear the Fourh Ideal. And there is this thing that Kaladin said to Theft when he swore Third Ideal - That it won't make any difference, that it won't solve all problems. That you have to deal with your dark side anyway. I don't think he didn't grow in Oathbirnger - he knows that he can rely on other people, that he isn't alone any more, that he can make mistakes, that even if he won't make right choices it could end well anyway. And that makes him stronger. And maybe he could deal with his problems and make decisions.
  10. Secret History. For me it was Vin. And Elend. That they died and didn't see Mare flowers. That they didn't grow old with each other. But Secret History cured me. You should read it.
  11. Mmmm that is a little distubring but thank you
  12. Hello Could you give me some advise - If i've read books from Stormlight Archive and I would like to read other Sanderson's books - where should I start? Mistborn? Elantris? Is it really important what I should read first?
  13. Thank you - it's really nice to hear that there is a chance that someone wil live through this part and will be in the second penta-something.
  14. I will live and let people die. And I would forgive myself.