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  1. On 6/26/2018 at 11:42 PM, Mraize said:
  2. lol. We might have to reserve the state of Utah for the fireside though.
  3. Whatever the person next to me is listening to.
  4. why thank you. i shall voyage to general discussion. Kiitos!
  5. I want a really cool profile picture, open to suggestions. Thanks!
  6. Steelheart series Stormlight archive warbreaker alcatraz maybe some others, looking forward to mistborn
  7. How is that username still available lol

  8. Play ping-pong with me. I am rather bored, sitting next to a ping-pong table. hmmmm
  9. also, they are awesome
  10. I would be either an edgedancer, or a windrunner. If being an edgedancer came with the ability to metabolize stormlight directly from food, like the "awesome" girl (can't quite remember her name), then i would definitely be an edgedancer.
  11. haha. thanks for the introduction, and yes, i look through all of the hidden comments. Want to buy a cookie?
  12. I would like the powers of a Knight Radiant
  13. I thought I told you not to look. Adolin Kholin is the best, also I am going to try and get a huge number of comments here, without spamming. What do you think of my goal?
  14. Quartzfire. I turn stuff into... Quartz and fire I can fly My weakness is lemons I like to turn people into quartz statues