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  1. I think "wonderlust" fits pretty well too
  2. I've been trying to describe the feeling you get while reading Sanderson's books (or really any book with a strong story and lore) but I've been unable to put it into words. It's some mixture of anticipation, excitement, and curiosity. I wanted to see if anyone can put it in better words than I can or has some hyperspecific word for this feeling.
  3. My character is Hoid, and this is my rap: Whattup y’all. The name is Hoid Compared to mine your raps’re all void I’ve got that rhythm, that beat, that tone Y’all only got a lack of cologne! I could beat you all, anywhere, anytime Winning’s easy against people who can’t rhyme Having matching syllables is what rapping’s all about But none of you can do that because none of you can count! Vasher, you may be a master of swords But you are useless when it comes to words I am the wittiest, as you all should know As the King's Wit I put on quite the show Wow, you’re so cool, you worldhopped and changed your name You have no idea how good I am at that game You think your pretty snazzy with your “fancy” Nightblood Well compared to my skill set your sword is a dud You’ve hardly lived, and yet you’re cursed for life For you must live know’n that you killed your wife You are a cheap player, a cheater, and a fraud Unlike my rap yours doesn’t make people applaud Wayne, oh Wayne, where do I even start First off, you’re a monster, who lacks a heart You shot a poor man and took his life You can’t pay that back by paying his wife You call yourself a slider, is that so Well Lift’s the real slider, don’t you know She (and her awesomeness and pet voidbringer) can slide down hallways insanely fast You create bubbles that don’t even last You’re powers are weak Like the rhymes you seek And have no chance this one Cause you can’t even hold a gun Sadeas why even try, cause I’ve already won Also you are dead, killed by the Blackthorn’s own son You were weak then, and you are weak now So surrender now and become a pow I have outwitted you, and flustered you Pretty sure you wanted to kill me too The King’s Wit has proven my superiority So I don’t need any of your inferiority You are were a terrible Highprince You’re decisions made me wince You and Vasher are a lot alike Both your raps everyone dislikes I’ve already already won this, so I can scream Huzaaa! For I’m a fricking god (of mischief) and next to me you are all skaa And unlike me you all lack lots of wit And so this rap concludes you little piece of a lot of shards Thanks and good luck to everyone else!
  4. If Ruin were to go to Roshar, then what would it's spren be? I was joking around with my friends when I came up with a spectacular idea. Spikespren. It is like a hamalurgic spike, but instead of being a spike in the Physical Realm, and effecting the person there, it is in the Cognative Realm (it's a spren), and it spikes people and spren there. It would effect the people through the Cognative Realm and if you were to travel to Shadesmar you would see a Spikespren through their flame. Tell me what you think of this amazing theory.
  5. When reading through Words of Radiance I noticed a similarity between the map of the Shattered Plains and the picture at the beginning of The Way of Kings that depicted the glyphs for the KR and their surges (see pictures below). Both of these images appear to have two dragons facing each other (or at least what I think are dragons, for they look a lot like what I would imagine a dragon looking like). In the case of the KR picture, you can see the entire body of both the dragons, while in the map of the Shattered Plains only the heads can be seen, yet they are unmistakably the same heads as the ones in the picture of the KR. If you think they look like something else be sure to comment it! I am unsure about what this means, but I believe that it most likely has to do with the reason the plains are shattered in addition to something about, most likely the founding of, the Knights Radiant. There is also a glyph repeated, forming a frame, around the side of the picture of the KR. I have drawn it so it can be seen easier. I am unsure what this glyph means, though I am pretty sure it is important as it is in the very first page of the Stormlight Archive in addition to being displayed largely on Sanderson's webpage, or if the meaning of it is known. If the meaning of it is known please tell me! Here are the photos that were talked about. I have circled and labeled the parts I talked about for your convenience. KR: Shattered Plains: I apologize if it is hard to read. Look for the text and then follow the arrows from them if you cannot find the circles.