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  1. I had to change my physics idea significantly due to considerations regarding infinitary logic. The idea is that the laws of physics are infinite conjunctions under an ℒ(κ,λ)-structure that shifts over time, with major cosmological processes constituted by those shifts. For example, at t = 0, let the infinitary logic of a given universe be ℒ(0,0). Over the interval t(0 to 1), the structure shifts to ℒ(ω,ω), which corresponds to the initial expansion, the Big Bang. Further major shifts in expansion dynamics result from further increases in ℒ(κ,λ), so that the accelerated expansion, for instance, is a consequence of these dynamics.

    The model has two grounds: an empirical observation and a major prediction. The first involves the idea that perception of a standard continuum results from existing in a dimensionality that succeeds the cardinality of that continuum, much like "complete" perception of a two-dimensional structure results from existence in three dimensions. Assuming that the cardinality of a continuum is aleph-1, then we assume that ℒ(κ,λ) here has aleph-2 for κ (which is the variable for time's dimensionality in the system), such that we perceive time as continuous (of cardinality aleph-1).

    The prediction the theory makes is that at some point in the future, there will be another major shift. The equation I assigned to the shifts picks out aleph-4 as the value for κ resulting from the next shift. Consequently, empirical consciousness should change accordingly, then. So if we survive to that day, we could receive predictive evidence for the model from specifics of cognitive changes at that time.

  2. I just finished The Last Druid, and though I enjoyed it and think it works, thematically, for the most part, I do wonder if it could've been more... epic? For example, the final duel was way less intense than the one in The Wishsong of Shannara or The Gypsy Morph. Thoughts? Thanks!
  3. Well one prediction came true, one book earlier than I expected, another seems to have been falsified, and my theory about Adonalsium being like a city got some minor evidence behind it, haven't read DAWNSHARD to double-check but yeah, overall, couldn't have asked for a better RHYTHM OF WAR, except maybe he could've used commas when using the word "though," more often.

  4. I don't doubt that the long-term consequences of Autonomy's actions will lead to crisis events, but how deliberately diabolical these would be...?
  5. Everyone knows that Sanderson books are too short, especially Stormlight books. What to do about it? A: origami coding. Fold the pages to line up parts of words for more content. B: invisible ink in the margins/spacing. Possibly include magnifying glass with purchase and blacklight for the ink directly. C: invent an alternative English that can be read two ways, so that after reading the actual text in original English, you can start over with second English. In fact, you can do this multiple times, maybe indefinitely, and once translations are brought in... D: coat the paper in mild hallucinogens so readers add their own books to the books while reading. E: start a forum for people to transcribe hallucinations, both chemically induced and meditatively realized.
  6. Then there's Hoid, Hoid, and Hoid
  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. I have a notion of free will as involving the structure of time, such that we don't always or even perhaps mostly make choices "moment by moment." Free will ranges over entire line-segments (of the timeline), sometimes, consolidating our actions over periods of time. So once a word's meaning is learned, the chain of thought behind that learning gets consolidated, so it doesn't manifest as a "decision" to know what words mean, each time we use a word. I guess, to a degree, that decision has already been partly made, by the time we learn the word. But then think of those moments when you say a word over and over again and its meaning seems to sort of dissipate? I wonder if that's relevant to what I'm saying... In my model, I guess this appears at the erotetic level. Here, thought has an assertion function, but also a question function. The question function is the one that allows us to directly keep ascending the staircase of recursion (always taking itself as an input...).
  9. Two things, though. Well, three even, but anyway, first, Odium isn't actually "Passion." That's a complex lie of his. The Dawnchant description of Odium was of something that drained all emotion, leaving a void. Second, supposing Sanderson was inspired enough by any of this to incorporate it into the Shards, it had to have been going back some years, before the planes got these mechanisms tagged to them? Third, but this is just me, I always preferred yugoloths over baatezu and tanarii, on a conceptual level. I mean, I held strongly to that "neutral good is most good, neutral evil is most evil" notion (I started out as chaotic good but then found out it wasn't "pure" good, so I switched to neutral good, etc.). I feel like Odium's evil is great enough to be the closest in the cosmere (of the Shards we've seen) to pure evil. Now granted, the yugoloths also have a major hub in Gehenna, it's where their lord is after all, but otherwise, the yugoloths supposedly originating in Hades also pushes me in the Odium:Hades direction.
  10. The concept of True Words

    This was a concept I liked a lot in fantasy, but couldn't reconcile with the way the concept was executed. My take on it was to suppose a moral codex where each kind of good action corresponded to a letter, so that performing a sequence of good actions meant "spelling out a word" and then forming "sentences" and so on. Anyway, someone with a name in the language of good actions would have that for their True Name, and a True Word would be a word for a thing in this language.

  11. Whom watcheth the watchethmen
  12. If any of this was an indication of anything, that leaves three more evil (from our POV, or whatever) Shards, one for a prison-plane, one for some floating volcanoes or what IIRC, but where one of the ultimate fiend-lords dwells, and one for another battle-plane. Preservation, maybe.
  13. For some reason, the 16/17 thing about the Shards has always subtly reminded me of something, but I couldn't figure it out. The closest was thinking that the 16 might be relevant to a personality test. However, within the last few days, I finally remembered. The Outer Planes from D&D. I don't know what state the D&D cosmologies are at today, but while I was growing up, they were still roughly at the, "Sixteen Outer Planes surrounding a seventeeth," stage. Now, the logic behind them is morally slanted, plus only really requires nine examples, but let's imagine that there's a vague possible mapping from the Outer Planes to the Shards, with the 17th Shard being the neutral "center." Here are my guesses: Odium: The Gray Wastes (from Wikipedia: "Here, all emotion and compassion is drained away, until only hopelessness, selfishness and apathy remain"). Dominion: Baator Ruin: The Abyss Mechanus: Preservation (Wiki: "This clockwork plane is the ultimate in order") Having a heck of a time with Cultivation, maybe Arcadia, the Beastlands, or Arborea Honor: Ysgard ("The eternal battleground where true heroes prove their valor": Tranquiline Halls much? though this depends on how much of the TH mythos is Honor's) Devotion: Elysium Autonomy: Limbo Ambition: Pandemonium Endowment: Bytopia (only "link": the term "BioChromatic Breath") EDIT: Possible extra Shards Ingenuity/Wisdom and Grief = have neutral planar counterparts? Also if Honor is not Ysgard, he's Celestia, maybe.
  14. The key to defeating Odium is to arrange a marriage for him... ... to Taravangian. The Stormfather again officiates, hence the title.
  15. OMG Knights of Honor's Truth Knife of Heaven's Treasure Knowledge of Hope Knowledge of Wind Ketek of Highstorms House of Worldsingers