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  1. *puts tongue back in cheek* When he named a character "Obliteration"
  2. I think the Ire created the black spheres while on Vax, searching for a way to become avatars of Autonomy, and that they know what the Evil is and can explain how Adonalsium was Shattered. *pulls tongue out of cheek*
  3. Kaladin is the only living of the latest-born descendants of the first Windrunner, maybe. (Or some other analogy to Syl's being the Ancient Daughter or what.)
  4. Ooooh, I just ate a third noodle. So, when Vax is brought up in-world, it seems as if the characters act as if they're referring to a well-known subject. That's definitely true of Khriss' reference, and though Ati wasn't of sound mind or what when he referred to Vax, it's not like he thought he was referring to something supermysterious. So, ironically (paradoxically), Vax is not a mystery in the Cosmere, at least not to Cosmere-aware folks. Now, if this is so, Vax must be something that can be known about in-between the less-developed/more-isolated Shardworlds. If magic systems can be specifically grounded(!) in the relationship between planets and Shards, let's suppose the general rule is that magic systems are grounded in the relationship between large celestial objects and Shards. In the Wikipedia article on the heat death of the universe, in the "Controversies" section, it is said: ... which might connect up with Adonalsium's law of thermodynamics, to boot. Anyway, what if Vax is a star? Then the magic system at the very least would have something to do with being able to sustain organic life on a star (or maybe... a black hole... or some other peculiar gravitationally-formed object*...) *For an example in the literature: ever heard of's_Egg?
  5. Is it because sulfur's atomic number is 16 or something? Re: the OP... So first off, at least according to Wikipedia, there are already 4 LoTs: So it could be that Sanderson is just sneaking in the zeroth law and relating it to the energy-matter-Investiture triad (as three systems in abstract equilibrium, anyway). This would have to do with Adonalsium just by virtue of Adonalsium having to do with Investiture, however. I can't think of another guess yet
  6. Though to be sure, the method of initiation is different in every case, it seems. I think my instinct is that Khriss contrasted Vax with [Sel? I don't remember] so the retro-psychological question would be, "What is it about [Selish] magic that prompted Khriss to bring up Vax specifically instead of just speaking generally?" So the inference would sort of be to something like, "There's something about [Sel] that brings Vax to mind [a Cosmere scholar's mind]," which is at least Noodle Number 2.
  7. Everyone knows that Hoid alloyed the lerasium with a black sphere while on Vax, investigating the Secret Project on behalf of Bavadin. Sheesh!
  8. Then all the Shards could be equated to Might as it requires strength to destroy, create, fulfill ambition, cultivate, hate, honor, etc.?
  9. At the library, I found a copy of the updated/10th Anniversary/w/e Elantris. In it, I found out that there's a process on Vax that is similar to the whole "you have to be broken" thing, about becoming an Investiture-wielder, or whatever. Not a lot to go on, granted, but let's pull a whole bag of Top Ramen out of this one noodle, eh?
  10. I know the "official"/canon OB answer, but there was another thread where a poster expressed discontent with the, "Oh it's because the humans were the original invaders," reason for the Recreance. So I was just wondering if indeed there was an even deeper motive in this case...
  11. I was thinking of a Shard of Might not for the sake of opposition to Weakness per se but because being almighty is another, much more common description of God. I'm going to suggest that, aside from "Autonomy," Dominion is the Shard with the most easily misunderstood name. We usually think "Dominion" and "Domination" together, but Sanderson was going more with "Dominion"-"Domain," as in nationality, hence the nationalization of Selish magic. I think.
  12. I'm not sure if this thread belongs in the overarching Cosmere forum, so I'm gonna pose the involved question with a spoiler blockade (although I'm not sure it involves an actual spoiler):
  13. Unless there's a way to adapt this possible Intent to that of another already-delineated Shard, I want to propose Weakness as a candidate for an undeclared Shardic Intent. My sole argument for this idea is that there is a branch of Jewish theology (a response to the Holocaust IIRC) in which the idea of God as supremely weak is analyzed. (I will look for a source to cite if needed; off the top of my head, I feel like I remember the idea showing up in Elie Wiesel's work.) Now, if there was a Shard of Weakness thus, I would imagine a Shard of Might too---again, unless one of the already-named Shards could be interpreted with that Intent (e.g. Ambition).
  14. We don't even know why Ati and Leras decided to go to the same part of the Cosmere...
  15. The questioner ought to have said, "Are there currently any Shards, besides Harmony, that are held by someone but not held by their original Vessel?" Lest Brandarn Sanderdarn, the genie of WoBs, striketh...