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  1. What if the final contest is Szeth vs. Nale? I'm sure this has been suggested before but otherwise... EDIT: OTOH, maybe we'd have a series of battles between opposed characters like in A Memory of Light, and Szeth and Nale would be one of many, like Kaladin and Vyre, Dalinar and Ishar, Shallan and an Unmade, Stormfather vs. an Unmade, Nightwatcher vs. an Unmade, the Sibling vs. an Unmade, etc.?
  2. Perhaps Honor knew he would die and so planned for a new Vessel, and Nohadon was to be that Vessel? If you think about it, Nohadon is like all the good in Kaladin plus all the good in Dalinar, maybe...
  3. I feel bad not to remember this but is it possible for kandra to look like parts of a body and not a whole body? Or, suppose you had a small enough kandra, for whatever reason... Could the kandra on Roshar(?) be hiding as someone's body part?
  4. The cutest thing is a dragon in human form, no arms, except enough cremlings have joined as one right or left arm, and a kandra has formed an opposite arm.
  5. Storm Sanderson's mind, it can't stop us all EDIT: I know Sanderson later said that surviving was only tangential to the Shard's Intent but here he seems to indicate that the Intent really is something like Hidvival or Surhiding or whatever, which isn't "tangentially" about surviving but constitutively about that... so... The alternative there is that "to hide" is the Intent (a Shard of Isolation?), so surviving is just a means to hiding. So maybe now the Shard realizes that if it died, it could "hide" in the Beyond, as it were, which would be the closest to ultimate Isolation it could reach. BUT that alternative violates the precept, "The Vessels don't automatically apply their Intents to themselves." Of course, maybe this is a Shard that has succumbed to its Intent, or whatever, so it is now self-applying the Intent. However, the next idea would otherwise be: the Intent has to do with hiding and surviving inferentially (the meaning of "tangentially" here, as in a geometric/logical tangent, not an "irrelevant sidestep"?), which is where some of the Wisdom equation comes from? I haven't read over the arguments for Wisdom here so IDK but at least assuming a kind of "normal" prudential wisdom might lead to hiding in order to survive. BUT!!! that won't work either, probably? If this Shard is Wisdom, and if Shards don't automatically self-apply their Intents, then we don't have to assume that Wisdom would wisely try to hide and survive?
  6. All of our theories will prove true at least in the sense that in book 12,315 of the saga, we will find out that characters throughout the series have entertained some form of all our theories off and on, all along.
  7. We also correctly figured out
  8. We usually use it as in, "I got spooked by..." which (probably?) started out as a reference to "seeing ghosts" but now is (usually?) used to refer to when people are doing something clandestine/covert/w/e and they notice someone or something "questionable" and so they abandon their task because they "got spooked." EDIT: So if you think about it, it's the perfect name for a Ghostblood!
  9. It's at least an exercise like conlanging... IDK I have built so many random worlds IDK what to do with them
  10. You're right, "ghost" and "spook" and "specter" are all related. Along with "wraith" and "shade" and "apparition" and so on, although the actual words, not their meanings, are more linked there. And we (Americans) picked up on "poltergeist," too, which goes to "geist" to "ghost."
  11. At the risk of ontological madness I will avow, that the concept of cuteness I would apply to a "cutest being in general" would not be the same as the one I would apply to my girlfriend(?), on pain of spiritual pollution I can only begin to describe

    Very interesting topic as it lines up with my notion of infinite transcension/transfinality sequences...