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  1. If Brandon Sanderson wrote on the walls of ancient buildings, everyone would know who actually created them, and why, and we wouldn't have shows like Ancient Aliens
  2. Elantris: Mistborn: His Dark Materials: The Neverending Story:
  3. I've definitely not had enough coffee today because this is a super-weird sentence to me right now
  4. ... then how come the Dakhor monks can go demon-mode in Arelon?
  5. Ninth of the Night? Twenty-third of the Dawn?
  6. In other threads it has been debated what the actual notion of a spren is, beyond the "self-aware Investiture" or what, that seems too indiscriminate. Like, how is Nightblood a "robot" spren, why would Rosharans classify Adonalsium as a spren, etc.? Now first off, Sylphrena's little-pieces-of-Honor description reminds me of the notion of tropes in philosophy (not literature). "Flakes of Forms" you might say. Now between particulars and Forms are concepts. So let's say there's a "unit of existence" in each Realm, so objects = Physical, tropes/concepts = Cognitive, & universals (Forms/Spiritwebs) = Spiritual. I think there's a WoB positing that the Spiritual Realm is a domain of Platonic-like entities. So, let's say that sentient physical beings have an innate correspondence between all three Realms. Entities that exist only as spren and Spiritwebs need to be tied, bonded, to individual physical objects, to act in the Physical Realm, even to appear (though this binding is more atmospheric). A Cognitive Shadow is not a spren originally, then, and would not be said to be a spren except "technically," in that a CS is an entity that originally corresponded to a Physical unit but now only corresponds to a spren and a Spiritweb and which is the author of its self-concept. A "robot" spren is a physical object that does what spren do, i.e. expresses a concept (Nightblood expresses the concept "Destroy evil"). Spren are self-aware Investiture in the sense that their having a Spiritweb makes the concepts into mindful beings, and this is mediated by the general power of Investiture. (Objects with only a physical and mental, but not spiritual, essence, have probably shown up as such in the Cosmere but I won't guess where at the moment.) Anyway, then, there used to be (and for some there still is) an idea that God doesn't "have" properties, but is its properties. What do we call a concept that is an individual object? What do we call an entity that doesn't have a Spiritweb but is its own Spiritweb? This would have been Adonalsium. It had the full complement of relations (to each Realm) but the only positive value was relative to its Spiritweb. You might say, it was the "spren" of the Spiritual Realm per se. Or you'd say it was the Spiritweb of the entire Realm. The Shattering, then, would have required the Spiritual Realm itself to be Shattered, maybe?
  7. I suspect the landscape might have caused the Chasm of its own accord, but not necessarily in order to weaken the Elantrians. Might've more been like birth-pangs/shifting-in-your-sleep?
  8. A WoB to fuel the fire: Also, can't find it but there's a WoB where Sanderson talks about worrying that he's maybe not insulating Roshar enough, narrative-wise.
  9. They both shape-shift. That's the only evidence I have.
  10. Here's another one: The one where Sanderson rules out time travel to the past is from 2015, this one's from 2016, so maybe he's changed his mind in the meantime(!).
  11. Well Tien would've been another one, and whichever of Kaladin's parents could be traced back likewise (maybe both could ). And maybe there would've been others, too, but they might all be dead (for whatever reason). Contrived,* true, but fantasy worlds often have a deficit when it comes to representing the true demographic scales (for example, Roshar has more countries than any other fantasy world I am aware of, but it still has way less than the real world). *Much as Talenel holding out against torture for 4500 years is perhaps contrived?
  12. Most of the worlds we've been shown don't know a lot about other worlds, so the broader Cosmere would not know about Vax. Now whether it can be more easily known to the in-between/more-developed worlds, is a different matter. Notice I said "can be" instead of "is." The point is that Vax is not as relatively mysterious to people in the Cosmere as it is to us. EDIT: So not only is the contrast between Sel and Vax, but between {Sel} and {Taldain and Vax}. This makes me think the Initiation process on Vax is substantially comparable to that on Taldain. Unfortunately, I read the WS graphic novels in a blur so I don't recall if they described the Initiation process.
  13. [Resident introduction scene.]

    [Library scene.]

    The Amphitheater rises around a dark-marked tree, a cedar with a black square painted in the center. Simon thinks of it like a dead television screen with no possible remote except his own—or another parkgoer’s—mind. He kneels there, praying and remembering: to his mysterious God, and the man Dean who he feels would have loved to see this park.

                Awhile later Simon makes his way to the Hall of Cedars, a stretch of trees with no lesser foliage closing the gaps between the great sentinels. When he makes his way half-way to the overturned crown of roots at the heart of a small glade, he stops in dread.

                There’s a deer standing before him, not running. One horn broke off of late, and the other grows like the horn of unicorn. So, a unicorn anyway, technically. Its eyes take in Simon warily, but not fearfully.

                “Only one who believes in unicorns/Is only one ever killed by one,” Simon mumbles, imagining an Internet meme with his face, stupidly grinning, for the background.

                The deer reflects upon the man, though Simon has no idea why or to what effect. He sits in the glade and the creature continues to walk around him from a distance.

                He wonders whether Dean would have killed the animal for some reason; Simon never figured out if Dean goes hunting from time to time. The thought makes him as sick as daydream nightmares in which Mr. Utah ravishes some unguessable girl. “I just want to find a guy to talk to,” Dean had said years ago, before he disappeared. “You know, I think the Law of Attraction is the reason we met.”

                Evidently not.

                Wind haunts the cedars’ sky.

                Simon tries to read a book.

                The wind pushes the pages back and forth.

                Hello, Simon.

                He leaps up. “What the hell?” he says.

                Though I am indeed Hell itself, I have much to say to you ere your torment begins.

                Slamming the book closed, Simon looks in as many directions as he can. The deer, far away, looks back. “Don’t… don’t leave…?” Simon whispers to it. If it counts as a unicorn, maybe it can protect him?

                It will be killed when I wish it to. You cannot protect it. You can protect nothing, Simon.

                He fiddles in a pocket, gripping his little bottle of antipsychotic medication.

                In the beginning, there was a Machine…

                Simon runs from the Hall, the deer running too, both away from each other and the words of darkness.

  14. First joke: when Brandon is talking to himself and faces a mystery, he mumbles, "WAFO," which means, "Write and find out." Second joke: Fogborn: The Final Empire is about people known as Fogborn, who absorb a fog that creeps across their world. Along the way, they deal with fogwraiths and Foggings. This joke came to an end when the parallel universe in which it existed was destroyed by the Shard of Ruin, who was known there as the Shard of Dismantling.
  15. What the...!