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  1. I have a notion of free will as involving the structure of time, such that we don't always or even perhaps mostly make choices "moment by moment." Free will ranges over entire line-segments (of the timeline), sometimes, consolidating our actions over periods of time. So once a word's meaning is learned, the chain of thought behind that learning gets consolidated, so it doesn't manifest as a "decision" to know what words mean, each time we use a word. I guess, to a degree, that decision has already been partly made, by the time we learn the word. But then think of those moments when you say a word over and over again and its meaning seems to sort of dissipate? I wonder if that's relevant to what I'm saying... In my model, I guess this appears at the erotetic level. Here, thought has an assertion function, but also a question function. The question function is the one that allows us to directly keep ascending the staircase of recursion (always taking itself as an input...).
  2. Two things, though. Well, three even, but anyway, first, Odium isn't actually "Passion." That's a complex lie of his. The Dawnchant description of Odium was of something that drained all emotion, leaving a void. Second, supposing Sanderson was inspired enough by any of this to incorporate it into the Shards, it had to have been going back some years, before the planes got these mechanisms tagged to them? Third, but this is just me, I always preferred yugoloths over baatezu and tanarii, on a conceptual level. I mean, I held strongly to that "neutral good is most good, neutral evil is most evil" notion (I started out as chaotic good but then found out it wasn't "pure" good, so I switched to neutral good, etc.). I feel like Odium's evil is great enough to be the closest in the cosmere (of the Shards we've seen) to pure evil. Now granted, the yugoloths also have a major hub in Gehenna, it's where their lord is after all, but otherwise, the yugoloths supposedly originating in Hades also pushes me in the Odium:Hades direction.
  3. The concept of True Words

    This was a concept I liked a lot in fantasy, but couldn't reconcile with the way the concept was executed. My take on it was to suppose a moral codex where each kind of good action corresponded to a letter, so that performing a sequence of good actions meant "spelling out a word" and then forming "sentences" and so on. Anyway, someone with a name in the language of good actions would have that for their True Name, and a True Word would be a word for a thing in this language.

  4. Whom watcheth the watchethmen
  5. If any of this was an indication of anything, that leaves three more evil (from our POV, or whatever) Shards, one for a prison-plane, one for some floating volcanoes or what IIRC, but where one of the ultimate fiend-lords dwells, and one for another battle-plane. Preservation, maybe.
  6. For some reason, the 16/17 thing about the Shards has always subtly reminded me of something, but I couldn't figure it out. The closest was thinking that the 16 might be relevant to a personality test. However, within the last few days, I finally remembered. The Outer Planes from D&D. I don't know what state the D&D cosmologies are at today, but while I was growing up, they were still roughly at the, "Sixteen Outer Planes surrounding a seventeeth," stage. Now, the logic behind them is morally slanted, plus only really requires nine examples, but let's imagine that there's a vague possible mapping from the Outer Planes to the Shards, with the 17th Shard being the neutral "center." Here are my guesses: Odium: The Gray Wastes (from Wikipedia: "Here, all emotion and compassion is drained away, until only hopelessness, selfishness and apathy remain"). Dominion: Baator Ruin: The Abyss Mechanus: Preservation (Wiki: "This clockwork plane is the ultimate in order") Having a heck of a time with Cultivation, maybe Arcadia, the Beastlands, or Arborea Honor: Ysgard ("The eternal battleground where true heroes prove their valor": Tranquiline Halls much? though this depends on how much of the TH mythos is Honor's) Devotion: Elysium Autonomy: Limbo Ambition: Pandemonium Endowment: Bytopia (only "link": the term "BioChromatic Breath") EDIT: Possible extra Shards Ingenuity/Wisdom and Grief = have neutral planar counterparts? Also if Honor is not Ysgard, he's Celestia, maybe.
  7. The key to defeating Odium is to arrange a marriage for him... ... to Taravangian. The Stormfather again officiates, hence the title.
  8. OMG Knights of Honor's Truth Knife of Heaven's Treasure Knowledge of Hope Knowledge of Wind Ketek of Highstorms House of Worldsingers
  9. Mwahahaha Knowledge of Wailing Tentacles, Keep of Worrisome Turtles, Kiln of Weaponized Terebinths. King of Wriggling Teetotalers. Knights of Whistling Tomatoes.
  10. "Since ZFC provides us with the resources to construct ultrapowers, we can construct inner models using mice."

  11. I will square the circle, even if it is impossible.
  12. Kelp of Wiggles. Krill of Whales. Knurl of Whirls. Kerfluffle of Whiplash. EDIT: Kettle of Worms, Kaleidoscope of Wishes, Kiosk of Windows, Keel of Wolves, Knell of Wilting, Knee of Wit, Koala of Width, Knife of Worship, Karaoke of Wealth.
  13. Sanderson also uses the phrase "one-to-one correspondence" periodically (in WoBs). In set theory, the word "cardinality" was originally read off the notion of suits and ranks in decks of cards (the example being 4 suits X 13 ranks giving you a "set with a cardinality of 52"). 1-to-1 correspondence ends up being crucial to defining "different sizes of infinite cardinalities." I wonder if there's anything about the Physical-Cognitive interface that suggests you could get a lot of indirect magical power from thinking about infinite sets. My guess is that there is, that the Set are either on to the problem or know (part of) its solution, etc.
  14. Kiss of Wonder
  15. "The souls of the lepidoptera finalitas contain prophecies. Think of them like flying fortune cakes..." "Be gentle! Heed the lepidoptera..."

    And they said:

    "Hither! Purple whispers creep! The noose is loose! Kitten and a kaboose!"

    "There are 9.23 grams of marmalade dried to the base of Mrs. Losensky's blue ceramic bucket..."

    "I woke up one morning to find that my nose had detached itself from my face and been transformed into a hideous, lavender-scented aardvark..."

    "Apollyon likes bloody omelets..."

    "There seem to be a few problems with the argument: it is too long and only quotes The Minstrel of Lettuce..."

    "The quotient of a positive shirt and a negative shirt is a set of four-legged pants..."

    "Good grief, it looks like I missed the coronation of my skeleton's last remarks..."

    "What a mighty! I! What!"

    "My nephews never believed that I used the abacus for firewood to power my mitten-crinkling machine..."

    "Tsk. As if YOU had ever shaken hands with the Form of Handshakes..."