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  1. It's another era 2 example, but Wayne sometimes went long stretches of time storing a little health, which made him constantly slightly sickly (runny nose, etc).
  2. I might be misremembering, but I think the ash was specifically mentioned to be black due to Ruin's influence in the volcanos - I can't find where I got that from, though.
  3. Someone made a VRChat world with pushing and pulling - it's probably the closest we'll have for a while.
  4. It's been over a year, but I've released a major update for my Mistborn game. See the main post for more details!
  5. It seems like it's a good week for Mistborn fangames. Hello again. It's been a while since my last post about this project of mine, but I've made a lot of progress and I'm finally ready to publish my updates. For those who aren't familiar, I've been making a Mistborn game for fun over the past few years. It's not focused on the events of the books (the fact that the player is a little robot ball might give it away), but it does feature several of the same powers, including Iron, Steel, Pewter, and (Feruchemical) Zinc. The main additions New interludes that explain the powers and setting I eventually want to write a story in New sandbox levels, including a completely reworked Luthadel Challenges (time trials, target shooting…) New control modes for pushing in an Area and in a Bubble Sound and music Surprise, surprise - big changes to the controls I'm comfortable with how the physics work now - I haven't made any major changes since my last post. Here's a summary for how the forces in Pushes and Pulls are calculated: As before, the game is available for free on my GitHub. I'm just about to start my final senior semester, but I was able to get a lot done over the winter break. I'm not sure how much time I'll be able to keep putting into this project going forward. There's not a lot of raw content in this update - it was a lot of creating systems to use as a baseline for the future. I've still got plenty I want to do, and I've still got plenty to learn. Plans for the future Optimization. I still have plenty to learn about optimizing unity games for different hardware. I've got very modern hardware, and at maximum settings and a 2560x1440p resolution, it drops to under 50fps in Luthadel due to a bunch of buildings with small parts. I need to clean those up and organize the LODs better. There's a lot of small things in Unity with material and shader management that can make an improvement, but it's hard to wrap my head around. Story. The interludes set the backdrop, but there's more to what happened at the Metallic Arts Research Lab that I want to explore. I haven't written a lot of fanfic before, and this is a pretty unusual medium. Accessibility and Controls. There's a lot of things that I could change to make the game more accessible, like options for UI scaling or toggling instead of holding buttons for certain actions. The gamepad controls are already kind of messy - I'm thinking about combining "Mark for Pulling" and "Mark for Pushing" into a single "Mark for Pushing/Pulling" option, which would open up a shoulder button/keyboard key for something else. It also would work better for an eventual combat system to have a single "Mark" command. Workflow improvements - I've gotten good at struggling my way through modeling, texturing, and baking lighting for Unity environments, but it's always a pain. I'm hoping something will click and I'll find a way to make building locations easier. I generally prefer to make my own environments instead of using the Unity asset store for consistency reasons (if it's all ugly in the same way, it's not ugly - it's an aesthetic). General polish. Better sound effects, more texture and model diversity, things like that. Have fun, and let me know what you think!
  6. There's an old post by brandon when he was originally coming up with the names. He talks a lot about his thought process. Fun fact: Feruchemy was originally named Hemalurgy.
  7. I haven't heard of any names for the magic on Scadrial other than that. It could just mean "There are other names for the Metallic Arts: Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy," though that's not a very satisfying answer.
  8. I'm with this - The simplest route is to have the character start as an unusually weak allomancer, and they just need a lot of training to effectively use any of your abilities. There's a system in the cosmere called Intent that basically means "You can only do some magical effect if you know what it is and you're intentionally trying to do it." So if you just say that your character doesn't know how to use their abilities well, they won't be able to use them in the game. If you want to do something more mechanical, you could invoke Hemalurgy in some way and have your character's soul (and access to magic) be messed up in a way to fit your needs. There's a lot of specifics of Hemalurgy that we don't know - and a lot of limits we don't know - so you've got a lot of freedom for interpretation. The coppermind article is really good. Edit: missed that mathiau already mentioned hemalurgy.
  9. It's fun! I eventually killed the koloss, after several tries and figuring out how to cheat the combat system. It took a lot of punching and running backwards before he could land a hit. Also... Is this the secret room?
  10. Those look fantastic!!
  11. Thanks for tagging me! 1) I don't remember how I found the Shard - I remember being a member of the discord for longer, and eventually made my way here after following links to threads like Pagerunner's Impossible Physics of Allomancy. I started reading Mistborn in high school but didn't seek out other fans of the books until after I'd about finished the rest of the cosmere. I mostly read topics (both here and on the discord) rather than contribute, but I still really enjoy being a part of the community. 2/3) My favorite memory is seeing the positive reception and interest people had to the mistborn fan game I've been working on. I'm currently working on my senior design course at college so I've had hardly any time to work on it, but I still really want to improve it. The arguments we've had about the physics of mistborn magic have been really fun - despite the fact that they usually don't go anywhere.
  12. It's not as visually compelling as metal flakes suspended in liquid, but for my mistborn cosplay, I used plastic vials of black, grey, and silver sprinkles. This photo was taken after I downed most of the really metal-looking sprinkles, but you can still see how shiny the black sprinkles are. You can find sprinkles that are pretty shiny, so from a distance it looks like metal. The real benefit is that it's completely edible. In a non-covid time you'd also be able to share them with friends, which is fun at parties.
  13. Scadrial: takes too many eras to invent instant noodles Hoid: Fine. I'll do it myself.
  14. Well now I want to see an Aluminum gnat brawler fighting a shardbearer, blocking the shardblade with their fists.
  15. One possibility is that she can sense/hear their sounds travelling through the ground. It would make sense to me if Tension and Cohesion gave some powers related to sensing compression waves propagating through a physical medium (sound through the stone).