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  1. The name ettmetal is a result of the imperfect translation magic between the north and the south. "Ett" could mean anything for them.
  2. I actually had a similar idea for a character's background for a tabletop game. There's a dedicated rioter in the audience for a show, and people can pay extra (per the Allomantic Agreement of '94) for the rioter to manipulate their emotions during the show to get the closest experience to what the author intended. Maybe people don't even have to pay extra - maybe having a rioter steering the audience's emotion is simply an expected part of high-profile productions, just like the lighting and music. There could be whole schools of thought related to rioting as a fine art.
  3. One thing era 2's been missing is sports. I can definitely imagine sports centered around steel/iron and pewter, ala pro-bending in Legend of Korra.
  4. This is really cool! Do you mind if I use this in my Mistborn game (Invested)?
  5. Pretty simple answer: Harmonium sounds better. youshallnotpass Will there be a metal called harmonium in the mistborn world? Brandon Sanderson RAFO. But good question. WeiryWriter Just an fyi but you have confirmed the existence of harmonium before. (And this is probably a RAFO, but is there a reason you didn't follow the convention of the other "god metals" and call it something like sazedium? "Harmonium" just seems out of place.) Brandon Sanderson Sazed didn't like the sound of Sazedium. /r/books AMA 2015 (July 6, 2015)
  6. I wouldn't say it's completely not a hybrid of Ruin and Preservations, but it does lean more towards Preservation.
  7. Never thought about it before, but there are similarities. "Ego" kind of works as an intent; he strives to increase his presence in the universe. The idea of him leaving pieces of himself on different planets is a lot like what Autonomy's probably doing.
  8. Another direction to take this would be with some weird Connection manipulation. If the character somehow Connects with whoever they're soothing, perhaps it gives them a better understanding of the person and lets them read their emotions, in a sense.
  9. Another way to think of aluminum is as an Investiture sink.
  10. Since bubbles affect whatever they're touching, I imagine a savant with (possibly impossibly good) skill with bendalloy could shrink the bubble down to the size of an apple and keep it entirely "inside" their body.
  11. This is definitely possible, but very difficult. In WoA, Zane balances above a single coin and sort of spins himself in the air by manipulating where the Push is "centered" in his body. I think Kell also "splits" the blue line pointing to a metal rod, Pushing on one end and Pulling on the other, so it works both for the Allomancer and metal. As a side note, the blue lines don't actually point to your center of mass; Vin and Kelsier both describe them pointing to their chest, even though their center of masses wouldn't be in the same place. It's probably either just a minor logical inconsistency or spiritual/cognitive mumbo-jumbo about connections and whatnot. I doubt this will happen. Brandon's always said that limitations are more interesting than powers, and "Pushes and Pulls only act in the direction pointing from you to the metal" is the fundamental limitation of it. It's what separates Allomancy from common telekinesis.
  12. Unfortunately, Skyward isn't cosmere, so they can't be related. I don't think we know enough about either to say there's even a writerly connection.
  13. These are good suggestions for dealing with blue line clutter. I had planned on having labels for each HUD element in the help overlay, but I completely forgot. Absolutely doing that for next build. Iron- and Steelsight provide the same effect, yeah. Mistings probably care much more about the distinction than mistborn. I think without freely-recharging zinc, gameplay is too hard. It does follow the rules of feruchemy; the people who made the sphere (who have a much more advanced knowledge of the Metallic Arts than most era-2 Scadrians) use an unkeyed zinc metalmind that a "slave" processor/identity is constantly filling with its own mental processing speed. Forcing the player to slow done or stop moving kills momentum that I don't think would make for enjoyable gameplay. Currently the threshold for seeing a metal is "would I have a non-zero Push on it?", which might be overkill. Increasing this threshold is a good idea to reduce clutter, since the player shouldn't care about or be able to see metals that a Push wouldn't accelerate much. I really don't want players to have trouble with controls because they couldn't finish the tutorial, so I'll try to make the messages and message triggers more visible. Accidentally pressing C to change the controls won't be an issue in the future; that'll be done with something like a weapon wheel for changing control modes for Pushes and Pulls, next update. If Q and E feel backwards for you, you can swap it to E for Push-targeting and Q for Pull-targeting at the top of Settings > Gameplay. I highly suggest playing this game with a 5-button mouse if you have one. The help overlay is the master controls list. I think playing with that open is the easiest way to learn controls. It doesn't fully unlock unless you finish the tutorial or complete another level. As I said, I really want players to finish the tutorial to familiarize themselves with the controls. I'll add a message requesting the player to finish the tutorial if the help overlay isn't fully unlocked yet. I'm currently working on this project by myself, but I'm not completely opposed to working with others. There are multiple methods I normally use for deselecting all targets. Briefly stopping burning metals will deselect everything (pressing X is the fastest way). Holding R and scrolling all the way down will deselect all but 1 target. Also, if you plan on only pushing on a metal once (like an anchor to get yourself into the air), Pushing on it with no Push-targets selected is a good strategy ("vacuous Pushing"). Thanks for all the advice, everyone. As always, controls seem to be an issue, so it's good to know that next update will overhaul that.
  14. Yeah, that's what I had seen earlier. Thanks for posting it. I share your perspective about it being more of a physics simulator; I'm not trying to create a game with the plot and story ripped straight from Mistborn. That would be more likely to put me in deep water.
  15. Thanks! Iron is on the to-do list. Hopefully it'll show how broken (yet fun) is the idea of "storing mass" while conserving momentum. Pewter already provides a speed boost/dash, so Feruchemical steel wouldn't have as much of a benefit. It's not out of the question; it would mostly come down to how well Unity handles the high-speed physics.