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  1. One possibility is that she can sense/hear their sounds travelling through the ground. It would make sense to me if Tension and Cohesion gave some powers related to sensing compression waves propagating through a physical medium (sound through the stone).
  2. I think nearly all the math I'm using today is in this post, with some elaborations and simulations in the newer post I linked. If you've got questions or comments let us know. Making your own post is a good idea since this is kind of a necro at this point. Definitely post a video.
  3. Yeah, I made a follow-up post a year ago here. I haven't released any updates since the last one but I've been slowly working on it during the school year, and I got a lot done during my free time before starting my summer job. Here's a (WIP) shot of Luthadel during the night: I'm curious to see what you can make in Unreal. There's a lot things with Unity I don't like and I wonder if Unreal's much friendlier. Not likely to actually switch over, though.
  4. Vin did.
  5. For #2, you could burn soulcast metals. It'd be trivial for pure metals, but getting the ratios right for alloys would be harder. For #5, it'd be really difficult to push on a shardblade.
  6. If anyone's looking for the world OP was talking about, I found it here. I don't have a VR setup so can't really play it myself, but it looks really cool.
  7. I think Adolin is the most likely, since he's the most main non-flashback character I can think of. A part of me hopes it's Rysn, though I don't think that fits well with the eventual Wandersail novella, where she'll have a large presence. It could be Lirin, as Brandon does love killing off main characters and Lirin's totally gonna die this book so Kal can swear the 4th ideal
  8. Skilled Lurchers could maneuver themselves and a metal such that the metal orbits around them at high speed. They run towards an opponent to hit them with the orbiting metal, or even release the metal at a specific time to fling it at the opponent. This would let Lurchers hit things from a distance like Coinshots, though it'd be harder. It kind of happens once in TFE when Kelsier's fighting the inquisitors in the square, when he Pulls an object while moving to swing a metal in an arc to hit something, though I'm thinking of something more like this: Depending on how the physics work, it could be pretty easy or very difficult to get a metal orbiting around yourself. More videos in the spoiler. Lurchers could also use slingshots or a spring-based firearm with metal ammo to fire objects from a distance.
  9. If Feruchemical tin can (possibly) store seeking, I think Allomantic tin can (possibly) enhance seeking.
  10. From that synopsis, I definitely think Urithiru will "light up" in the next book.
  11. I don't think they're not smart. Everyone on the crew thought that Kelsier was mad, he's just so charismatic that they continued to work with him for the heist. Vin's street smart and has good instincts, but each member of the crew has their own strengths and area of knowledge.
  12. In our world, they definitely break the laws of physics. There's no way you can replicate the processes of Allomancy with what our universe has to offer. In the Cosmere, it's still sketchy. The laws of physics are defined by whatever the magic needs them to be, so kind of vacuously true that they adhere to the laws of physics. I'd still say no - the way that two people Pushing on a coin between them and having it hover in the air makes no sense without some kind of magicky friction keeping it hovering, for example. The Rule of Cool matters more than the laws of physics in cases like that.
  13. Sorry to burst the theory, but we're pretty certain that Kelsier is the Sovereign.
  14. I forgot about that. Very good point.
  15. Lightweaving, definitely. I don't think you would even need soulcasting, since there's nothing solid about mysterio's illusions (save the drones).