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  1. Seconded. When you have to make 22 threads because the first one of 100 pages wasn’t enough, I think it wins.
  2. You're welcome. After I reread Portland in preparation for some collab work, I decided I wanted to reread the Dalles. It's interesting to see how cohesive and well put together the Dalles are, even in the first days, especially compared to Portland. Part of that is definitely because we had a better idea of what we were doing by the time we started that, while Portland took some time to coalesce into a cohesive story. But part of that is definitely in the environment of each city; Portland is crazy and all over the place and the Dalles is structured and given very strict rules and it's cool that even the feel of the city is captured in the structure of the posts. On another note, I've been reading the OoC Darkrose/Alastair stuff and wow, that's good. I loved CorpseMaker's death, that was brilliant! Do you have power profiles for the two epics? I'd love to see their entire ensemble of powers.
  3. I just noticed that I joined these forums on 12.12.12 and that it's been over 6 years already...

  4. Horror...Check Sci-fi...Check Fantasy...Check Romance...Check Thriller...Check Mystery...Check Dystopian...Check Detective...Check Military...Check Erotica...This is probably the only one that Oregon isn't. And if there weren't rules about this sort of thing, Shiny Sparkle and some of the other more promiscuous characters might make it qualify.
  5. 100% of course. Theoretically. Daniel is...Arsenal, right? And what's the Invocation universe?
  6. I’ll probably stay up to date with this question thread though and pitch in here and there. Depending on how fast they move these days I guess.
  7. Not quite going to happen, but I did spend the last week or two rereading most of Portland and now I'm going to do the Dalles. Maybe I'll decide to reread Astoria or Corvallis sometime, but I probably won't ever have the time to get back into this the way I did before. I'm glad you're carrying it on though!
  8. No, of course not. I was evil that time, and it's not that I don't lie anymore, I just do it much less. I only really kept lying about Hoid this game out of principle. I wanted to see what I could do to get out of it, but you scanned me. I forgot how hard it is to talk your way out of a lynch in a faction game. I much prefer doing that as a real eliminator. Hoid definitely had a lot of abilities and late game would've been the most powerful player by far. If I had survived the lynch where I died, I'd have had Feruchemy, Awakening, and Sand Mastery, letting me survive for a while, especially when I moved to Scadrial and compounded my Feruchemy. The stealing shards was interesting for a mechanic and I think it was good, but combined with the ability to awaken and see which shards were on my planet might've been too much. All of my non-shardworld abilities being restricted to day turns handicapped it well enough though, I think. If I had held onto a Shard and had 2 actions, it might've been different. **** Maw stared at the lights emanating from the various souls throughout the Cosmere. One in particular stood out to him. Khrissalla. Her light was different from most, Invested by Endowment. The storm-cursed Shard had chosen to Return his enemy instead of him. Maw had played many roles throughout the years. Cephandrius, Dust, Wit. The man they called Hoid now was someone–something–so different from what they thought. He'd held Odium(twice now) and Survival and had "died" more than a couple times. He was more than a worldhopper, he was a legend on most, a god on others. The fools that called themselves Stewards had ruined everything, lacking a broader view. Adonalsium would return. Maw would see to it one of these days. Luckily for them, he was a forgiving legend. The storm in his heart raged on, but he held it at bay, the intent of Survival still strong on his mind. He knew how to make it back to the Physical Realm. He'd only allowed himself to have his body killed because he'd planned for Endowment to use her power to restore him, but she'd turned on him. Maw didn't need the power of a Divine Breath, but it would've been a nice tool to add to his kit. He traveled away from the gathered crowds on the various worlds and headed for the partially reformed Yolen. Home. One of them, at least. Here he'd wait. Here he'd plan. Here he'd reforge his god.
  9. Wow, it's strange for me to see this thread two and a half years after I left this forum to see characters like Backtrack still being discussed.
  10. Also how I knew Odium’s identity down to Croc/Lion and my claim about Ruin, which i forgot. You lied way more than I did this game. I took so many doubletakes in the cognitive realm when I read your posts. Um... how did I know? I think it was just narrowing down who we knew was in your faction and then just an educated guess on who was most likely. I think you being in all the PMs backfired since that’s exactly what I’d expect Culty to do since that’s what I’d do.
  11. Yeah... ah well. I just want to publicly state that, as far as I remember, I only lied about my own role and win cons. The rest were fabricated by other factions. No worries, Steel. I got stabby stabby back. also, it was sheer luck that I contacted Alv instead of Stick. I switched the order multiple times since I knew one was Odium. I ended up on Croc and that was just luck. I was actually really trying to get a hold of Odium but then we made this great plan of reforming adonalsium so I had to stick with it. Huh. Really? I tried to hide my identity for the first day or so but that’s it. Sorry to all those who I blatantly c/p posts from previous games for. Everything I said in D1 I think was plagiarized. I just wanted Odium and Survival again. Yeah, after a couple days, I stopped most of what I was doing to obscure my identity. Especially once I died. Alv, you were Croc this whole time? Of course I ended up picking you. Good working with you again. And Aman was my enemy in this game? Man, I’m glad ruin randomly took him out. Thanks Seonid, you’ll be sorely missed! Joe, a huge thanks to you too! I’ll post more thoughts and final RP later.