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  1. Manny approves of Gustavus hacking at the zombies after Li shoots them. Manny isn’t getting anywhere near close enough to chop at them thoguh.
  2. He meant that you hadn't yet made 2 posts this cycle. @Young Bard Is the only player in danger of dying from the filter today.
  3. Li shot both zombies with his rifle.
  4. Manny grimaced. He'd forgotten entirely that his phone didn't work and that Sal had already died. Habits formed over years took time to break. Manny pulled out the gun he'd kept at HQ before the zombies had overrun it. His rifle was top of the line and so was the sniper he'd hired to accompany him at HQ. Li was still with him luckily, and had plenty of gun equipment on his own. If it came to it, Li could probably kill these two on his own.
  5. That’s what I get for not reading the OP closely before creating my character.
  6. Manny picked up his phone when he saw the duo of zombies. “They’re here. Sal, buy me all the garbage trucks in town.” He texted Sal, once the assistant had bought out the waste companies, and had him order the drivers of the trucks to run over anything undead.
  7. Do we submit actions or do something in the thread?
  8. We are the military.
  9. Fair. But this is a step further than insanity.
  10. That’s his secret.
  11. You're crazy, Alv. Absolutely crazy! I don't like signing up for QFs, but you've got me on this one. I'm in as Manny Darovious, a 30 year old millionaire who made his fortune off of dating apps.
  12. Concerning the death of one member of a PM group, the PM will continue as it is. Just as dead players may view the thread but not comment, the same will go for PMs they are in. This will allow the player to not have to be removed from a PM in case they like to keep them (like me).
  13. There is an hour and fifteen minutes till rollover.
  14. Thanks, Steel, for running this! I want to apologize again for not giving it the attention it deserved! I still stand by my statement that I don’t like using inactivity as a strategy of any type and wasn’t intentionally doing so. Again, another congrats to Ark as he really pulled us through, especially where we couldn’t shoot pilots except with our elim kill, but they could all shoot us and they had shields.