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  1. mafia championship

    @Illwei O7 Best of luck. I gift you my penchant for risky gambits (you don’t need anymore, but we saw how it worked when we combined our risk preferences) and the teeth of a silverpike.
  2. Probably because I was honest in it. I just read over it and the only lie in it is that I included myself in a "we" referring to villagers in the last cycle. Everything else is true. After the first hammer, I even reminded you of Illwei being evil. So I guess the reason you read it as honest is because it was.
  3. I'll admit that I was kinda surprised that it worked on you. I still mostly suspected you to self-protect and just tell Fifth you were protecting him. So when you actually did, I was shocked, pleasantly, but still shocked. You broke down the gambit above pretty well, that's exactly how we figured it.
  4. I thought so and I think you did a good job of it and I appreciated the strategy behind it. It even kinda worked in a way.
  5. Wow, thanks @Kasimir for this thrill of a game! Had a blast returning for this! Congratulations to my fellow Spiked and thanks for putting up with the insanity I caused. I know some of these ploys were well outside your typical comfort zone, and I appreciate the trust. Fifth, Illwei, and I should never be on an elim team I think is the message here. Village, you also played really well and really had caught many of us, we just played off each other so much that it kept an exe from solidifying on any one of us. We also conveniently killed Striker, Quinn, and Mat who all suspected me quite a bit at various points. @Gears and @Quintessential, it was a blast getting to know you and I thank you for the fun PMs, both game related and non-game related discussion. It was good to really interact with some of the newer players and make some new friends and these two PMs ended up being some of my top PMs ever. @_Stick_ , Always a pleasure, and I thank you for your ever-abiding trust. I kinda wished I had been village with you because working with you has been so much fun ever since our Mistborn team days. But alas, this was not that time. @Elandera , sorry… I’m not quite sure what it was that pocketed you though. I really didn’t put a lot of effort into that one. But again, I appreciated the trust when it counted. @Burnt Spaghetti, Twineyes forever, you even got to join us with a spike! Your messages were fantastic and I loved reading them, much better than mine this game. @Tani, welcome to the games, you had such a different style and I think it added a lot. That comment I made was always true. @Biplet, good instincts. I’m glad we killed you when we did. Thanks for the O7 I used it a lot. @Matrim's Dice , It was fun to go head to head. Also had some great instincts (aside from Illwei) and I’m sorry we killed you. Thoughts: Claiming: I think Kas covered my thoughts on Smoking and how valuable it can be. See how we used Illwei and our Seekers for any evidence you need that Villagers can and should smoke themselves if not others. Gambits/Distancing: More on PMs: I rarely lied about my opinions on things in this game. Most of what I did was my real playstyle. I lie about a select few things, my role being foremost, but the rest is legit. I mentioned this in our doc, but this is likely my last game, if not ever, then at least for a long time. I no longer can afford the time needed for these even on an easy semester. I only know how to go all in on a game and can’t convince myself to go partly in and keep my RL how it needs to be. I enjoyed this so much and it was a great welcome back as well as a farewell. This just isn’t something I can spend as much time as I’d like to on anymore. I’ll still be around the community, especially the discord, just don’t expect me in any games. Thanks for being so awesome, everyone! O7
  6. I know, I know. Yep, here:
  7. I know, I know. If you were severely offended by trust being broken, you wouldn't still be around.
  8. Oof. This and the PM I just got from Burnt are rough. I’m sorry, it’s Ruin.
  9. Sorry to crush real dreams and not just village ones. I’m looking forward to Lost Metal too.
  10. Next year, I'm pretty sure, actually... Sorry Skyward 3 is the one slated for this fall.
  11. Yes? I think. I'm pretty sure it's at 9am for me and I'm in Mountain time.