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  1. If the actual vote tally was thus: Alv (3): Maill, Steel, Wilson and someone were to use their ability as an Inkspren or Illumination to add one to Steel's vote, it would appear as thus: Alv (4): Maill, Steel, Wilson If thy were to use the ability to reduce Steel's vote by one, it would appear as thus: Alv (2): Maill, Steel, Wilson
  2. There is definitely anonymous evil killing in this game. You made a 3rd post now, but also, note that to increase bonding chance, it's 3 posts a cycle. A cycle is made up of both a day and a night turn. This has only been the first day turn. 35 minutes!
  3. This won't count unless you first green out Lum's name.
  4. That is gray. [*color=red] and [*/color] (minus the *) should do it for you.
  5. Just a reminder that there is just over 4 hours left in the cycle! Don't forget to get orders and votes in before then!
  6. PSA: I’ll be taking care of rollover today, so it will happen at the same time still.
  7. 22 hours left in the day! Also, let me share this fitting screenshot of our GM.
  8. PMs have all been sent out! If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Let the game begin!
  9. Things we’ve done before are either turning the missing character into an NPC where the community as a whole tali’s about how to use them or someone else adopts that character.
  10. I’ll let @Steeldancer answer 1 and 3 as he chooses, but I can answer 2. You may take an action each turn, one during the day and one at night, but you cannot use the same action in both the day and night.
  11. I don’t believe so. But Steel knows the items way better than I, so I’ll let him answer this. Again, Steel may correct me on this, but I do not think Sja-anat must be the only Enlightened to start with.