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  1. I think it's called Reputation Rank though. Ah, that's right, it's called Rank now, that is weird...
  2. Lol, I'm talking to at least half the players in PMs, it's kinda what I do. But on the other point, I honestly didn't go back and see what everyone's reasonings were for voting, I just looked at the votes and retractions themselves, thought Illwei's was strangest and placed my vote. I didn't realize yours was also on her until I checked your vote count right before I posted.
  3. Hey, I only tagged a couple people. I think you've played before too. I only tagged players that I was sure it was their first game and players that I've played with before.
  4. Going back and looking at the voting patterns so far (I know it's day one and probably random, but still), I think I'm going to go with Illwei for now. Maybe it's a more typical Illwei thing to do, but the vote on Quinn then the retraction and vote on Stick was...interesting to me as well as her back and forth with Quinn. We also haven't seen @Fifth Scholar @Ventyl or @Burnt Spaghetti and I know they're usually more active. I'd consider a poke vote on them later on potentially as well. And @Daisy and @Tani, I know it's your first game, but any thoughts so far?
  5. Fair enough. Like I said, I’ll look over votes again later on. Ah and on Coinshots killing. I think Striker’s suggestion is a valid way to play that role. My personal opinion is that kills should be used but in moderation. Use them as you have a genuine suspicion, not just because you want to use it.
  6. Startled, Marll shot up awake. Something had happened, he could feel it. Had he heard something? He wasn't sure, but there was something left of his old instincts and they hadn't failed him yet. The old cobbler hadn't always been the storytelling cobbler of Fallion's Tears. He had always been a gambler though. he found something thrilling, exhilarating about the chance. You stood on the edge of a triumph or a tragedy and you never knew which was which until the dice settled and the pips showed your fate. It was a rush that Marll had felt in few other circumstances, but it was the thrill that he lived for. There was a joy, an excitement that made one feel truly alive and Marll loved being alive. The instincts that had pulled him through both failure and conquest alerted him now that there was something on edge in town. Marll quickly put himself through the motions of getting ready. As quickly as he could at least. His joints hadn't taken well to life and his fingers hadn't taken well to cobbling, but he'd lived longer than plenty of skaa did anyways. Smelling a tinge of smoke and hearing distant shouts, Marll paced to the tavern. He ordered his regular potatoes and gravy for breakfast, but he held off on the ale; he still had a headache from his mug (or three) the night before and the tension in the air told him he'd need what clarity he could muster. Marll pulled out a coin and flipped it, muttering, "Ruler, I ask first. Spires, I wait till someone mentions it." The spires of Kredik Shaw glinted as the coin landed in his hand. Grunting, he sat to eat and primed his ears to listen to the mutters and gossip going around the room. A storm was building, he knew it. He'd felt the tension in the room before, when he was younger and storms were what he enjoyed most. Those days were past, but with Kast dead, there weren't likely to be many left in town ready to handle the mess that was going to follow here soon. Death begets death. Marll knew that all too well. Oh did he know that. But enough of the past, the present was busy enough. Koloss were destructive, Marll knew, but the destruction of a people under paranoia's fervent grip could be just as complete. This town would fall to that insidious parasite if he didn't step up and help them get away from it early. "A people, long ago, longer than the Lord Ruler, found themselves in a tempest. This tempest was not one of winds or of debris, but one of words. The storm raged in their hearts as they harbored their petty grievances and boiled their discontent long past steaming. When one tea kettle finally erupted over, they all exploded promptly after, one then another, then all. Anger followed bitterness followed by rage and people under the influence of rage do things more akin to beasts than even a storm. Blood and ashes silhouetted the emotions inside and the skeletons outside. The tempest tossed, the steam spewed, and the town itself wept. That's why it's called Fallion's Tears, you know, and now we begin anew, figures going in circles." Marll felt himself tugged into this new story again and he cried inside because his eyes had already seen the end and emptied themselves through the night. —— Wow three pages already, geez. I’ll post more tonight when I have more time, but a few thoughts for now. quick train on Striker. I’d be interested in the person who put the third vote on him, but I’m on mobile and not going to check that right now. Thanks Quinn for bringing up distribution. I agree with her! Guessing distribution is how the village got completely sidetracked from the elims in Kas’s first game and I know he is big on that. So I’m not going to assume much about the distribution and recommend not using that for major suspicions. Smokers can definitely be useful to the village. Like has been mentioned, they prevent elim vote manip from moving their votes, and also prevent elim seekers from finding their roles. Clarification on Smokers. They choose to turn off their copper cloud or to extend it to someone else as their action. Anyone covered by the copper cloud is immune from vote manipulation and will show up as a vanilla villager to a Seeker.
  7. Marll went to bed exhausted and confused. This day had been a whirlwind, starting with finding Bartholomew's body and then he felt like someone was guiding his words. Then Kast. Oh Lord Ruler! What had happened to his village? People he'd made shoes for yesterday were beating people to death today. He knew he wasn't the hero Fallion's Tears needed, but he was the cobbler they deserved and he'd roll his dice once more. Once more he'd face evil and do everything a cobbler could to defeat it. Villains like that deserved no shoes, and Marll would be the one to take theirs from them. He knew from the stories that sometimes the good guys ended up badder than the bad guys; that frightened him most for his village. The fear that his friends would become like those in Tyrian Falls, executing their neighbors and family until they ate themselves up from the inside. Not again. Marll was determined. "There's a land where the wind sweeps down the hills," he began to tell himself a story as he lay in bed. "In this land there were legends of a time before and a time to come, but the wind swirled in all times. This time the wind swept down to a poor old cobbler doing his best..." Marll drifted off to sleep, dreaming of days past and of days to come.
  8. This thread is still open for signups! Please come signup! Just because we’ve been joking around and referencing old characters doesn’t mean you can’t join! Just want to apologize for my additions to anything that might detract from people wanting to sign up! Come join us! We have lots of fun, as these 7 pages will tell you.
  9. Marll woke to startling news. Five of his fellow villagers had killed Kast? The investigator? What in the Lord Ruler's name had possessed them to do such a disturbing thing? Of all the people that could help the people of Fallion's Tears to find the murderer in their mist, they chose to kill the most helpful one? At least that Wyl guy was still around, but Marll had never liked him as much as Kast. What kind of storm had been brought to his home?