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  1. Happy Birthday!!

    1. Mist


      Happy birthday!

  2. Favorite character or two? Best scene from a cosmere book?
  3. I mean I was pretty dang certain I was right. I was just a touch off but gave myself enough wiggle room that it worked. The logic behind what I said was legit though and what I was actually working off of.
  4. Well I died early on, but it’s probably a good thing since I ran out of spare time even sooner than I thought I would. Thanks Fifth and El for luring me back for this! @StrikerEZ Thanks for the PM, it was one of two I had I think. I appreciated getting you to roleclaim so quickly @Lumgol Sorry for lynching you... but not sorry at the same time. I’m sure you understand @Elkanah Hey there! I didn’t know you were back on the forums, but I’m glad we got to RP as gamblers for that first day.
  5. I’m still busy and next week/end will be even busier with midterms, but I can’t believe that Kas and Hael are GMing and I can’t play. Have fun!
  6. Fura basically took what I said in the dead doc here. Add what Striker said about confusing people and you basically have it. When I’m a Smoker, I almost always Smoke myself so people don’t mess with my vote. I voted where I wanted to, I don’t want them to mess it up.
  7. Ah, now I understand. That was an unfortunate one for the village. I'm not sure if Striker used an actual coin or not.
  8. Sorry, what coin flip are you referring to? I'm also confused how there'd be 5 against Stick.
  9. Thanks, @StrikerEZ, for allowing me to help with such a fun game! As was mentioned in the spec/dead doc, this game was mostly classic mechanics, but still was very close and set some new standards. It was a memorable one for sure, in my opinion. Most of my thoughts are in the doc, but to share with those who don't like reading through 100+ pages(shoutout to Fura and Drake for making one of the longest and most interesting dead docs in a long time), I'll share some of those thoughts again. First, a huge congratulations to the rebels! Stick and Aman did fantastic at distancing and pocketing their own various villagers. Aman proved once again that he has a tongue of gold and deserves his reputation. Those who know me know that I always root for the elims, so I was very happy with this ending. On the other hand, we had some very fun village maneuvers too. I want to award @Aonar the Village MVP award for singlehandedly (well, with Straw's help for Aman, shoutout to Straw for the first roleblock of the game) taking out two of the elims. Drake/Mrake showed again with his fantastic analysis why he's a formidable threat to the elims. Fifth, a man after my own heart, had gambits galore this game that helped gather lots of great information. Ventyl, it was great to see a new player jump right in and dig into the game; we have a steep learning curve here, but you did fantastic piecing things together and by the end were so close to solving it! Everyone else also had great discussion and it was so much fun to keep up with the thread and PMs. When it comes to distribution, those of you who have heard me talk recently have heard my soapbox about this, but this game gave me a bit of a chance to use my opinion. We intentionally messed with the distribution to diminish the usefulness of role distribution analysis as the sole basis for suspicions. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about the distribution. And, be grateful this was Striker's game and not mine. I had even crazier ideas than what we ended up going with. The decision to end at this point came because, mechanically, the elims had won at this point. Between us and Alv, we decided that mechanically there's no way for the village to win, so it should end here. It's ultimately unrealistic to factor in activity levels to the decision of if a game ends when it's technically met its win condition. Again, thanks to all who played and made this game such a fun one to watch!
  10. What Alv said. That’s funny that you did too. Yeah, I was going to play hard to win. The games are about fun, but they aren’t fun if you just let everyone win. The challenge is the fun. For me, what was going to be most fun was to avoid becoming a zombie. So, that’s what I did. Thanks Alv!
  11. Not much to explain. I sent an action to spy on the house and I got an immediate result that I saw the curtains move and a shotgun pointed towards the group.
  12. Careful with the farmhouse. I spied on it and got an instant result that a man is pointing a shotgun towards us.
  13. Ew, what is this blasphemy?
  14. Just a heads up, because this is a QF and I’m also helping with the LG, I don’t want to promise my normal levels of activity in thread. Please do PM if you want to talk about the game though. Sounds like Lum has the fire taken care of, so I’ll leave her to that.
  15. I'm going to be chopping down branches to distribute to you all to use as weapons.