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  1. At that point, Kelsier had passed Preservation to her. She had not yet fully assimilated the power, but she was Preservation.
  2. Basically just what the title said. We know that the future is not predetermined in the Cosmere, so do all of those branching paths create new Universes?
  3. @Pathfinder I can’t be bothered to read all of that. I got as far as your Vin at Kredik Shaw example. Vin wasn’t fueled by Preservation there, she was Preservation. She was fueled by Preservation when she killed Rashek. Huge difference.
  4. The so called "exposed head" belonged to a pewter burner. It isn't Shardplate, but it isn't exactly a watermelon either. I haven't seen a reasonable counter to F-steel anywhere in this thread, so it could easily get to that point. We have never seen Renarin (or any other Stormlight user) get their head crushed. According to Ivory it is the most effective way to kill someone holding Stormlight. Your examples depend on the Heralds having access to powers that we have seen no sign of anywhere in the text.
  5. Exploding headbutt. Gold compounders do not need to be sick. They store a very small amount of health and then compound it into unlimited health. This is not accurate. One person with a hammer or mallet (or F-steel and A-pewter) could kill him by crushing his head. That is the preferred way to kill a radiant. Rashek, on the other hand, says that he has been decapitated in the past. Gold healing seems very much superior.
  6. It seems like he is talking about flaring here. The faster someone burns their metal the more power they get from it per unit of time. His answer actually feels like he was dodging the question. Says it all. This isn't quite the same as what I was talking about. This is about adapting to the power, where I was talking about having a higher Investiture level giving you more power per quantity from your metals. The reason that it is important is that Feruchemical Nicrosil lets you increase your Investiture level insanely high and thereby increases your efficiency as well. If you compound Nicrosil you should end up with an infinite power loop where the only limit is what has been call "Mistpoint" here on the forums.
  7. The bolded part is not accurate. An Allomancer’s Investiture level increases their efficiency with metals. Elend would get more power and a longer burn than Vin from the same amount of metal. When combined with Nicrosil Feruchemy, the power ceiling for Allomancy is extremely high (this is probably true for every magic system, but the thread is about Fullborn v. Herald).
  8. That's pretty extreme. When Rashek held the power he reshaped the genetic makeup of an entire planet, changed its geography and changed its location relative to it's Sun. If that is the level of power needed to move Shardblades then they must be the most powerful non-Shard entities that we have seen on screen yet. It's weird that they are so weak, comparatively, in all other regards.
  9. Batman's superpower is plot armor. Superman's biggest enemy is usually his own reluctance to step into his role as a leader. His battles are usually more emotional or philosophical. The actual fighting is just there to satisfy our desire for action. It's actually a bit like Brandon's books in that way. The simplest way would probably be to break their connection to the Shards that give them their powers. We have seen that Elantrians are capable of Shard level manipulation from the device that the Ire made to steal Preservation.
  10. You take that back I've always liked the OP characters, but you are certainly correct that they are less popular. It's probably the reason I like Elantrians so much. BTW, Raoden would wreck them both. At the same time.
  11. It seems that your default response to being correcting is to complain about semantics. Additionally, your tone has continually gotten more and more hostile throughout our interactions here. If you don't like engaging with me, stop quoting me in posts and directing questions at me. I would be more than happy to not continue this conversation.
  12. Rashek didn't use all of the metals. He is weaker than any other Fullborn that does, because Nicrosil.
  13. Bone is tissue, that's not my call to make. https://www.bones.nih.gov/health-info/bone/bone-health/what-is-bone Nothing at all. My first comment to you was an answer to a question. As I have said many times, Aons can probably do almost anything. I don't think that Aon Sheo would be the right one for animating corpses though. If anything, I would guess that Aon Eto is what you would use.
  14. There is no mention of the central design in the book. The surgeons use Forgery. They need Shai because she knows how to make essence marks. They already know how to make soul stamps. While true, this is to general. The blood sealer uses his magic to track Shai and to animate dead tissue. We do not see Shai make use of any kind of magic other than Transformation. You could do that, just as you could count all of the metallic arts as one magic system. That does not, however, mean that each of the subsets have all of the abilities of the others. Aons can likely achieve almost any effect given the wide range of forces that it has access to and its programmatic nature. Forgery on the other hand only seems to have access to the powers that I will broadly define as "Transformation and Progression". We have not seen it do anything other than this, though it does seem to be one of the most powerful forms of Transformation that we have seen, given it's ability to alter a persons Spiritual Self. The Progression aspect seems to be severely hamstrung by the need to understand advanced anatomy. I never said this, even by implication. As I said above, I suspect that there are very few limits on what is possible with Aons. I'm not sure why you included this, I clearly was already aware of it given my previous post. It says nothing about looking like a Forgery seal other than the fact that it is red. I would imagine that Shai, like most people, uses her own understanding of the world to define the things in it. To her, magic is Forgery. I will admit that the two systems are never explicitly described as being distinct from one another, but neither is it stated that they are the same. At most, we could say that they are similar in some regards, and different in others.
  15. Did you mean to quote me here? You seem to be responding to someone else. If not, I'm not sure what your point is. You basically restated what I said, minus the reference to something from the books. Also, the Coppermind is an excellent source of information, but it is made and maintained by fans, and is not canon. Referencing it as evidence is a bit like citing Wikipedia in a scholarly work.
  16. Bloodsealing doesn't use MaiPon as a base symbol. The one that the Bloodsealer used to trap Shai looked like an eye.
  17. I expect that you could use Aon Sheo in a variety of ways depending on the modifiers. I believe that it represents the concept of death rather than just literal death. I also think that there are more uses for Aon Daa, and all of the other Aons, than what we have seen so far.
  18. I'm not sure how this addresses my point. You agree that they were the source of free food for Arelon, but still seem to be trying to say that they were lazy and spoiled without providing any evidence. They provided food, healing and freedom to the people they oversaw. There is nothing supporting your assertion that they were all spoiled rich kids. As to the second part, many of the people of Arelon resented and distrusted the Elantrians like Iadon did. As soon as the Reod happened they took the opportunity to kill as many of the Elantrians as they could find, and locked the rest up in the dead city.
  19. Any idiot cannot breath in Stormlight. It requires you to have fulfilled one of its forms of initiation. This is pure supposition with zero evidence. Everything we learned in the books about pre-Reod Elantrians points to them being benevolent beings who kept the people of Arelon fed, healthy and happy. I'm assuming that you mean Aon Daa. If you did mean Aon Dao, then I have no idea. We never saw that Aon used in the book. Aon Daa when used in Elantris was able to vaporize a Dakhor monk, which is probably similar to doing the same thing to someone in Shardplate. A bulletproof vest would likely not do anything to mitigate Aon Daa. I don't have a frame of reference for a tank, but Aon Daa probably wouldn't be the right Aon for destroying a tank anyway. You would probably be better off with Aon Shao (Transformation), which could turn the metal of the tank into pretty much anything else. Alternatively you could probably use Aon Sheo (Death) to kill the tank's crew without damaging the tank. You could also use Aon Ashe (Light) to make yourself invisible (assuming that Aon Ashe can do all of the things that standard Lightweaving can) and avoid the tank all together. As far as dodging Aon Daa, we see Dilaf move out of the way to the large attack by the Elantrians when they first arrive in Teod. I don't know if he ducked before the Aons flew, or if he did so while they were in flight. There are a lot of posts that mention damaging the hands to stop an Elantrian from drawing. These come from the scene where Dilaf does exactly that. It is worth noting that an Elantrian does not need to draw Aons with their hands or any other part of their body and can make use of Aons that are already in place without drawing anything. They also heal extremely quickly while in Elantris and the surrounding area. The only reason Dilaf's attack works is that Raoden was not prepared for such an attack, and he was not in Elantris. Had they been in Elantris the fight would have been extremely one sided. Someone else mentioned destroying part of the city to break the Aon Rao that make Elantris work, but this assumes that the structures that form the Aon are not themselves protected by Aons. If they were not protected, the Elantrian's would fall to the Reod every time a piece of the wall needed maintenance.
  20. I guess it would depend on how the Breath bestows the abilities. If it was going to be spikeable, it would need to work similarly to Hemalurgy where you put something in your physical body and it makes temporary changes to your Spiritweb.
  21. I'm curious if you could, given the proper metal and bindpoint, steal an ability granted by breath, without taking the Breath itself. Could you, for example, spike out perfect pitch?
  22. If Renarin's surges are typical of Truthwatchers, I would chose that order. Otherwise I would want to be a Bondsmith. Those two orders seem to have powers that are more "spiritual" in nature, which is something that I find interesting. Barring either of those I would choose Elsecaller. They seem to be the most dangerous combatants we have seen so far.
  23. I've read it several times. There are some slow spots. The exciting parts make it worth while. If you're a Brandon Sanderson fan, I think you will enjoy it.
  24. While all of what you wrote seems possible, I don't see Kaladin as needing any further reason to hate Lighteyes. Roshone, Amaram and Sadeas provide more than enough reason.
  25. I would guess that a person's "Cognitive Self" can interfere with the process of changing their Spiritual self. Perception is a big part of the Cosmere, so how a person sees them self is likely to have an impact on their Spiritual Ideal.