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  1. I don't have my book on me, but I believe he touch each piece of cloth after sparing with Kal. This tells me he was gathering his Breath back up. As to the larger discussion. Could a metalborn kill a Spren with A-Chromium? If so, they could use A-Bronze to find the Radiant's Spren and then kill it with A-Chromium. Alternatively they could use an Ettmetal grenade charge with A-Chromium and throw it at the Radiant while they have their blade summoned.
  2. Thaidakar and Jasnah. She’s pragmatic to the point of being borderline psycho, he’s a full blown serial killer (justified). Neither would be in it for the sex. They would be in it for the challenge and the power. Also it would be one more thing for Hoid to mock Kel over. Leave a little “Hoid was here” mark behind on Jasnah.
  3. I'm surprised there hasn't been more talk of A-Chromium in this discussion. A Mistborn could completely wipe out an Awakeners breath in one touch. Also, A-Duralumin plus either steel or pewter is going to certainly result in a sticky pile of remains where the Awakener used to be. Bondsmith vs. Awakener. If what we saw from Ishar is any indication, a Bondsmith is one of the most dangerous fighters in the Cosmere, they can literally steal make/steal connections. Could a Bondsmith just take an Awakeners breath with a touch? What about taking control of Awakened objects? Bondsmiths went way up my list of "most powerful" people in the Cosmere. They're on a level with Elantrians and Fullborn IMO.
  4. It has great closure, like the end of MB era one.
  5. Someone should tell Jamie and Cersie.. oops.
  6. As a non LDS person, this made me do a triple take and then get my tinfoil hat out. Didn't realize what you were talking about until someone mentioned Lamanites and Nephites.
  7. The Aspect Emperor series by R. Scott Bakker. It's a followup to his Prince of Nothing series. I love how complex the characters are. It's like reading a book where all of the viewpoint characters are Kelsier. His world building is also incredible. The world he creating has an incredibly deep back story. It's also brutally intelligent.
  8. He could have just had Spook hold an unsealed F-Gold medallion to one of his old bones (which Ten Soon presumably had). We know from BoM that you can tap a goldmind while dead, as long as you're still in the CR. As to the OP's post, I agree that they share the same "role" in the story while not actually being similar in temperament or action. They both have troubling back stories and have both taken actions that the reader (and the character) have to reconcile with. It makes them more real in my opinion. They balance out characters like Kaladin who I find completely unbelievable.
  9. This was pointed out already but thank you. Yea it seems Kaladin has some powers that are unrelated to being Radiant. It's like plot armor but more offensive. Plot weapon it guess? No, Plotbreaker, ruiner of stories. That seems right.
  10. @Celairiel Ivory isn't to keen on bonding Jasnah at first either. I think the key thing is that all of the Spren accepted the bond but required some convincing.
  11. That's gotta be the best answer ever tbh.
  12. What ever his real goal is, I hope it’s better than the cartoon villain crap that Mraize was selling to Shallan.
  13. I would guess that Odium’s surge has to do with Renarin’s future sight. There isn’t a temporal surge otherwise.
  14. I think her second oath will come down to what she is swearing to unite. I suspect it will either be some combo of Humans/Spren/Listeners, or it will be the various types of Light. Her third oath should probably have something to do with making things right with the Sibling and/or all Spren in relation to her work with fabrials. As to what abilities she will gain as she levels up, I suspect that she will be able to use her powers to create the various combo Light types, and maybe even learn how to create anti-Light with her powers as part of the Avalanche in book 5. The caveat will be that she can only do it at the tower, good thing the contest of champs is happening there eh?
  15. Wait what? Is that actually how it's meant to be pronounced? That's terrible..
  16. I would compare that to the Big Bang (at least as I understand it, which is not at all very deep). Maybe Adonalsium represents a "plank era" in the timeline of Investiture. Maybe Investiture was so "dense" that it had no "flavors" or "charges" AKA intent. Only after the power was separated, reducing its "density", could it enter the "baryonic era" of Investiture where more distinct and varied types emerged.
  17. I've always grouped the Shards like this in my head cannon. Preservation / Ruin - Because Harmony says they're opposites, so who am I to disagree Devotion / Odium - They're love and hate respectively. I can't think of anything more opposite. Honor / Ambition - Honor is about serving something external like a code or other person, Ambition is about serving your own ends. Dominion / Autonomy - When used in the sense of nations, the two words represent opposite ideas. Now that we have some new names I've matched a few more in my head cannon. Cultivation / Whimsy - Cultivation is about ordering things, like weeding a garden so that the crops can grow. Whimsy is random, cutting what ever plant you want without reason. Endowment / Invention - Invention is about starting from ignorance and working towards knowledge. Endowment is starting with knowledge and passing it down. That leaves me with two unmatched ones. Valor - Seems like the opposite of valor should be Cowardice (probably a good candidate for Shard in hiding). Mercy - I'm guessing Justice, Vengeance or Cruelty. This is all my take on it of course (except for Harmony) so do with it what you will. The justifications work pretty well in my mind though. The new revelation of anti-Investiture makes me wonder if any of these Shards are actually opposites in a literal sense (if Preservation and Ruin were truly opposites wouldn't they annihilate each other?), rather its more about the ideas they represent being opposites.
  18. They all seem to be OK with killing Odium's other supporters. What would make Karbranth different?
  19. I think the best path forward for team Radiant would be to capture Karbranth and use Taravangian’s family to force him to break his word. He was willing to sacrifice the entire world for them so it could work. Once he breaks his word Cultivation can kill and shatter him.
  20. Is anyone else sad to find out that Kelsier is the leader of the Ghostbloods. If what Mraize said about their goals is true, they’re basically cartoon bad guys. Kelsier gave up a Shard to save the world and is now running an organization as crappy as the Ghostbloods? They better have a more serious goal than trying to smuggle Investiture across Shadesmar.
  21. Because it’s all part of the plan.
  22. Hoid also threats to slap him around again, and there's really only one person that we know of that Hoid has slapped around.
  23. Yea that matches what I just read on the Coppermind. It seems odd for Shallan to be the first to reach the fifth ideal, especially since she’s still using a personality fragment to shield herself from past trauma. Are we certain that “I’m terrified” wasn’t just a statement but in fact an oath?
  24. Now I’m confused. @Ookla the Unnamable says that “I’m terrified” is her first, but now you’re saying it’s the immortal words. The coppermind claims that it’s an oath but then links to a chapter that is, frankly, pretty vague on what it was.
  25. Ok can you list all 5? Somehow it’s not working out in my brain. @Ookla the Unnamable