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  1. I feel like the "She's strong because she was raped" theme is way to prevalent in TV and books. Women can be strong, capable & independent without being raped. I agree with what Brandon said in the link @Elegy provided.
  2. I was only wondering because the limb is still attached to a living body, so I wasn't sure if that made a difference.
  3. That's like saying that taking a handful of dirt into space makes the Earth smaller. It is technically true, but also completely meaningless.
  4. What happens if you cut someones limb twice? If it's already "dead", does it get cut off instead?
  5. I wonder if Melishi killed himself when he saw the results of what he did. We can be reasonably sure that none of the Bondsmith spren are deadeyes, so something had to have happened to him before the Recreance.
  6. I bet a Bondsmith could trap them in the gemhearts that they inhabit, then kill the bodies and keep the gem hearts locked up somewhere. Basically, the knife that killed Jezrien without the knife.
  7. In reference to the Mistborn stuff in the spoiler tag. As for Hoid being a Shard/QuasiShard/Other, The Letter gives us a pretty good clue as to his feeling about being a Shard, specifically, Egli's response.
  8. @Karger I don't know if Roshar will have a need for electricity. Most of what we do with electricity now could be achieved with fabrials instead. Relevant WoB, spoilered for Mistborn and Whitesand Seems like a good reason to keep a Bondsmith in residence.
  9. I'm pretty sure you would just be on the other side of the world.
  10. They would need F-zinc or F-steel in order to change their push/pull location that fast, IMO. I'm not gonna attempt the math, but that thing would probably be spinning 10k+ RPM.
  11. Use fabrials to make a platform fly. Keep it over the Highstorm at all times so that it never runs out of Stormlight. Expand it until you have a flying city that moves with the Highstorm. New and improved headquarters of the Knights Radiant, where they always have access to their powers. It would pretty much be a Rosharan Elantris.
  12. It's also possible that Cultivation is the origin of some of those other religions. Mistborn Era 2 spoilers
  13. I expect the Stonewards to have an oath like the end of the pararescueman's creed, "That others may live".
  14. I can't believe I forgot The Lord Mistborn. Lefting I'm Born - I have to go with Dustbringer (Brave, Obedient) Survivor of the Flames says everything for brave. He spends most of the first two books getting bossed around and doesn't seem to mind that much for obedient. Post the end of the world I lean more towards Bondsmith (Pious, Guiding) He's always had faith in Kelsier, and he is the leader of the new world. Leading isn't guiding, but they're fairly similar. Leaving his book behind for future generations could be guiding as well I guess.
  15. I would be very surprised (and disappointed) if aluminum killed Adonalsium. I would expect the murder weapon to be more related to Spiritual Connection, as it is the only force (that I can think of) we have seen directly effect Shards. The orb that Kelsier stole from the Ire and the Oathpact being prime examples.