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  1. Their power does. So yes? Otherwise what's powering the Dor?
  2. The Inquisitors spiked a bunch of people while under Ruin's control, so maybe Odium's intent is enough to allow one of his minions to spike someone. Granted, Ruin was directly controlling the Inquisitor's not just influencing them.
  3. I believe it is widely speculated that each Shards metal would have its own unique Hemalurgic properties. As an example, the spike that Paalm used in Era 2 wasn't from Ruin/Preservation/Harmony, and is therefor likely from an off world Shard. It seems plausible to me that the golden metal that the dagger was made of is Odium's metal.
  4. She also soulcast Shallan’s blood to save her from poison. It probably comes down to intent like many things in the Cosmere.
  5. It would really only require colonization by a civilization that had discovered that planets are round. Also the WoB in OPs post explicitly says that the CR is flat. I just realized that I’m now on the wrong side of a flat earth debate. Feels bad.
  6. How would you walk off the edge of a sphere into another worlds CR?
  7. Has anyone asked him how the center of a world's Cognitive reflection is determined? I'm assuming they are disk shaped. I wonder if they are centered on Perpendicularities or if the center is determined by collective thought. For example if a large enough number of people think that a particular city is the "center" of the world, does that make it the center in the CR? If it's based on Perpendicularities, what if there's more than one on a world? Does it take the median of both?
  8. @Weltall have an upvote for doing my work for me
  9. Those Shards still exist. Odium killed vessels and scattered their power so that it couldn’t be picked up easily. This was my point. If his goal is to prevent anyone else from taking the power, destroying it would be the most logical thing to do. Since he didn’t do that, it’s safe to assume that he can’t.
  10. I don't know if Vasher using Stormlight counts, but Vasher using Stormlight. Kaladin uses an Elantrian orb while they're in Shadesmar. Kelsier uses the Connection that he stole from the Ire. What ever Renarin is doing is probably a combo. Paalm's spike is presumably from another Shard. Standard worldhopper answers: Khriss, Ghostbloods, 17th Shard, ect.
  11. I’ll nit pick the WoB then. Consume is another way of saying eat. When we eat things they don’t stop existing, they turn into something else. I’ll point again to my heat/cold death comment from earlier as well. If Nightblood was somehow able to eat a Shard, it would likely take billions or trillions of years and so wouldn’t really have much bearing on the story.
  12. Graceful: one of the best duelists in the world. Refined: likes fashion and wine houses. Articulate: I can’t remember him breaking into any ignorant accents at any point. Is there any reason to believe the proper diction wasn’t part of his schooling as the nephew of the king of the largest nation on Roshar? Sure, use the one crude thing that he said, taken completely out of context, and try to use it as a counterpoint.
  13. I think this is a bit like worrying about the personal impact that the heat/cold death of the universe will have on the people reading this thread. That is to say, none at all.
  14. From WoR Epigraphs. "When Simol was informed of the arrival of the Edgedancers, a concealed consternation and terror, as is common in such cases, fell upon him; although they were not the most demanding of orders, their graceful, limber movements hid a deadliness that was, by this time, quite renowned; also, they were the most articulate and refined of the Radiants." I think Adolin checks the boxes for what we know about Edgedancers. I like that Lift is basically the antithesis of this too, nothing like subverting expectation.
  15. Not sure where the contradiction is. Odium can’t destroy Shards, therefore Nightblood can’t. Sry if my point got mixed up.