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  1. Something I like to do is make up new metals/powers for the Metallic Arts. I was curious if anyone else ever does this, and what powers they came up with. Here are a few of the ones I've come up with. Cesium: Feruchemy - Stores size (things inside of you shrink/grow as well). Allomancy - Absorb electromagnetic radiation/become invisible (not true invisibility, but more of a shadow shroud). I picked Cesium because it has one of the highest thermal expansions of any metal, and it would be interesting to see someone try to use a metalmind that can melt near room temperature. Cesium-Gold Alloy: Feruchemy - Stores color (become flat grey like a lifeless when storing, gain aura like a Returned when tapping). Allomancy - Emit electromagnetic radiation (pretty much any type, with increasing power required for higher frequencies/eV). Tungsten: Feruchemy - Stores shape (when you store you become soft and gooey like a Kandra. When you tap you become hard *chuckles*. No seriously though, you gain a Superman-like hardness. You can still move, but to external things you would act like something made of wood or metal depending on how fast you tap). Allomancy - Absorb Investiture (you generate a "bubble" of aluminum). Tungsten Steel: Feruchemy - Stores sound (clapping your hands or stomping your feet make almost no sound when storing, the same claps and stomps would sound like gunshots when tapping). Allomancy - Emit Investiture (other peoples powers go haywire near you, but you have basically no control over how. You pretty much become chaos incarnate for other magic users. "Meant to soulcast that into water? Well it turned into live eels instead. Have fun with that."). I tried to keep the Feruchemical powers all in the theme of how you would describe something physically. Size, shape, color and sound. Sound is kind of an odd duck in that group, but I couldn't come up with something better. I can take solace in knowing that bronze and electrum are in the wrong place, so not even Brandon pulled it off perfectly. Well, there's one of my fantasy quadrants on the Metallic Arts table. Hopefully I'm not alone, I would love to hear what kind of crazy stuff other people have thought up.
  2. The main problem with these "if this metallic are does this, it has to do that" threads is that you could follow that chain forever. You say that if they store speed they also have to store gravity. Well if they store gravity they have to store mass. If they store mass they become less dense or lose volume. One would make them flimsy, the other would make them implode. Both cases would violate conservation of matter since there is no energy gained. The simple answer is that you can move normally when you tap F-Steel because your perspective doesn't change. To you it seems like the world is moving slow, not that you are moving fast. Perception and Intent are a big part of all of Brandon's magic systems and shouldn't be ignored. It's the same with F-Iron. You don't feel like you are heavier, so the extra "strength" you gain doesn't make you stronger. You simply perceive yourself as being normal, while your environment sees you as changed.
  3. The impending Desolation prompted the Spren to return on a large scale. As for when they "came back", I don't think they ever stopped completely. Otherwise the Skybreaker's primary mission would be fairly pointless.
  4. Not sure. I thought that was just a product of the nature of the people that become Windrunners, I could be completely wrong though. My post makes the assumption that Kaladin's "feel the winds" thing when he helped Adolin in the duel was his resonance.
  5. The Ire did that, Kelsier just stole it from them (I guess that does still count as him doing it, but I don't think he deserves credit for the method). I don't know if the metallic arts even have the toolkit required to pull off what the Ire did. I might have said this in another thread, but I think that Nightblood's command wouldn't work under normal awakening circumstances because it needs some of Ruin's Investiture to function. I think that Endowment might have given it a little push to make it work because of some future events she foresaw (think Cultivation and Dalinar or maybe Taravangian). I have no evidence of this, so do with it what you will. I could be wrong, but I think he put the physical manifestation of the Shards in Sel's CR. If you look at Hero of Ages, when Vin and Ati die, they drop their Shards on the ground where they can be picked up. Presumably the same thing happened when Aona and Skai died. Odium wouldn't want someone else picking up the Shards, so he stuffed them away in the CR and let their power run rampant to keep anything living away. As to @Halyo_Alex original question. We haven't seen awakening create anything that grants a power to it's wielder. You might be able to use a Divine Breath to do something like this, since it seems to be able to make changes at a Spiritual level. We see this when Lightsong heals the God King. He didn't just heal the physical wound, he makes it so the God King can speak as if he had always been able to. The other part of your post is about allowing the use of Selish magic off world. I don't think it works, and my reason is that not even the Ire seem to be able to do it. They are able to direct a beam of what I assume is the Dor from Sel's CR in order to maintain their fortress, but we never see them using Aons. The very nature of Aon Dor requires the Dor to leak out of CR through the Aon into the physical world, with the Aon acting as a filter for what the power should do. Being in a place that does not have the Dor in it's CR would mean that there is nothing to leak out of the Aon. If you could figure out how to hack off a "cloud" of the Dor and make mirror your physical location in the CR, you might be able to use Selish magic off world, but I don't know how feasible that would be. You might be able to achieve this with Surgebinding, if you had access to the correct surges. You would probably need Adhesion and Transformation. Transformation would let you look into the CR and Adhesion would, potentially, let you bind a chunk of the Dor to your Cognitive reflection. All that being said, if it can be done with Surgebinging, it can probably be done with Aon Dor, so this likely wouldn't work.
  6. Order: Skydancer Nahel Bond: Moonspren Surges: Gravitation, Abrasion Shardblades: Their spren are partial to chakram Resonance: A combo of Windrunner "battle sense" and Edgedancer grace. -- Order: Wavedancer Nahel Bond: Wishspren. If such a thing exists. Surges: Abrasion, Lightweaving (waveforms) Shardblades: Claw weapons Resonance: Cymatics. Their Lightweaving is mediocre, but they have excellent control over sound. They can combine their surges to cause massive waves in solid objects (like the Shattered Planes) -- Order: Worldbreaker Nahel Bond: Lavaspren Surges: Division, Cohesion Shardblades: Bladed flails Resonance: Destroy everything.. -- Order: Fleshshaper Nahel Bond: Slimespren (think algae or slugs) Surges: Progression, Cohesion Shardblades: Bones Resonance: Can use Cohesion on living things without killing them. Can use Cohesion on themselves to become a pile of goo, or alter the shape of their body provided they have a skeleton (remember this is Stormlight before you post Mistborn spoilers). -- Order: Soulforger Nahel Bond: Sapientspren Surges: Progression, Transformation Shardblades: Scythes Resonance: Can make changes to someones spiritual ideal self. That's probably enough.
  7. You might also be thinking of Vin being unusually strong with bronze due to her Hemallurgic spike.
  8. That makes sense. Things in the Cosmere are reflected cognitively as a whole, rather than in pieces. It would stand to reason that something is either inside or outside of a speed bubble depending on how it is perceived. It seems the cognitive center for a human is in the chest given that speed bubbles center on the Allomancer and steel/iron lines point to the chest.
  9. Live action if they could get the budget for it. I’ve never much liked anime.
  10. I didn't mean that you were wrong to do it, just that you were unlikely to ever come to a solution that fits with real physics. My point was that trying to describe Allomancy with just math means dropping two thirds of Realmatics. Its like trying to solve "1+ = ".
  11. @Calderis I agree with you. I just wanted to point out that the last WoB you linked has a huge loophole for Brandon to be sneaky with. Vasher is a Returned. He wouldn't remember much from his life before that. I only mention it because Brandon likes to mess with us.
  12. If you used iron to anchor yourself and pewter to keep from ripping yourself appart, you could push on something heavy without being thrown backwards. Vin does this when she opens the door to the Well of Ascension.
  13. I think that math is a poor way to define steel and iron Allomancy. All of the math threads that I have seen seem to dwell on the physical aspects of steel and iron (based on real world physics) while ignoring that they are magic systems in the Cosmere, and almost certainly have interactions on a cognitive or spiritual level. Maybe the speed at which something is pushed is determined by how fast it thinks it should be going, or if it thinks it should be moving at all. Small coin gets pushed and says "I wanna go fast" (thank you Ricky Bobby). Big wall gets pushed and says "shove off mate". This would also explain why Feruchemical iron changes the strength of your pushes, rather than just how resistant you are to being pushed. Those same objects now see you as something much more massive and change their reactions accordingly.
  14. 2+2=Pickle It.. it worked? It worked!
  15. @Calderis I guess vessel is the wrong word then. I still think that Honor left his power with the Stormfather. Nothing in the WoB contradicts it, and the line below implies that it is possible. On another note. This is probably the wrong place to argue my theory, as it is not the topic of this thread. I will see myself out.