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  1. All of the parts are encased in metal, so the entire computer would just appear as a glowing blob to Ruin. He could however take control of someone with enough Hemalurgic spikes and have them get up to all kinds of mischief with your ebooks.
  2. Lightweaver/Stoneward - make something soft then send sound waves through it.
  3. If I held Ruin I would become Everything.. because nothing else would exist.
  4. Elantrian for sure. You can't cheat your way into it like you can everything else. Also it's the most powerful and versatile system. And they look the coolest. In reality I would probably be a 3rd or 4th century Skaa. Live a hard life, lose everyone I love, die young.. like 99% of people in the Cosmere. It's a tough place to be normal.
  5. Why would he need Battar for this? He could just destroy the planet himself.
  6. The Nightwatcher. Gotta get that boon baby.. and the curse.
  7. He's only picking up a bond so that he can call himself a Hoidbinder.
  8. "Order from chaos" is pretty much the definition of Cultivation, so do with that what you will..
  9. At that point, Kelsier had passed Preservation to her. She had not yet fully assimilated the power, but she was Preservation.
  10. @Pathfinder I can’t be bothered to read all of that. I got as far as your Vin at Kredik Shaw example. Vin wasn’t fueled by Preservation there, she was Preservation. She was fueled by Preservation when she killed Rashek. Huge difference.
  11. The so called "exposed head" belonged to a pewter burner. It isn't Shardplate, but it isn't exactly a watermelon either. I haven't seen a reasonable counter to F-steel anywhere in this thread, so it could easily get to that point. We have never seen Renarin (or any other Stormlight user) get their head crushed. According to Ivory it is the most effective way to kill someone holding Stormlight. Your examples depend on the Heralds having access to powers that we have seen no sign of anywhere in the text.
  12. Exploding headbutt. Gold compounders do not need to be sick. They store a very small amount of health and then compound it into unlimited health. This is not accurate. One person with a hammer or mallet (or F-steel and A-pewter) could kill him by crushing his head. That is the preferred way to kill a radiant. Rashek, on the other hand, says that he has been decapitated in the past. Gold healing seems very much superior.
  13. It seems like he is talking about flaring here. The faster someone burns their metal the more power they get from it per unit of time. His answer actually feels like he was dodging the question. Says it all. This isn't quite the same as what I was talking about. This is about adapting to the power, where I was talking about having a higher Investiture level giving you more power per quantity from your metals. The reason that it is important is that Feruchemical Nicrosil lets you increase your Investiture level insanely high and thereby increases your efficiency as well. If you compound Nicrosil you should end up with an infinite power loop where the only limit is what has been call "Mistpoint" here on the forums.
  14. The bolded part is not accurate. An Allomancer’s Investiture level increases their efficiency with metals. Elend would get more power and a longer burn than Vin from the same amount of metal. When combined with Nicrosil Feruchemy, the power ceiling for Allomancy is extremely high (this is probably true for every magic system, but the thread is about Fullborn v. Herald).
  15. That's pretty extreme. When Rashek held the power he reshaped the genetic makeup of an entire planet, changed its geography and changed its location relative to it's Sun. If that is the level of power needed to move Shardblades then they must be the most powerful non-Shard entities that we have seen on screen yet. It's weird that they are so weak, comparatively, in all other regards.