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  1. Did I miss a book? Who is Virtuousity?
  2. Rashek loses because he's an incompetent imbecile. If anyone else was in charge, Scadrial wins.
  3. I think he got Lightweaving again, in Stormlight. He seems way to familiar with it to have not had it in the past. Could be wrong though. It would be cool if there was a way to connect TWoT to the Cosmere. Plot twist, Adonalsium was the Dark One, and Hoid is the Dragon. edit: now that I think about it, he Lightweaves when hes talking to Shallan, he changes what she made. So he simply upgraded his Lightweaving when he got the bond.
  4. I was reading an old WoB and stumbled across the name Aslydin. This was the Terriswoman that became Demoux's love interest in Mistborn Era 1 and later, a member of the 17th Shard just like Demoux himself. I was immediately struck by the similarity of her name and Axindweth. Now I can't help but think she is an agent of the 17th Shard, or a double agent working for our personal lord and survivor. I wouldn't put it past Kelsier to send Demoux to the 17th Shard as a spy, and I see no reason that he wouldn't bring his wife along with him as well.
  5. I suppose I worded that badly. I was trying to express the tendency of systems to increase in entropy. I would consider the high entropy state to be more complex since it has more information, but I could see how you could go the other, more macroscopic, way with it. I couldn't agree more that "ruin would be entropy, Cultivation would be organization, and preservation would be stasis". This is exactly how I would define them as well. I would also add Whimsy into the mix as chaos though, just to complete the set.
  6. I don't want to come across as pedantic, but entropy is the tendency of a system to become more complex, it is nature. I can semi agree about Cultivation being a fight against entropy. It's more like guiding than fighting though. It's controlling entropy to achieve the desired end state. I could see revolution being a combo of Autonomy and Odium, but I don't see it for Cultivation though. I've seen people call it freedom as well, but that is literally Autonomy.
  7. That seems to be how many people are choosing to see Cultivation. In my opinion it is the least relevant part of the Shard's Intent. First I just want to point out that Cultivation (at least in the agricultural sense that I assume you're using it) is basically the opposite of nature. You can't build a farm field in a forest without getting rid of the forest (and even if it's an orchard you still need to get rid of everything other than what you're growing). You're also removing all of the natural competition for the plants that your are cultivating which is very unnatural. Nature is chaos (Whimsy IMO) bounded by competition, where Cultivation is organized and goal oriented. Additionally, Cultivation has meaning far beyond farming. It is about controlling conditions or shaping environments to achieve the desired changes. This is a "high level" concept that can be more broadly applied to many parts of the Universe, not just farms. I think reducing Cultivation to some sort of plant god doesn't fit with the other Shards either. You have Universal concepts like entropy and stasis or love and hate, and then you have trees? It's to small to be a Shard. In my opinion Cultivation is about directed change, and agriculture is just one small example of how that concept can be applied.
  8. I see, you're talking about Conservation in the form of forestry or land management. I was thinking of it in terms of physics, since that is a more Universal concept. Conservation, at least in the land management sense, seems a bit limited in scope to be a composite Shard. Here's a copy paste of what conservation means in physics just for reference: "In physics, the term conservation refers to something which doesn't change. This means that the variable in an equation which represents a conserved quantity is constant over time. It has the same value both before and after an event"
  9. That would require a fairly specific interpretation of Mercy. The Shard's intents seem to be more generalized than that.
  10. Just finished the last episode, and I have to say I'm fairly happy with how they handled everything. If I were trying to fit all of the second age into one show I doubt I could do better. The production value is extremely high, and the show at least tries to be faithful to the source material. Overall, good show. Hope they keep up the good work.
  11. I’m not sure what you mean by this. At the time, Leras was Preservation, so any reference I made to either of them was meant to signify the same entity. Im not sure if that was meant for me, but I disagree. I think they will be suffering from major anxiety from constantly needing to find excuses for everything, but I don’t think they’ll be a jerk.
  12. I don’t have the book on me, but I think someone mentions that she is completely obsessed with transformation regardless of its form or function, similar to how Honor became obsessed with oaths, even stupid or pointless ones. I could be remembering incorrectly though.
  13. I see your meaning now. I honestly think that he is just trying to express that there is such a thing as to much of a good thing. Taking Preservation (who I would call a "good" Shard) as an example, if the Shard had total dominion it would effectively end the Universe by freezing everything in place. This isn't to say that I don't think Mercy's vessel will be broken, I think that all of the Vessels are broken. I think Mercy will probably be in an overwhelmed state because it is trying to make excuses for every bad thing that happens. In my personal grouping of Shards I've always paired Honor with Ambition. One is being bound by rules the other is pushing boundaries. There's also the way that Honor is about serving something external to the self while Ambition is basically selfish. I see them as the "good" and "bad" sides of the same coin. A tangentially interesting thing about this pairing is that in German, Honor is "ehre" and Ambition is "ehrgeiz" (translates to honor greed). I think Mercy's partner Shard is one of the two that we are still missing. I expect it to be something along the lines of Justice or Vengeance. It could also be the ultimate extreme of Cruelty, but I think that ones a long shot. That's all head cannon obviously so do with it what you will. Long story short. I think Mercy is a "good" Shard, insofar as any of them are "good", but only time will tell. Thanks for the WoB.
  14. I could see it maybe sharing an atomic number with aluminum, that could possibly explain why the metal is so unique.
  15. Sorry if I'm missing something, but was there supposed to be a link to the WoB in there?