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  1. Yeah, I think a lot hinges on how nicrosil compounding works. It will be really strong if it works the way I assume you mean. A small amount of nicrosil and a fairly large amount of preparation would make you effectively a Fullborn. Like you said I guess, RAFO.
  2. Yea I always assumed it was just a F-Nicrosil with all 32 abilities in it. Did he just have Ferrings charge the other attributes then? In the past I had assumed he was Fullborn via Hemalurgy, but from what you guys are saying it seems like he might just be Mistborn with F-nicrosil (not that that isn't insanely OP anyway).
  3. Oh that's right. I wonder where it was waiting for him if it isn't bonded to him. Would it have been where ever he was when he died?
  4. I guess I grossly misunderstood the end of BoM. And how the Bands were made for that matter. I really don't like all of the alternative entry points to the metallic arts that are popping up, I liked that there was a cost to Hemalurgy.
  5. @TheFoxQR @RShara How did he gain access to all of the Feruchemical powers?
  6. Wouldn't Taln have his blade? It wasn't in the cave at Aharietiam. Assuming that it's still bonded to him, we haven't seen it because he hasn't summoned it. No clue where he got the second one though.
  7. Does Kel only have the one eye spike? I always thought he had to have the full 16 in order to make the Bands. @Calderis I agree. I wasn't even convinced he was human until someone showed me a WoB, I thought he was a Dysian.
  8. I can't imagine how much Stormlight it would take to make a concussion bomb strong enough to kill Jasnah in her plate, but I would guess that it is less than it would take to soulcast said bomb into a rock before Kaladin can use it. Additionally, without shrapnel the bomb would likely be very ineffective against plate. A strong blast like that would pose a threat to normal people because of TBI and such, but that would be a very minor thing to heal with Stormlight. It would also be fairly difficult to use since Adhesion seems to be limited to what you can touch. I'm not sure how Kaladin could set it off without hitting himself.
  9. I assume Peter meant that it was obvious because Mraize calls Iyatil his babsk which, if I understand properly, is a Thaylen word for master in a master/apprentice scenario. This still seems pretty slim given how well traveled Mraize is.
  10. To be fair, the quote doesn't say that Mraize is Thaylen, it just says that it's obvious that he is. It's pretty slim, but it's still there. I'm not familiar enough with the writing team to know how tricksy they are.
  11. My issue with this is that the shard blades do change shape to accommodate the gems that were added to allow summoning/dismissing.
  12. Those are effects of burning metal, not tapping metalminds.
  13. The Shin give Szeth Ishar's blade instead. Taravangian accidentally asks for capacitance instead of capacity. Now he randomly shocks people that he touches. Cultivation takes Dalinar's memories of Navani instead. One of the other Heralds died at Aharietiam. Jasnah soulcasts Shallan into stawberry jam instead of soulcasting the poison out of her blood. Kaladin decides not to jump into the chasm, then slips on the wet rocks and falls in anyway. Vasher goes to Roshar, can't figure out how to breathe in Stormlight. Vasher goes to Roshar and then loses Nightblood.. er ..hmm
  14. @Truthless of Shinovar All of the novellas are excellent. I'd say Emperor's Soul and Secret History are the best, but all of them are worth your time. So much this. I've been reading them for about a year and a half. I think I've read MB era 1 and 2 about four times, SA 3 times and WB and Elantris twice each. Ive read most of the novellas a couple times as well. I think I have a condition. Before I started Cosmere, I used to just reread The Wheel of Time series over and over. I don't know how, but books just don't lose their reread value to me.
  15. Bolding mine. Scadrial: "Ash fell from the sky." Roshar: "Crem fell from the sky." Nalthis: "Black smoke fell from the sword." Sel: "Raoden fell in the pool." Threnody: "Ghosts fell out of the cupboard." Taldain: "Investiture fell from the sky." Sixth of the Dusk world: "Bird poop fell from the sky." ... the whole Cosmere: "Shards fell from that guy, you know the one I'm talking about." Edit: Roshar: "Kaladin fell into the sky." This is much better.