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  1. The fact that exactly 16% of Scadrians are Mistings makes me think that, despite the genetic aspect, there is something else going on under the hood with initiation to the metallic arts.
  2. That should actually work. You would basically be pogo sticking across the sky. The only issue I could see is that your pushes would be really weak because you would be storing during them. At the same time, your anchor would gain a ton of momentum from how hard you are pulling on it while tapping, so it would probably balance out.
  3. I don’t disagree with what you guys are saying, but I don’t like the idea of authors changing their main characters simply to check a box. They should write them how they imagined them, whether that be gay, trans, straight or what ever else.
  4. Any Elantrian. Man or woman, doesn't matter.
  5. I actually appreciate the thoroughness. I don't disagree with any of the science that you described. I think I might be presenting my point in an unclear way. In all of the various forms of lift, the system works because it is able to interact with the atmosphere around it. The low pressure zone on top of a wing for example doesn't exist in a closed system, it is a localized low pressure area that the surrounding atmosphere will seek to find equilibrium with. It's that same on a larger scale with wind. High pressure areas interact with low pressure areas and create movement of air. With the air pockets created by surges (either low or high density) there doesn't seem to be a flow of air. If there was a flow of air, it would need an inlet or outlet for excess gas, or it would eventually create a true vacuum or a singularity. If there is an outlet, then there would be no need to combine low & high pressure areas, as the outlet would generate thrust by its self.
  6. The geometry is how you create the pressure difference. It is the pressure difference trying to correct it’s self that actually creates the directional force. With surges the pressure is static and does not seek to equalize it’s self. It’s like putting and empty tank of air on top of a pressurized one. There is a pressure difference but no action to equalize it. Dirigibles operate on bouyancy.
  7. I think the issue with this method is that in traditional forms of lift, it is the action of the high pressure air trying to fill the low pressure zone that creates the force. With surges, the vacuum or high pressure are sustained. The air doesn’t rush in or out, it is basically trapped as if it were in an air tank.
  8. I have been bamboozled by a foul necromancer
  9. Elantrian all day.
  10. I guess I’ll throw my hat in the ring for a guess as well. Knife of Wind l’m basing it on my newly minted theory that Skybreaker’s resonance lets them summon “mindblades”. edit: just realized this one was taken. I’ll amend it to Killer on the Wind. It is appropriate for Szeth’s crusade as well as what ever the end game with Moash is.
  11. Just to throw a wildcard out there, let’s not forget that “H” is the symmetrical letter, so that increases the pool of possible options.
  12. The problem I have with your theory is that Rashek’s metalminds pierced his skin, but he didn’t accidentally burn them off. The quote from Brandon implies that they can’t choose what they burn, so how did Rashek do it? edit: How do Inquisitors keep from burning their spikes?
  13. I do the same. I read the ones that have interesting stuff (like Shallan’s Hoid flashback) but otherwise skip them. I feel like their purpose is to help us learn the character, but that isn’t necessary on a reread.
  14. While I don’t disagree, I imagine that there must be an upper limit to what they can break, otherwise they would have destroyed Elantris (by breaking the Aon) a long time ago.
  15. Use Arelon it’s self as the base Aon. Draw a huge Aon Rao centered on the country. This way, next time someone makes a big crack in the ground, the Aon will just auto update. Only Elantrians can break Aons so it wouldn't matter that parts of it are in Fjordel territory, or that others are in the ocean.