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  1. So, kind of an investiture/perpendicularity question I had as I was rereading Mistborn. How much investiture is required to create a perpendicularity? Are all perpendicularities invested at the same level? Is the reason that Preservation's perpendicularity was dangerous to use because it hadn't fully recharged yet? From what I understand, Elsecalling in Stormlight is really just creating pocket perpendicularities to travel through. So do they technically not all have to be invested at the same level? Was the amount of power in the trustwarren equal or greater than the amount of investiture in the well of ascension at the time that Hoid crosses over in Secret History? How much Atium would be required to create a perpendicularity? I mean, obviously, a lot, but is it possible that there was enough Atium in the trustwarren to create two perpendicularities if the Atium was divided and taken to different places on the planet? Would it be theoretically possible to move the Atium somewhere else and travel to and from there instead? And on the same note, depending on the Atium amounts required, could I take Atium to other worlds in the cosmere and create NEW perpendicularities to travel from? Say, hypothetically I took Atium to the cognitive side of Threnody. Would the Atium then create a perpendicularity that would allow me to cross over to the planet? My understanding of the perpendicularities is that the concentrated investiture burrows its way through the realms and creates a way to get through. If this is possible, it could allow physical travel and observation in every planet in the cosmere. A side question, if one person alone had consumed all of the Atium in the trustwarren at the time of Hero of Ages, would they have Ascended? And how exactly does one use a perpendicularity from the physical side when using an Atium perpendicularity? Most of the time with the pools, people just jump in. Do you just jump into a pile of beads? Also, what would happen if you made a dome out of aluminum, and you covered the perpendicularity? Would that cut off cognitive access to get to the perpendicularity to cross over? Just some thoughts and questions I had.
  2. I honestly have no idea where the foop this comes from.
  3. I think it depends on what you define as children. I think that they would call a spren they created together their child, so the three bondsmith spren could definitely be seen as their children. I think even remotely, most of the higher, Radiant spren see themselves as children of Honor and Cultivation, like Syl being nicknamed the "Ancient Daughter". But as to the vessels themselves physically having children while they are holding the shards, I doubt it.
  4. Is the Bestarin ability limited to limb reattachment? Or is it more versatile than that, allowing for skin grafts to heal wounds? And is there a limitation on Bestarin where you can only attach limbs where they are missing? or would you be able to attach ginormous wings to your back, or extra arms as long as there was a wound or cut that they were filling? And say hypothetically, a Bestarin bonded person has their arm chopped off at the shoulder, but doesn't have access to anything to replace it with, and is forced to heal normally. If left alone long enough without a replacement, and the loss of limb becoming a part how he identifies himself, would he still be able to graft another limb on? Or would it be like Feruchemical gold, where you wouldn't be able to? I have so many questions about Bestarin, and pretty much all the powers.
  5. I think it probably could. Whether or not the kandra-like functionality would remain would probably be in question. It might be that whatever form or shape the arm is in when you get it, it stays that way permanently. There's no way to know if you could manipulate the arm like a kandra can. If you could though, that would be insane. You could have whatever shape, or species you want
  6. Haha @Fanghur Rahl there's actually a WoB on this. ASTALDUATH After reading The Way of Kings, I couldn't help but to wonder this: hypothetically if there were two equally skilled combatants in every way, one armed with a Shardblade and the other with a Lightsaber, and take magic and the Force out of the equation (except for the weapons themselves), who would win? And yes, the Shardblade would have already been summoned and the two are just squaring off in a dual. Have fun with it. BRANDON SANDERSON A lightsaber is actually a little more easy to wield than a Shardblade, I would guess. Shardblades were designed to fight something larger than another person; you don't actually need all of that size when fighting someone. So that gives a slight edge to you average Jedi. If it's someone like Szeth, who has a more modestly sized Blade, then I don't honestly know.
  7. Yeah, none of the Heralds but Nale are bonded to their blades anymore, so none of them would return with them. I kind of assumed that whether or not the Jezrien went to Braize, wouldn't effect the Honorblade since he was no longer bonded to it. I mean, the Shin have been bonding to them and practicing with them for years and years, so the heralds can't still be bonded to them, unless Heralds and Honorblades had a connection with each other that I don't understand. And yeah, personally, I think Jezrien is beyond. The gemstone idea kind of makes some sense from what I've seen, but I'm still skeptical. I know there's been a couple threads on it, do you think you have the link @Calderis?
  8. I definitely see what you’re saying in how they’re similar. I think they’re definitely similar in the way they affect people mind-wise. Similar to how a Smoker can create the same effect as an aviar with copper clouds. Same principles, but under different shards on different planets. But yeah, it was definitely created on Nalthis. I think it’s more likely that somehow, when nightblood was awakened, the sheer amount of investiture (Nightblood has been confirmed to one of the most invested things in the Cosmere) along with the command given together created the effects that we see come from nightblood, and mimics the effects that Nergaoul creates.
  9. Well I mean, if it’s Non-Heralurgic, how could I pass it up?
  10. Well I for one think that Shardbearers Vs. Space Marines is still a pretty exciting idea.
  11. That's so interesting! I looked at what the essence of smoke and gas was associated with herald wise, and the radiant spren associated with them are the highspren. So maybe Kaza at the end looked like a Highspren? We can't really confirm what highspren look like yet, since they haven't shown up yet.
  12. Coooooooool! So Roshar’s rhythms resonate through the entire cosmere! That’s awesome. So in your WoB it confirms that the rhythms are a direct connection to the spiritual realm. So the rhythms come from there and it just resonates through the realms?
  13. My question kind of stems from this quote in Oathbringer. So, that seems to imply that the beads are vibrating and moving with the rhythms. Do the Rhythms resonate through the cognitive realm, vibrating the beads, similar to Kabsal's sand plate, but on a much larger scale?
  14. Ahhhhhhhhh I didn't remember that quote. Interesting.
  15. In one of Dalinar's flashbacks in Oathbringer, the one describing Gavilar's funeral, we see a Soulcaster who has obviously been soulcasting for a long time, because there are clear physical changes. I noticed something kind of interesting that I wanted to talk about. Here's the passage. And here is a passage from the A-Team's journey through Shadesmar describing a certain type of spren that is seen. Those are described in almost exactly the same way. I don't think that's a coincidence. Does soulcasting a certain essence again and again over a long period of time make you start to develop the physical traits and characteristics of the spren that is associated with with that essence? What do you guys think?