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  1. Obviously, Harmonium is that you asked about.
  2. Can you hemalurgically steal the ability to consume investiture from Larkin? Everything has sDNA, so... Any thoughts?
  3. Ati wouldn't pick up Ruin, if he knew.
  4. Are there any WoB's about this?
  5. Aviars can do the same that coppercloud could, by the way.
  6. Cryptic is just ideal for him. There are several reasons, why: 1. No oaths ( except the first, which he's fulfilling constantly). He can do whatever he need. He is unbound. 2. He can speak four Trues for minute and become the most powerful Radiant in the Cosmere. 3. Perfect Surges for him.
  7. Why everyone thinks that Aluminum is cancel all Investiture, if feruchemists can freely charge it with Identity?
  8. Lol, really. Changing is a Cultivation's essence. And Honor was creating an unbreakable oaths. Genius.
  9. But it maybe happened, I think. With Spook, in a final episode of A Secret History. It seems like Kelsier is just advisor, voice in Spook's head, but anything is possible.
  10. Someone made a Nightblood-like sword with hemalurgically charged-metal, for example, charged by coinshoter powers. What will happen? It will request a giant amount of energy, I know, because spike is already have Investiture in it.
  11. In White Sand, we've seen a strange thing - terken. It obviously not Aluminum, but it makes the same- countering Investiture. So what is that? Maybe, terken somehow depends on Autonomy? Or it works only against Sand Mastery? Sorry for non-perfect English.
  12. Worldhopping. *feeling of crazy advantage*