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  1. I was hoping to link https://coppermind.net/wiki/Summary:The_Way_of_Kings to someone who wanted a refresher on TWoK without spoilers for anything else; but unfortunately, that summary DOES have some spoilers (at the very least, I noticed that in the Ishikk interlude, that summary reveals the identities of the worldhoppers - something that would be a spoiler for people who have yet to read those other series they're worldhopping from). But that page is mostly spoiler-free, so it's close. Are the chapter summary pages for the books intended to be spoiler-free? It would be nice if there were, since it's pretty common for people to want a refresher. (spoiler-free for later books or other series, obviously....)
  2. No, it is not.
  3. I've always thought that the contest is not going to be the climax of the book - it's going to be the midpoint. Narratively, it'll be at the same point in the story that the Siege of Urithiru was in book 4. It'll be the big mid-book setback for the heroes - Taravangian is going to find some way to weasel out of the contest. We had some foreshadowing of that in book 4. Wit talking about how he once lost a win-win situation by forgetting to specify what happens in case of a draw. Dalinar and Navani both agreeing "even if we lose the contest, humanity's gonna be ok". I think that's setting up for the contest to happen mid-book, and for the heroes to somehow have an outcome that's scarier than just losing - I think it'll be Odium somehow finding a way to nullify the agreement. That way, there doesn't need to be a timeskip - the action will just continue.
  4. On my re-read, I caught the moment where, before Shallan leaves for Shadesmar (soon after she finds the cube), Pattern runs off to say goodbye to Wit, saying it was really important. Shallan disregards that as Pattern misinterpreting a joke - but knowing the whole context, that was when Pattern must have gone to talk to Wit about the Seon and how to communicate with him. On my first read I'd already caught that Radiant was the spy/assassin (based on her interactions with the other lightweavers), but I didn't catch the setup for Pattern using the cube. Everything was foreshadowed!
  5. I have comment which seems minor, but is pretty important - the bracers store youth, not age. It being reversed matters. If you could store age, it would be easy to live as long as you want - just keep storing your age to stay young. Then if you lose the bracers, then fine, you've lost the age you've stored, who cares, you didn't want it anyway. But the bracers store the reverse - youth. So to stay young, the Lord Ruler has to constantly compound Atium to generate more youth, store it in his bracers, and then tap it. Since he was over 1000 years old at that point, he constantly has to compound, store, and tap A LOT of youth, and if he ever *stops* doing that, he'd quickly start catching up to his actual age. No amount of pewter can keep a 1000-year-old man alive! As to why Vin could have enough power to push even super-invested bracers - when she wasn't wearing the earring, she could directly use the power of the mists, Preservation's investiture directly. That was pretty powerful.
  6. It seems like the "small chance" scenario was fight the war and win, which is what Dalinar is trying to do.
  7. I'd say this should definitely give you reason for hope that you'll enjoy Jasnah's book when it comes out! To me, part of what this says is that the charaters Brandon takes the wordcount to flesh out are often more likeable. You see Navani's insecurities and her growth, both her strengths and her weaknesses, shown clearly in her PoV chapters and via her interactions with everyone else. RoW was a major Navani Jasnah, on the other hand, is a secondary character through and through. In TWoK she was mainly there as a mentor/opponent to Shallan, in WoR she was gone the whole time, in Oathbringer I only remember her basically in the Battle of Thaylen Field having one soft moment with Renarin, and in RoW she's put in the weird position where she actually knows so much more than all of us because of her interactions with Wit, so even though we get her PoVs they're deliberately limited in insightfulness and we don't see her planning. Reminds me of Lift. Like I think almost everyone else, I hated Lift during her interlude. Then she got an actual novella and hey, she wasn't that bad, and was even likeable! I would guess there's a decent chance the same would happen with Jasnah or many other secondary characters - having a good look below the surface with some focus is likely to be generally positive.
  8. Raboniel might not have been awake yet at the time of the battle of Thaylen field, and so wouldn't know. Or maybe she's had ages to plan this particular attack, and is just going through with the plan now that she's back alive.
  9. None, I think. Part of what's going on with RoW is the transition from old antagonists to new, scarier ones, and storylines being wrapped up. The Sons of Honor are basically gone. The remnants of the Sadeas line, killed. I'd put the Diagram along with them - disbanded, no longer relevant. On to bigger and worse things.
  10. So the gemstone would still be a gemstone, kind of like a dusty quartz. You might be able to still hold some stormlight in it. It woudn't keep all its original properties because color is pretty important to it; a "color-drained ruby" wouldn't work for holding flamespren for a heating fabrial anymore.
  11. I mean, part of the message of this whole series is that you always keep trying, no matter how hard it seems, no matter how hopeless it seems. Kaladin could have "given up" a hundred times. Stopped trying to free slaves, stopped trying to escape. Each attempt was costly. But he always kept trying. Dalinar could have "given up" so many times. He chose not to - he kept fighting, even when it was hopeless, even when he saw no way to win. And we're seeing the same with Navani. She could have given up. Went down to carrying water. But she didn't. She kept fighting, kept trying to beat Raboniel even though it felt hopeless, she was outmatched and cornered. Kept trying to find some bit of technology that would let her get the upper hand. And, like the other cases, it worked out. If she'd have given up, she would not be a Bondsmith now, the Sibling would be dead/corrupted, and the tower would be lost for good. She didn't, so now the tower is back in human hands, Odium's agreed to the contest of champions (in part because he lost the tower!) and they have ways of permakilling Fused and making whole new weapons (though so do the Fused.)
  12. Interestingly, now that I think about it, it's a bit circular! They're consistent because they follow a code of laws. But are we assuming that those laws are "consistent", whatever that means? How can we tell if the laws a Skybreaker has chosen to follow is more or less consistent than, say, a particular Windrunner's internal moral code?
  13. It seems like we're getting at some of the fundamental rules of magic that transcend specific magic systems. After all, the different magic systems are, at their base, all doing the same thing - giving mortals the ability to access Investiture and do different things with it. They're not just random an independent, they're all facets of the same underlying scheme. And we're starting to see that more as we get really in-depth in different magic systems.