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  1. I think option 3 was actually what Kaladin was up to for most of book 3 and 4. He couldn't swear the fourth, and for a large part of that time was thinking "Yeah, never gonna do that, that one is beyond me". So we've had that for a while! IMO the most likely one is option 1. At the end of the day, it's "predictable" because it's the natural way for his arc to conclude, because it's a good story. At some point, yes, it IS predictable that Brandon is gonna write a satisfying story, and that's not really a bad thing! It's not like we want Sanderson to just randomly throw in things for shock value. Good twists are foreshadowed and make sense in retrospect, they're not just "LOL you thought one thing was gonna happen and I did something else just to keep you guessing!!!"
  2. Hah! I could see that. If you combined Cytonic with the three novellas, you'd basically have a massive multi-POV epic... it would be basically in the style of Stormlight! OK, so still not as massive as that, but I could see how that would work.
  3. I believe it's against Rayse and Bavadin. The way of kings chapter 23 epigraph, which is part of a letter from Hoid, says
  4. I think he wants to bring someone who died back from the beyond, based on the conversation between him and Frost in The Traveler https://wob.coppermind.net/events/332/#e9518 .
  5. Lots of people bonding Soren on no what
  6. I think the stakes are escalating. The superiority is trying to weaponize the delvers, and if they succeed at that, nothing about acclivity stone production matters a single bit. So the real fight is trying to figure out how to beat the delvers, which is what Spensa is up to. Staying in the Nowhere to (maybe, eventually) cut down the Superiority's acclivity stone production wouldn't contribute much to keeping humanity alive.
  7. Doesn’t that get resolved in the ending? M-bot “abandons” Spensa (or forces her to “abandon” him?) because it’s what needs to be done, it’s like a mirror image of what happened in Starsight. I thought that brought it full circle - showing that MBot now understands why Spensa acted the way she did, and would do the same himself. [edit] yeah, the parallel totally works. In Starsight, Spensa leaves MBot to fight the war, leading to his body/ship being destroyed. She comes back for him later. In the finale of Cytonic, Spensa “leaves” MBot, his body/ship is destroyed - except this time, it’s entirely MBots plan. He’s showing through his actions that he finally gets why Spensa left him in Starsight, and not only “forgives” her for it but actively thinks it’s the right thing to do and makes her do it again.
  8. I have definitely noticed that these books sometimes feel rushed, but I think that's just because they're so short. Almost feels like Sanderson is fitting a big novel's worth of plot into a smaller container. If this were a Stormlight book, we'd have gotten three chapters of Gran-Gran experimenting with her old cytonic powers now that they're not considered a defect and it would have built up to that escape. We would have had several chapters of Rig fixing up Alanik's ship and Skyward Flight fixing up the platform they found themselves on. And so on. The escalation of powers definitely feels like classic Sanderson - at the beginning of the first book cytonics are a distant myth/"defect", now by 2 books + 2 novellas there's a bunch of cytonics, they all are using different powers (including minor characters getting powers), and there's plenty of slugs with all sorts of powers being used to do all sorts of things. If you compare the state of "magic powers" between the beginning and end of some of his Cosmere series/books you often see something similar.
  9. Wait, does that make the UrDail elves?
  10. I liked that in this one, we got a good feel for ReDawn (the location) and it mattered. In Sunreach the alien space flower and station seemed kind of random and its interior was a generic space station, whereas in ReDawn I really got a feel for the giant alien floating trees, the miasma, etc.
  11. Yes! Good point about boomslug's powers. Sounds like there's one slug for each cytonic power - we've seen the ones that hyperjump and the ones that do ftl communication, but boomslug might do the equivalent of mindblades. Definitely agree about Sunreach... all I really remember of the interior of sunreach was one room with all the people in it, and one corridor, and that's about it? The outside was very distinctive but the inside could have just been any random space station anywhere.
  12. Oh hey, a romance! Feels like Janci's influence to me! I liked it.
  13. This is a real old post, but for some reason I just was reminded, went to that scene, and looked at the interaction. I think the person called "Temoo" actually IS Thinker (Demoux), not Galladon. It's not clear because its' a three-way interaction - Grump (Galladon) tells Blunt (Baon) that the fish thing is superstition and then Blunt asks Demoux (Thinker) for his opinion. The full interaction is below: To me, "And you, Temoo?" Doesn't seem like a direct response to Grump's previous comment - it was Vao asking for input from someone who was being silent (hence, "And you?", which doesn't make sense as a direct retort.) In addition, Blunt complains at the guy for "pontificating", which also seems like he's referring to "Thinker". So I'm sticking with it. Galladon = Grump, Blunt = Baon = Vao, Thinker = Demoux = Temoo.
  14. Huh, yeah, you're right. I misread that, just went back and checked. Navani hums anti-Odium tone earlier, but then switches to Honor to fix the Sibling's Light. Nevermind!
  15. I think there was one more prerequisite - Odium becoming Invested enough in Roshar to become a Rosharan god, and this making Ba-Ado-Mishram into a Godspren like the Stormfather and Nightwatcher. Note that by the time of RoW, the Sibling doesn't just need Honor and Cultivation's tone to make Light - it also needs Odium's pure tone, which Navani learns to sing for the Sibling. There are now THREE pure tones of Roshar, not two like the Sibling first throught. Also, in history, we know that the False Desolation was caused by Ba-Ado-Mishram "learning to give forms of power to the singers". I think this is via her becoming a godspren like the Nightwatcher and Stormfather - and thus becoming able to dispense Odium's Investiture just like the Stormfather dispenses stormlight. So I think that's the sequence of events there. Odium becomes a true Rosharan god, now his tone is one of the three pure tones of Roshar, B-A-M becomes a godspren, and thus becomes connected to all the other spren. Then she starts using her godspren powers to give out forms of power and voidlight, gets gem-trapped, which now leaves all spren without a connection to Roshar since one of their three godspren is trapped and disconnected.