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  1. Well, you can add that to the list of reasons to exercise and diet every noe and then to stay more healthy. #BrandonSandersonStrengthensMyWillToLive
  2. Also from the same series, the song Let's Just Live reminds me of Kaladin during his Way of Kings character arc. Maybe not as much as the previous one makes me think of Ruin but there are several parts that resonate with me there: Let's Just Live
  3. I agree. Personally, I am partial about this piece of art that reminds me of Ruin: Divide It's technically the theme song for the Big Bad of the RWBY series but if you switch the singer from her to Ruin and imagine he is singing to Preservation, it sounds remarkably fitting, especially if you also imagine the main characters like Vin, Elend, and Kelsier as Preservation's allies/agents to better match the lyrics. The result is a very ominous song about an extinction level event, just like Ruin likes it! Enjoy!
  4. Interesting. Are all of them Cosmere related fics?
  5. Rust and ruin! Fifth Heightening?! Talk about an insidious plot carried out in secrecy, Rubix... I am impressed.
  6. I see. Well, here is the link to part 1 if you ever decide to give it a shot: https://www.graphicaudiointernational.net/the-stormlight-archive-1-the-way-of-kings-1-of-5.html Yeah, the producers broke this one down in 5 parts to get content released faster since Stormlight books are so long. The site has new discount promotions every week though so that can reduce the extra costs like the current 25% discount off everything. Their Cosmere productions are worth every penny even without that though. Let me know if you have any format questions. As for your Glossary, I have to say I am impressed with your dedicated thoroughness despite just beginning the book. Very well done so far!
  7. Anyway, welcome to the Shard! Hope you enjoy your time here!
  8. Ahhh, I remember when I first started The Way of Kings. Quite the epic journey. Though, I am pretty sure the already incredible tale was made even more fantastic for me by reading it at the same time I was listening to its full cast audio drama of mindblowing production values. There were plenty of scenes that were enhanced due to that and come to think of it, this audiobook from Graphic Audio will probably fit your style of slow reading to understand everything better and write your glossaries; not to mention help you understand how to pronounce some of the stranger made up words. Have you heard of this audiobook production?
  9. Wow. And here I thought that Warbreaker breath reference was as far as it got with that soul joke. Rubix, don't tell me you intend to claim your property later on with Hemalurgic spikes. That would be mean.
  10. Well, then allow me to bring you good news. There IS an audiobook for Secret History (and 2 other Mistborn short stories) that you can check out. https://www.graphicaudiointernational.net/mistborn-secret-history-the-eleventh-metal-and-allomancer-jak-and-the-pits-of-eltania.html Only, it is not from audible but from Graphic Audio. The main difference between those companies is that Graphic audio focuses on quality over quantity. You see, they hire different professional voice actors for every main character and most secondary characters so the voices are really distinctive. Not to mention well acted. I remembered being so engrossed when I first listen to Final Empire not just because of the amazing story but because of how much I loved the performances of pretty much everybody but especially for Kelsier, Breeze, and Sazed. They also compose an original soundtrack for their audiobook adaptations that make the scenes in Mistborn more intense and epic and also have special sound effects. Also important to note is that while the GA adaptations have a few hours less of content than the audible counterparts they are not actually abridged. More like, some sound effects allow them to summarize some text (like, say, the sounds of horses running making it unnecessary to narrate every detail from that moment) which speeds up the production and when characters have their dialogue it never ends with the narrator finishing their sentences with things like "he said" before the other character replies. So, the essence isn't lost at all despite being a little shorter. I thoroughly recommend this option for you. Every Cosmere story in Graphic audio has fantastic production values so they would also be great alternatives for you if you ever want to reread the Cosmere in the future. I am particularly fond of Warbreaker and the Stormlight Archives among their other Cosmere productions. But for now I really hope you like this and if you give it a shot, I hope you let me know what you thought at some point. Happy binge listening!
  11. So, I guess I will begin by giving an example of one of my fanfiction ideas and share some of its points. Working title: The Lord Ruler: Slayer of Kings and Gods It would be a Lord Ruler fanfic split into three main parts/chapters where the point of divergence is that he actually won at the end of Final Empire and will now get another chance to hold the power at the Well of Ascension. My ideas began as a thought experiment where I was imagining ways to kill a Shard without becoming one. While I think it's still debatable as to whether or not my fanfic method would work, I am convinced that if the Lord Ruler could have tried something like this then he would have gotten closer than any non-Shard entity shown so far given the circumstances. Okay, here it goes: After getting rid of Vin and the rebellion, it wouldn't be long before his next opportunity to pick up the power at the Well of Ascension. Also, we know from a WoB that: the first time Rashek held the power he was able to reach out into the Cosmere far enough to figure out his people weren't alone in the universe but due to all the things he needed to course-correct in Scadrial he didn't have the time to look very far. But if he could have endured the thousand year wait to become a sliver again, I suspect he would have tried a lot harder to learn more of the other Shardworlds, world hopping and most likely a way to finish off Ruin once and for all because he would know that Ruin remains the biggest existential threat to both his planet and himself. So, let's say that in this alternate timeline where TLR lived to hold the power another day, he learned through his temporary near omniscience that it would be too difficult for him under his circumstances to take over another Shard. He would then try to look for a way to kill Ruin with more conventional means and that's when he learns of Nightblood in Nalthis, a blade that can cut through all three realms and eats investiture. With his rapidly expanding mind he plots his new plan and discovers what he needs to do to get to Nalthis and back and how to better connect the magic systems of Biochroma and Allomancy through Duralumin Feruchemy, as it has been confirmed that can also change one's Spiritual connection to a planet, which can help worldhoppers with magic systems. Once he gets there, he overpowers Vasher and takes the blade that can cut through all three realms. Then, he would need to find a way to coerce the God King Susebron into giving him his massive amount of breaths. Once the mighty Lord Ruler gets a giant power boost as he reaches the 10th heightening, he returns to the place of the Well of Ascension with Nightblood in tow. Now, this is the key part to make any of this scenario even remotely plausible. We know Ruin is trapped in the well. Not weak of course but his powers are contained, maybe even to the point he would be unable to directly fight back against Rashek although I am not so sure about that point. Regardless, now the Lord Ruler has both Nightblood and the treasure trove of breaths. His new power source is very important, as the 10th heightening could plausibly allow him to properly sense where around the vicinity his blade should strike right before attacking the restrained Ruin with Nightblood. After all, the well would disappear from the naked eye not long after becoming a Sliver again. If it's not enough, maybe he could compound on his tin simultaneously to heavily increase his 5 senses even more. Then, once he would be able to see where to direct his blow through combined, high tier powers of the magic systems, he could compound on his vast Peweter reserves for strength while simultaneously directing his compounding of Duralumin to ensure Nightblood would eat through all 50,000+ breaths at once in a single, shattering blow against Ruin. Now, would actually work? I am not entirely sure, but it is the most plausible scenario I can think of to take down a shard without becoming one, based on what we currently have in the Cosmere. Regardless, this fanfiction plotline is open to anyone here that wants to take a crack at it, or just take inspiration from it for another story. Please let me know if you end up using it though, as I would like to read your take on this.
  12. Hello everyone. I thought it might be neat to add a forum section for the distribution of fanfiction ideas and requests. By that, I mean that if some of you are like me and have some ideas that you think would make interesting Cosmere-centric fanfics but lack the time to write them in the foreseeable future, then maybe we could find a fellow fan that would have the time to write but is still looking for a cool idea to write a fanfic about. In other words, the point of this forum would be to discuss these potential fanfic ideas so that we can help each other bring these stories to the light of day. I hope this helps fuel our collective creativity.
  13. Didn't he also said he was teaming up with one of his old students to finish the Alcatraz series?
  14. I personally would be Full feruchemist but probably not for the reasons you think. You see, I am historical tour guide so the idea of filling tons of different aspects of Panamanian history into my copperminds and then accessing them at will for tours, classes and more would be amazing, and really useful in my line of work.
  15. Heh, I wish. But you know, I actually wrote down some extra stuff I would like to see in the show since that older post. Here it is if you are interested: 1. More of Iroh's backstory. Pretty self explanatory. I just want to see an episode that truly focuses of his younger days even if they still have to show scenes in the present day. Having an appearance by Lu-ten and getting to see their close relationship would also be a bonus. 2. A bigger role for Suki: One of my favorite characters and I think an undervalued extra member of the group. 3. More background for Ozai: As much as I liked the climax of the series and his role in it, the man was more of a walking plot device than a fully developed character despite the fact they had three seasons to work with him and much reason for hype leading up to the series finale. And as controversial as Legend of Korra ended up being with part of the fandom, I have to admit they did a better job developing their excellent villains and their reasons for following the ideologies that fueled their convictions, especially with Zaheer, Amon and Kuvira. I think the producers would do well to learn from the things they improved upon in Legend of Korra now that they have the benefit of hindsight, especially if they intend to add extra content in the live action seasons. 4. A secondary spirit antagonist: This option may seem less valid if they don’t intend to expand the content but if they do, it might make an excellent original side plot. I know Ozai and Sozin's comet will still be the main conflict no matter what{at least, as far as we know}, but what if they upped the ante a bit by saying that Ozai's victory will pave the way for darker, more otherworldy things. I'm talking Koh or some of the other malevolent spirits working behind the scenes to make things harder, attacking the Gaang outright and whatever else is needed to make their own plans for the world a reality. And there is precedence in the franchise to have that make sense. After all, the world and, by extension, the Spirit World went out of balance when Sozin exterminated the Air Nomads and Ozai was going to orchestrate his own genocidal plan for the Earth Kingdom if Aang hadn’t stopped him. Take that, add the fact that Admiral Zhao probably enraged a large chunk of the Spirit World’s population when he almost destroyed the ancient Moon Spirit for good, and I can see the more ambitious spirits taking a more active role in retaliation. 5. Korra foreshadowing: Let's say that Vaatu is the reason for the actions of the spirits I mentioned above and maybe, just maybe, Aang is shown a bit of what his successor will have to go through with the help of the Tree of Time and made to believe that things will be smoother if he makes a pre-emptive strike now and not let her worry about it later; only to realize later on that he will still have to leave it in the hands of a future generation because Harmonic Convergency is still 70 years away, and so Aang gets back to the present problems he needs to solve instead of being tricked into straying from his path . This one's probably asking a lot, but who knows? 6. A cameo by Dante Bosco: Because why not? 7. A more Avatar Kyoshi centric episode full of interesting flashbacks during the Avatar Day re-imagined version, just as we got an Avatar Rooku-centric episode in Book 3 of the animated series. Moreover, by the time they get around to filming that episode, the first few books of the upcoming Kyoshi series that will deal with her rise to power should already be published so they would have more canon lore to work with by the time they get to that episode than at the time they produced Book 2 episode 5 over 10 years ago.