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  1. As far as purifying investiture goes, might what Navani did in RoW with the lights be “purifying” then. I think that when Navani put the stormlight in a vacuum so it couldn’t hear the original tones, she was breaking the Connection between the investiture and the shard so that the investiture was able to be changed. This could potentially be one way to “purify” investiture
  2. When Wayne burned bendalloy with duralumin at the the end, did he have to keep burning it the whole time the bubble was up or did it all burn up instantly and than create a bubble that lasted for a set amount of time? I’m guessing it had to be the second option because if he had to been burning the duralumin when he burned steel to push the barrel he would have duralumin pushed the barrel and use all his steel reserves not saving any for the other barrels.