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  1. Great! Thank you for the quick answers
  2. I was asked how tall kaladin was and it got me thinking do they ever talk about units of measurement in the book I can't seem to recall...
  3. This might be super random but ever since i changed my league summoner name to I Hate Moash i have met a good amount of fellow fans of Brandon Sanderson. We had been talking abnout what would be some super cool league skins based off charaters (Not that it would ever happen but it is fun to think them up!) two we came up with! Mistborn rakan and xayah skins. They just remind me so much of vin anf elend Bridge Four Xin skin, Also BrightLord Garren or Darius
  4. Yes please! i will report them now!
  5. Yea..I had trouble uploading and it seems the titles got messed up. Fixed :3
  6. Hello! I accidentally added stormlight cosplay photo in the art gallery. Can I fix it or even how do I delete images? Sorry about this and thanks in advance for the help
  7. Shallan cosplay
  8. I would say the arena space would be a city. A open space would give kal a unfair advantage I think. Please say why you think who!
  9. I will be going with a friend! I am going with my shallan cosplay and my friend is vin! I think i saw someone else might be cosplaying. If it is ok with you we should meet up and take a selfie together!
  10. I was talking with a friend about this and i was curious what other people thought! I have only read mistborn first era but feel free to do the other mistborn books too! the three i can think of is- Sazed-BondSmith Vin-EdgeDancer Kelsier - Windrunner feel free to explain why
  11. From the album Shallan Cosplay!

  12. From the album Shallan Cosplay!