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  1. When your friend notes how blue magic = gravity manipulation (in Undertale, I guess) and you have to fight to not lose your mind again! (Again, as in, the first time was when she mentioned glowing eyes that indicate usage of power.)
  2. I find it prudent to warn Luna that my nails haven't been filed in some weeks and extend the offer to repeal her last statement from existence.
  3. Granted. Instead, they run away. What gives you the impression that my friends like to feel my socks periodically? I wish that I had a portable closet (or some kind of portal device) to hide in when I don't want to be in public anymore.
  4. If I had fur, it would be bristling; if I had a tail, it would be straight up. I growl at the green creature, gathering myself like a feline.
  5. I casually step forward to catch the snickerdoodle in my teeth.
  6. Unfortunately, the Nightwatcher doesn't have a username, nor a legal name, so you are granted an extra wish. The Nightwatcher is feeling generous today. I wish that I could mentally control the temperature of my socks.
  7. I crack my right-hand knuckles against the other palm and my left-hand knuckles against my jaw.
  8. I hiss in frustration at being denied a snickerdoodle and glare dangerously at Luna.
  9. You guys, my actual soul is primarily made of cat souls.
  10. I approach and search for the source of the snickerdoodle.
  11. Granted! They see you as a hideous monster and proceed to kill you - or at least try. I wish that I had the technology to allow someone else to experience (at least see, hear, and feel) my dreams, and also that there is someone else to share and discuss them with.
  12. game

    Confused Llamas Are In Mainly Tropical Ecosystems. Some Talk About Rainforest Seasons. HAPPY DECEMBER
  13. From the great blue sky came the whistle of a falling bombshell. The sight of a massive mushroom cloud rising was a moment in coming, but all would know of it.
  14. I won, but did I lose?