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  1. I haven't finished the whole season yet, but so far it's been really good and like most people am a sucker for dragons! I am way more impressed with this series compared to Rings of Power, which kinda fell flat for me? I love to hear others opinions!
  2. That represents perfectly how I imagined the Fused to look! And the long fluttering gowns! I love it! Amazing!
  3. I love Brandon's YouTube updates and channel and it's great that he finds the time to reply!
  4. The cover looks amazing!!! After my Mistborn reread, I am extra hyped!
  5. That looks just like how I imagined Sixth of the Dusk would look like!
  6. Fantastic!!!!
  7. Amazing! I love it!
  8. Both covers look awesome! Especially Lost Metal! I love the detail of the shield with the Harmonium crest on it! It is perfect! The UK covers always looks fire though!
  9. That sounds awesome! I would love some reread companions! Especially with all new Cosmere coming out!
  10. I think I'm going to let myself be completely surprised and not read the free chapters. I want that experience to be saved till I get the books! I'm excited though!
  11. This man is a machine!
  12. Hallo! Today i made empanadas and took a nap. Then I'm to get ready for a birthday Zoom meetup and delve back into Ringworld! Hope all are doing well and having a good day!
  13. Ok so how I interpreted the epilogue is that T-Odium (Taravangian/Odium) was trying to hide that he wasn't in fact Rayse as the thoughtful ponderings/questions were very unlike Rayse's personality and we can presume that Hoid is very knowledgeable and aware of Rayse's personality and quirks. It seemed to me that Hoid was questioning and perhaps if given a moment longer would have realized that Odium had changed Vessel's. And perhaps Taravangian isn't quite ready for himself to be known yet? We do know he is a schemer, perhaps he has planned out this eventuality through the Diagram and further cemented his plans during his Ascension? But I am a slow Hoid and it takes me a reread or two to get things. Either way neat interpretations!
  14. Oh my Storms! These are amazing! Thanks for this thread! You all are amazing!
  15. Shallan would totally steal the Statue of Liberty and Adolin would bring all his swords. Spoiler that's the plot of SA 5.
  16. I wish I could upvote the same post more than once!
  17. Awesome! Thank for being so thoughtful! And thanks to everyone who works and edits the Coppermind! You guys are great!
  18. Oh my goodness Rhythm of War hit me so hard! Spoilers... Needless to say reading it was almost like a fever dream, but in a fantastically glorious way.
  19. This is amazing! Y'all are awesome! This is truly wonderful! And heh, that Moash comment though.....oh the shade!
  20. For me personally I use and enjoy my leatherbounds. I like to think of the leatherbounds as a luxury or pleasure purchase. My rule of thumb is for any luxury or pleasure purchase to wait on it for a week or two to see if this isn't an implies buy or whatnot. Then I think if I shell out $100+ will I regret it? Will I look at my purchase and think of what else I could've gotten? If the answer is no and you still want it, get it!!!!! Or you can ask for your birthday or the holidays, if you do anything for that. I always have my parents and in laws ask everyone specifically what they want, and this would be something I would put on a short list with cheaper things on it and maybe a leatherbound book. But yeah, WOK leatherbound, if you got if off Kickstarter, is genuine leather. The rest do have leather, I believe it's just not 100% leather, I believe. Either way, that's my two cents.
  21. That looks amazing! I absolutely love the cover art and the art in general for Stormlight! I also wonder if that obsidian block is on the Purelake? Is that the Purelake in Shadesmar? Like the whole picture? Either way I love it!
  22. Yeah I am simultaneously shocked and yet not as to how fast the Kickstarter got funded. I am so excited!
  23. I absolutely cannot wait and thanks so much Brandon for being an amazing superhuman!
  24. I am so excited! I am in the middle of another SA reread to get back into Roshar! And that art is absolutely droolworthy. I am also excited to get more into the mind of Navani, unwrap her motives and mind so to speak.