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  1. The lead dog was named, Balto. They had a jolly time romping about with the sled and snow. Uncle Brandy was not having a good time as he forgot his brandy and jacket.
  2. Uncle Brandy was giggling in the corner as he had a whole bunch of stray dogs follow him as he had his pockets filled with bacon.
  3. Surprisingly so, the crown however was not. It was horribly itchy.
  4. Low key, can't wait for that prononciation casting podcast !
  5. So Butt strutted himself throughout the party and talked to all the important people in a bid for the throne.
  6. Now everyone was Annoyed with each other and luaus. Tien joins the Annoyance Luau.
  7. Hoid brought Lightweavers and Fire Dancers with some drinks.
  8. Then everyone had a luau.
  9. whattheHoid humbly called into vote the ban of the word 'unrelevant' as it isn't a word.
  10. Since Gancho insisted on the use of the word 'unrelevant,' grammar and sentence structure gone bad fastly. Butt sick chipmunk diesed.
  11. So Chipmunk roasted No and Yes and promptly ate them and remembered them forever as a tasty meal.
  12. The twins then started to cheer, "Ark! Ark! Stay Alive! If you can't do it, no one can!" The twins weren't the best cheerleaders.
  13. And a yellow and green ribbon on their heads.
  14. The dresses were always a shade of blue.
  15. "A goat saved is a goat earned." - Benjamin Goatlin