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  1. Sensible even
  2. Now you lose.
  3. Hoid looked around confused and decided to have a dance off with Adolin instead.
  4. Lucius Malfoy strutted around with his perfect hair.
  5. *but loses title to Hoid*
  6. Manky cats
  7. As did Hoid
  8. lgbtq+

    Hey all! So I may be Hoid and bisexual and married, so I may not have had the experiences or hardships that people may have had in the past or now, but I just want to let you all know Hoid loves all y'all and be awesome and fabulous and remember to live life for yourself! And don't let people or petty words bring you down! Also....rainbow filter? Is this something I can do on mobile?
  9. He even found some guac to dip it in.
  10. Kelsier heard all of Axe's thoughts and gave him a spike to help out.
  11. He had started selling merchandise with the words "Survive This!" on it.
  12. *wins lesser*
  13. Lift came flying in on pancake saucers.
  14. Butt Farted in the rubble of the fourth wall.