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  1. Yeah I am simultaneously shocked and yet not as to how fast the Kickstarter got funded. I am so excited!
  2. I absolutely cannot wait and thanks so much Brandon for being an amazing superhuman!
  3. I am so excited! I am in the middle of another SA reread to get back into Roshar! And that art is absolutely droolworthy. I am also excited to get more into the mind of Navani, unwrap her motives and mind so to speak.
  4. Tier 3! I hope I don't miss this, I'll have to set an alarm!
  5. Storms! That art is amazing! I absolutely love the rich world building that Brandon does and I also love how beautifully complemented all that is with such gorgeous art!
  6. Ooh what about.... M is for Marasi V is for Vanishers W is for Wacky Wayne And yeah X ...... Man I'm drawing a blank
  7. Finding the true Easter eggs. It's all part of Brandon's Master plan. Shhhhhhhh
  8. I hope that animals especially cute and floofy ones brighten up your day @StanLemon and everyone else on the Shard!
  9. Personally I think Brandon could do it, but I wouldn't want him to overextend himself. I actually thought when I first read Mistborn that is would make an amazing video game. I was thinking like open world type, basically like the Witcher games but Mistborn. But whatever he wants to do, I'll always check it out. But my first love of Brandon's are his books and they always will be.
  10. Well hello all. Around December I got a dog and her name is MeLaan, which is why I thought this would be the correct place to put this. She is floofy, borfs lots, and digs holes everywhere, EVERYWHERE. She also likes the pussycats, like mine Simba. So while y'all are stuck inside or considered an essential worker. Please enjoy and relax with a cute MeLaan. Stay safe everyone! P.s. bonus MeLaan and her bestie Argo, the kangaroo doggo.
  11. Oh! There's Hoid! Neat!
  12. Yes I am sooo excited!! Roshar here I come!!!!!!!
  13. Oh My that Nalthis chart is gorgeous! Isaac has seriously ruined other maps for me. He is amazing. And I think they misspelled Vax as Cognitive anomaly.