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  1. era 3

    Freyja went outside the lair to procure some coffee and on the way she ran into someone familiar. "Eh? Jacien? Hey what are you doing round these parts?" Asked Freyja. @Sunbringer
  2. Dalinar United the bullets into one and pushed it back to them.
  3. I can kill you with my sweet winning streak. See, I'm winning, again!
  4. Dalinar, also known as DadShard, broke up the group as their mournful shooting was keeping the neighbors up.
  5. Butt Venture came in with Elend Venture, no relation and both Fartomancied all over Trump.. He sizzled.
  6. era 3

    Freyja walked up to Bella. "Hey-O! Ain't that the guy I whalloped with a pocket watch!? Up top!" Said Freyja cheerfully, hand raised in the air. "Just so you know, you ever make me go into a room with crying love birds in there. I'll unleash the beast! That was sooo awkward and the coffee wasn't that good. Permission to steal some delicious coffee? For morale?" Asked Freyja. @Ark1002
  7. I pay money to see that movie!
  8. Uncle Brandy spilled vodka on him.
  9. era 3

  10. Butt Venture came with the spirit of his dead Fartomancer Master and Farted in their general direction which made General Direction very happy as he had a grudge against the Ghanderflaffles.
  11. "With great power comes great pancakes." -Lift
  12. Odium came by and further shattered the stars alignment till the whole Cosmere came out of alignment. Still even this could not shake the love or caresses shared between Renarin, Kaladin and whattheHoid.
  13. You're a wizard, Anakin. -Frankenstein
  14. In the midst of all the chaos, in came Kaladin Stormblessed gazing tenderly at whattheHoid and Renarin. The stars aligned and passionspren rose up. Angelic music sprang from seemingly nowhere and everywhere.
  15. Mine is Sapphire and coincidentally, I looove Windrunners! Especially one in particular! Further proof the Cosmere exists!