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  1. Oh My that Nalthis chart is gorgeous! Isaac has seriously ruined other maps for me. He is amazing. And I think they misspelled Vax as Cognitive anomaly.
  2. Happy birthday!

    1. Archer


      What he said! But in an even more excited manner! 

    2. Arcc1002


      ooh little bit late but happy birthday Hoid!

      I hope you become active on the shard again, because I can't interact with you on discord anymore!

  3. I am sooo excited!! I hope and can't wait to see more of Szeth and Renarin viewpoints! And of course Adolin and Maya. Did I mention I was EXCITED!?
  4. Where are you?! You’be been gone a long time!

  5. Really neat theory! But I don't think Kaladin will take up Honor's shard? Although he was able to part the wind and gloryspren came round him. Also the Stormfather calls him son of Tanavast? He doesn't call anyone else that which leads me to believe Kaladin is more than just a Windrunner? Perhaps he will get a chance to become like a Herald? I dunno, I am just spit balling here. And I agree Kaladin will recognize Vyre but I think with his progression of ideals he will have learned to harden himself as he can't protect everyone.
  6. Sensible even
  7. Now you lose.
  8. Hoid looked around confused and decided to have a dance off with Adolin instead.
  9. Lucius Malfoy strutted around with his perfect hair.
  10. *but loses title to Hoid*
  11. Manky cats
  12. lgbtq+

    Hey all! So I may be Hoid and bisexual and married, so I may not have had the experiences or hardships that people may have had in the past or now, but I just want to let you all know Hoid loves all y'all and be awesome and fabulous and remember to live life for yourself! And don't let people or petty words bring you down! Also....rainbow filter? Is this something I can do on mobile?