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  1. Hehe, I like your name!

    1. TruthlessofShinovar


      Whoops, haha! I remember being surprised no one had used this name before.

  2. To make it simple, there's two series and two standalones. Mistborn and Stormlight Archive are the series, Elantris and Warbreaker are the standalones. As long as you read the books in a series in sequence, feel free to jump wherever you want! I would say read some blurbs and see which one strikes your fancy, as they're all great but different
  3. Just a heads up - the third volume of White Sand now has a cover, plot description, and release date of June 25, 2019 over at Amazon! And I think it's the best cover of the three. Check it:
  4. Might just read this because it's free and it's Sanderson. Though I have never played Magic and know nothing about the lore. Might do a tad of research...
  5. The 17 Valar seem quite similar to the 16 Shards in some ways. And the Hoid = Tom Bombadil connection is so incredible that it'll be my head-canon next time I pick up LOTR.
  6. I may be wrong but I think Brandon's Instagram story said it was the last batch of chapters...
  7. Hi! No release dates have been confirmed but here's what Brandon has been saying: Wax and Wayne 4 - somewhere around 2019-2021. Stormlight novella: Wandersail - 2019 Stormlight 4 - 2020 The third part of the White Sand graphic novel is probably next year as well. To keep up to date I would say check Brandon Sanderson's twitter page, the News section of this site, or even the Arcanum section (which collects everything Brandon says at signings and events). Hope this helps!
  8. Somewhere on Reddit he strongly implied a 2019 release for Wandersail. I remember him saying something along the lines of "I'll work on Wandersail while writing Stormlight 4 so you can get some Stormlight content before 2020". I would assume this also implies he trying for a 2020 release for SL4...
  9. Hmm, that's a good topic. I love most of Brandon's major characters, but I've never really been attached to Vivenna for some reason. Even Shallan, my favorite character, I didn't love back in TWOK.
  10. Great theory! (Sorry for posting on an old thread.) I would say much of this is spot-on because most of this can be found in Japanese folklore/mythology. Nice finds!
  11. Wow! Interesting (and hilarious) post. No, that sort of thing rarely happens to me, but I think a few things may be intentional. Such as the "Honor Is Dead" chapter title in The Way of Kings that takes on multiple meanings (honor as a concept, and Honor as a Shard). Though, the saying "throwing up" in relation to tossing something upward always puts a nasty image in my head as well
  12. Haha, thanks Calderis!
  13. I'm curious if anyone has ever made a Knights Radiant personality test/quiz, based on the 10 orders - something similar to those Harry Potter house quizzes. I think it would be really cool to try
  14. I literally cannot tell you how excited I am for this.
  15. This is great speculation! However, I think Mistborn is a safe bet for what they'd start with. It's easily his most mainstream and popular work, and probably has the most name recognition. It's what studios want in a opening film: built-in fanbase, name recognition, not overly complicated, standalone with immediate sequel potential, etc. Unfortunately, I don't see Elantris or Warbreaker getting picked up until: a) the Cosmere gets traction as a major cinematic universe, with a one or two successful releases, and b) Brandon releases his sequels. I think with The Stormlight Archive, what I think would work best as an adaptation is each book as a mini-series of three 90-minute episodes. Despite a shorter running time, I think that would work better for the structure of the story then ten 45-minute episodes à la other big-budget television. However, if you strip down each Stormlight book into major events, story beats, and character arcs, each one is relatively compact - dense and detailed, but straightforward. I think they could work as films without being completely squandered. Kaladin and Dalinar's stories in book 1 are great and cinematic, and complement each other. Although, I think Shallan's book 1 story is so brief and disconnected, it could be moved to the beginning of a more Shallan-centric Words of Radiance, and have Kaladin/Dalinar appear a bit later into the film.