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  1. If your name isn't Alicia, then what is it?

    1. My name is not Alicia

      My name is not Alicia

      It's also not Elijah. 

  2. Woot! My thanks to Chaos.
  3. @Nerd3.14159265358979 I guess. I was surprised it let me post.
  4. This is true. I look forward to joining as soon as I have a good character set up.
  5. Perhaps it will allow me to post now that I've cheated. Edit: Wow. Okay then.
  6. I think spiked cookies might cut my mouth. Favorite character...I don't know. Either Lift or Vin. Favorite series...depends on my mood.
  7. Hey. I've read all the Cosmere other than White Sands and Warbreaker. Also, I'm a writer, which you probably can't tell from this awful introduction. My brother made me join. He's literally reading over my shoulder as I write this. He thinks he's hilarious and is currently getting his laptop ready so he can be the first to comment on this. So...he'll probably be the first to comment. I introduced him to Cosmere though (with Mistborn), and by extension Sanderson in general, so I'll accept responsibility for any resultant insanity. he's typing his comment out ahead of time so he can copy and paste. To be clear, I don't accept responsibility for all of his insanity. Yup. I think I'm done now. Cool.