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  1. Ohhh right! Mh. Right, with that in mind, the Southern Scandrials definitely speak some Germanic language family language, I think everyone agrees there. And Allik seems to speak a mix of different languages which exist today in this language family OR different tribes stick to certain languages and had a certain influence on the lore and religion of the SoSc because a) calling Harmony Frue and Herr is definitely high middle ages German (frouwe & hêr) Jaggenmire though, wow... I don't recognize anything there. I tried to find some similar words, no luck so far. Anyway, this looks Nordic to me. c) He is from a place called Wieslow which could be something German
  2. I personally also immediately had the impression that Allik's language is Nordic inspired when I read the book, even if I don't really speak any of these languages. And kudos to you for detailing the words we have!! ....If I may bring in a less serious aspect / the cultural perspective when I read the description of Allik's outfit, I had this in my head.ünchen,_Tracht.jpg I did not unfortunately not find a perfect image, because this traditional costume does actually exist with white socks and red vests with buttons. So, to me, Allik's people will forever be Nordics with Bavarian clothing. The aforementioned "yah"/ja is also used in a lot of languages, as in German, in Estonian, Danish, Dutch, Icelandic, Slovakian.... So it's a cool nod to a lot of European languages, but doesn't necessarily lead further.
  3. Ohhh I see! =D Cool! I guess the books get super heavy at some point, yeah. X*D
  4. True, it was really nice! (You weren't the girl in the mistcloak who was telling me to go read Starsight, were you? =D)
  5. Same haha. Hmm did anyone know beforehand?
  6. Oh really! How did you know that this Q&A session was going to take place? Like, I followed the events page and twitter but didn't get that piece of information
  7. Soo Sadees conquered the known world and overthrew its curret order, much like Dalinar does now (although Dalinar more like goes with the inevitable flow and does his best to steer it). They both have strong ideas and a high motivation. In Dalinar's case, it comes from these visions that make him insist even though he's called a heretic during the first books. Sunmaker could have had the same reason for claiming that the ardents were lying. And he could have either been keeping conquering because his dreams told him to "unite them", OR, actually, because he was driven by the thrill. The Thill also could have rosen or taken control of him in later years? Which would make the whole receiving the Stormfather's visions business kind of hereditary. Interesting theory, OP! I have been wondering what Sunmaker's drive was, as well, but so far I assumed it was his personality.
  8. Same. They share some kind of close soulbond, I think, but no sexual/romantic one. About Lopen - well there IS lots of affection and a naturally close bond of something there. I'm kind of reluctant about assuming that Lopen could be in love with Kaladin. But now that you pointed it out, Im super curious to see what's going to happen!!
  9. @Pagerunner Oh NO, was there a question and answer round?? Or did you simpy ask and record that? (On No because in this case, I HAVE BEEN THERE AND MISSED IT)
  10. Sooooo what if Darkeyes have some Singer's/Dawnate names because their cultures used to be close once? So in the Alethi language, darkeyes names don't mean anything, but in either the ancient version of a human language, or the Singer's language, they actually have a meaning? I mean, in the real world, too, all words and names once had a meaning, they come from somewhere. It's possible that they aren't understood anymore.
  11. OH is this a trend / a reference?? Because one at my place is called BlackNSASurveillanceVan! But you could be wifi Mo'wifi
  12. You write your name and those of your closest friends in glyphs and proudly send them around. Your friends are nice people and actually compliment you on it.
  13. I am soo exciteeeed. Thank you, everyone who worked and works on this!!! :))
  14. Soooooooo I tried to tweak my schedule to somehow get to one of his signings (they are in Berlin, Bonn, München, and Stuttgart, all next week), but I just can't. So I really hope that he'll be back for a Stormlight 4 promotion tour in two years!!! and would like to know: is there someone willing to protocol the Q&A sessions? ------- PS: oh come on. I think the translators worked hard on the books. Translation often means that you just have to decide between several options. I mean, yeah, sometimes the decision is questionable, but how WOULD you translate "spren"? Also, Elant struck me as a weird name when I read the translation of Mistborn (guess who it is...), but, I mean, just leaving him be "Elend" in the German version would give his name a twist that wasn't intended in the original. I don't know about the French version, but just leaving Vin be Vin and not at least chaning her name to "Vinne" would be weird. I guess the translation seminars in university changed my view on all of that, but in general, the German translations really are not bad, guys.
  15. Same here. I was bored, a friend was like "So I am reading this thing about a guy always reading and quoting and old book (aka Dalinar), you can have it of you want" I read WoK and WoR, thrilled and absolutely convinced that these books were intended as a trilogy. I looked up on wikipedia when the third and last volume would come out. I was very surprised to see that a) that would take a while and there would be TEN books. I was like "You are way too enthusiastic about this story already. You can't wait that long. You need to forget this immediately" I did. Then, I started university and grew way too busy to read much, but last year, I saw that Oathbringer is out, and I started my journey across Oathbringer, Warbreaker, Edgedancer, and only this year, I read Legion, The Reckoners, Skyward (and Snapshot). What can I say... Another friend gave me the first Mistborn book, and although I liked it and I am sure that I will like the rest, I haven't touched the other books yet.