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  1. Fellow 17th Shard-ers, I have a favour to ask; I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year and have posted some of the story I'm writing here: I would really appreciate it if you could click on the link because it gets me 'reads' which bumps me up on the 'emerging' page which will help me get more reads, in a lovely and not entirely sensical example of circular logic. More people reading = more feedback on my work, which is really valuable to me, so if you have a spare minute and aren't too annoyed by this blatant link-whoring, please do spare a click for this little lost soul So, please do click; if you want to actually read, that's great, but don't feel obliged. Many thanks x
  2. i'm at loncon today (pm) and tomorrow. ill pm you my no
  3. "LOVE ME" Nightblood's more romantic sister, Heartblood
  4. (source) *sigh*
  5. emphasis mine, but where did it say that? I dont remember that!
  6. We have confirmation from Brandon that Nazh is from Threnody (Shadows for Silence)
  7. PLEAAAASE PM me the answers to any white sand qs also will be hyped to hear any silence divine excerpts
  8. just seen this: an extended version of the jasnah reading!
  9. Just seen this: it's an extended version of the jasnah reading. have amended above!
  10. So at the recent london signing we got some Q's answered and RAFO'd and we also got a new reading which may or may not be in book 3 but is super exciting nonetheless! I figured we need a book 3 readings thread. Readings from Stormlight Archive 3: Stones Unhallowed Jasnah 1 (recorded by me & askthepaperclip, transcribed by WeiryWriter) Link: Also: Kaladin 1 (recorded by, transcribed by WeiryWriter) Link: Reply with links to any new readings and I'll add to the list!
  11. We had a reading and q&a in london. reading transcribed, will post a link to the q&a here: once it's uploaded
  12. We got a few answers at the london signing, link here, plus a new SA3 reading:
  13. YAY! You put the pic as the map of roshar! 4d...3d...2d.... Link to new thread with the reading and our q&a's: Christian, your recording is probably waaaay better plus it has all the questions so let us know when you upload it! Ooh and your lovely missus' photos
  14. audio posted above
  15. Ok! There was a stormlight 3 (Jasnah) reading which will get uploaded. I asked 2 qs: 1) Where is Nazh from? A: Threnody! 2) Could an awakened sentient object (e.g Nightblood ) bond a spren? A: technically but the specific circumstances you would need Would need are so bizarre, in practice no. Here's my audio file: spoiler alert, I think Ivory is meant to have an Indian accent! sorry about the bad quality. I think askthepaperclip has a better quality version plus question recordings Here is Weiry Writer's transcription: Also here's a link to all current SA3 Readings: EDIT: Tor just posted an extended version of the jasnah reading!