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  1. A character named in a church auction and David disputes the hell out of something in the conversation about them. I love it
  2. So theory on the resonance is that it is opposite of the surges. The windrunners surges deal with nature and their resonance people. I think the Skybreakers surges deal with people and their resonance will be with nature. Dustbringers nature and their resonance will deal with people and so on around the ring.
  3. I don’t think they would do red since that was Mistborn. I didn’t think of purple. I was thinking something like white since that has significance in the book.
  4. I know there must be others as excited about this as I am, but do we know what color it’s going to be? For some reason that is one of the things that really excites me for this book.
  5. Let me help with the blood clotting. I have been an icu rn for several years. You have maybe up to 2 hours before the blood is separating on it’s own, I would say closer to an hour. When we are giving blood there are things the blood bank adds to the blood to stop it from clotting. That’s why it’s given with normal saline. But if I use lactated ringers instead of normal saline, there is a thing in the lactated ringers called citrate that will undo what the blood bank has added. With the citrate undoing what the blood bank did, the blood can clot just in the space from the blood bag through the in tubing to the patient. So if there is nothing to stop it from clotting, the blood will clot quickly.
  6. Did anyone else have their kindle Oathbringer update over the past couple days? Anyone know what was being changed? Just typo fixes?
  7. What if the Shin believe stone is sacred because they are from floating cities in Ashyn? They wouldn’t be able to walk on stone in floating cities so it makes sense it would be viewed as sacred there. Their xenophobia could mean they still have memories or beliefs from Ashyn.
  8. Interesting point I didn’t hear discussed, while the Herdazians do have Singer blood, Lopen is not able to see Spren, specifically Syl, like Rock does in Way of Kings.
  9. Anyone else from the shard playing Db Legends? If you are my friend code is: e3rjmaa4
  10. What if the Aimia kept the dawnshards and the last group of radients were denied access? This could be a worthiness issue that is referenced. And the radients tried to force their way to them which caused the scouring and wounded the Sibling.
  11. Rebecca - probably Kelsier. Vasher is a close 2nd though. Barbarian and jorville - thanks.
  12. Vodius - thanks. L&d - Oathbreaker currently, but I’m sure a lot of people say that. Besides Stormlight, I guess Warbreaker? I just keep going back to it thinking it’s going to play a larger role than I initially thought. Archer - I guess something from Roshar? They have lots of fish so I could probably find something there.
  13. Thought I would finally join the shard.