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  1. Silas sat and waited, sipping again from his drink. He was surprised that the other Radiant was questioning Tyrian instead of him, but he was content, as he'd had much time in the spotlight, even more so in his last life than this one. What an interesting time that was, being young and beautiful. And dangerous. Silas was not the man that he used to be, not anymore. Silas kicked back and downed he rest of his drink in a single go, then looked out at the rest of the gathering crowd.
  2. "Indeed we do, my compatriot," Silas said, using a small knife to trim his fingernails while appearing to wholly ignore the everyone around him, including the bartender setting down an odd drink in front of him. Silas took a swig and set the drink down on the table with down-turned lips. "What do you say we continue onward with our business and leave them to theirs. Which, obviously, they have, and, if they're any wiser than they look, they'll know to give us some space." @Sorana @Ashbringer
  3. Silas sat down at the bar, spun around in his chair, and then waited for Tyrian to join him. "Try and order quickly, as there are some things I'd like to show you upstairs, and I dislike being in public." @Sorana @Ashbringer
  4. Silas Sent himself now to a position behind Tyrian's head. "You present me with two choices. I can make my little friend finish you off, or I can take you out for a drink while we discuss this like civilized folks. Not that either of us are, but it's nice to pretend sometimes." Silas crouched down and smiled, all the while focusing on creating a humanoid form out of Night.
  5. Silas laughed, a clear and melodious tone. "You think that it'd be that easy? That you could just swing a sickle at me and it would all be over?" Silas now said this from a different location, a few feet in the air above Tyrian, a solid shell of darkened Amberite coating his body and a giant hammer in his hands, swinging down towards Tyrian.
  6. Silas stared as the sickle and the man wielding it came ever closer to him, and then at the last moment, he tipped his hat and smiled. Silas Sent himself a few feet behind Tyrian and then used as many tentacles of Night Ashe could to wrap around Tyrian's legs and ankles. "Please, do consider reconsidering."
  7. "I think that you misunderstood my statement, which I can't blame you for, as I didn't exactly say what I meant." Silas stretched as maroon crystals began to spread down his arms and shadows reached towards him. "You will join us, regardless of status. Alternatively, you can die."
  8. "The proposition comes not from me, but from my employers. They've noticed that you are a man of many talents, specifically those related to ending the lives of those who stand in your way." Silas stood up and dropped the now-empty teacup on the ground, the brittle china shattering in an instant. "We would be most honored if you would join our ranks."
  9. Silas swirled his coffee as he lounged in his chair and listened to the telltale swish of the door opening, with the subsequent light, stalking steps of the Servant and the heavier steps of Tyrian. "Now, Tyrian, before you make an attempt to kill me, I'll have you know that I only left for the purpose of getting dressed, because I cannot in good conscience make a business proposition dressed in a straightjacket." @Ashbringer
  10. Silas sat on a balcony overlooking the rowdy partying in the streets below, leaning back in his chair and sipping slowly from a cup of coffee. He waved his hand and calling his Servant forward, a thin and limber construct with a sharp mask walking forward. "Search the streets and bring me the man who is called Tyrian, my rescuer." The Servant nodded, and walked away, the face on its mask whirling and changing from that of a human to that of a hound, shoulders widening and back curling downwards into a stalking pose. * * * * * * * * However long later, the Servant approached Tyrian, extended a long arm and pointed at him, saying, "You. Come. You. Silas needs." @Ashbringer
  11. OK JAZZ CLUB TIME So over on the Discord, we've had a discussion about whether the club would be a location with its own thread, or if it would be something that would be able to exist between threads (thus placing it on the same level of reality as the Worldspike), or just both. But as for the club itself, the name of the club is currently undecided, but it'll have live jazz performances in one side of the first level, with a few floors going up after that (ambient jazz quietly diffusing all levels) and it'll be the most snootily expensive place ever (caviar and cognac, for example (not together (I hope))). Can't afford these meals that'll cost you an arm and a leg? We'll have alternative payment methods. Want to pay in money anyways? You'll be able to start a tab (with atrocious interest, of course). Want to ignore money existing and purchase whatever you want regardless of cost? Go ahead, it's what we all do already. It might be a little bit more fun, however, to work out alternative payment deals or stuff like that. But that's besides the point, as we haven't even decided how the club will exist. POLL POLL POLL POLL POLL POLL POLL v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v
  12. Silas walked down a bustling street, wide-brimmed hat pulled low over his face, deftly stepping between the crowds of people, nodding, winking, and making little finger gun gestures at some of them, twirling and flourishing his long coat that fell above his mid-calf boots. "What're ya doin', ya crazy fool? There ain't no one on this street but you an' me," said a drunk lying on a bench. "Oh, I know we're alone," Silas answered, the figures around him fading away, "but I like to do this sometimes." "Who're ya lookin' at, son?" "No one much, just me a few hundred times," Silas explained. "Do I be one of ya too, boy?" "Maybe, so I guess this won't be too much of a crime." A startled expression came upon the drunk's face as Silas vanished and appeared next to him. "Say, why're ya dressed like that?" the drunk asked, fear creeping into his eyes. "Well, for two reasons. The first is that my natural villainous flair demands it, and the second is so that I can do this." Silas whipped open his coat, and long whips of shadows shot out, wrapping around the drunk's limbs and lifting him into the air, his face right in front of Silas's. Silas smiled, and then, from the shadows of his hat, a single sharp blade shot out, cleaving the man's head open right down the bridge of his nose. The corpse fell to the ground, and Silas leaped up into the air, grabbing the side of a building. The Amberite armor that was concealed underneath his coat pulsed with light, and Silas Sent himself back to the van, watching the scene from a few meters away. @tbh idk who to tag because i've been kinda absent lately so i guess people i need to tag or something
  13. Silas stood up, the chain attaching his ankle to the bench rattling. "Alrighty, kids, today I've prepared for you a special sequence of a few magic tricks, all right in a row. Are you ready?" Silas tried to gesture to his crowd with his arms, stuck in the straight-jacket as they were. "Make sure to watch closely, or you might just miss them!" Silas shot a huge growth of smoky Amberite up his arm, ripping through the aluminum gauntlet and freeing both of his arms. It then continued along his body to form a suit of spiky armor, which also broke the chain off of its anchor on the bench. Silas strained his mind, and the shadows inside and around the van began to lengthen, and with them he formed a tentacle of solid Night, grabbing the Leecher and pulling him towards Silas. "And now, for the finale of tonight's show. Before I leave, I'd like to thank you all for being such a great audience, and I'd like to give a special shout-out to my valiant rescuer over there, because none of this would have been possible without your help. Thank you, and good night!" Silas grabbed the Leecher tight, and then used the power of his Night Bond to Send both of them away. @Ashbringer @Rushu42 @mathiau @Sorana
  14. Silas looked at the people who had broken into the already broken-into van, and began to push against the aluminum coating on his arm with his Aether.
  15. Silas woke up again and looked at the chaos that had unfolded inside of the van, and smiled. He then looked at the man about to kill his least favorite captor, and un-smiled. "Hey, I'd appreciate it if you didn't kill that guard, O valiant rescuer of mine. Side note, do you have a hacksaw or something?" @Ashbringer