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  1. “I possess many abilities, but the question is not what you I can do, but what I must do.” Caebdar shrugs and walks in a small circle. “Yes. Tell me what you need done.” @Sorana @Nathrangking
  2. Tut'Kor'Anuumo shrugged. “I don’t exactly work with things like that. Again, if my other half were in my place, things would be different. I’ll see if we can switch spots.” ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Caebdar blinked, a conversation between him and Tut’Kor’Anuumo passing in less than a second. “I fear that I may be required to leave you for the moment, Barbados. However, I will leave my other half in my stead.” In a stomach twisting bend of reality, Tut’Kor’Anuumo and Caebdar’s places are swapped. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Caebdar stepped out of where Tut’Kor’Anuumo had previously stood. “Hello, young ones. It seems that there has been an exchange in persons.” @Darth Woodrack @Nathrangking @Sorana
  3. Talas shrugged. “The manor, likely. And from there, at least for me, the Tea Garden.”
  4. Talas stood, Nectar in his arms and holding the hands of Asa. “Well, now I just need my food and then we’re all set to leave.” @Arcc1002 @Sherlock Holmes
  5. @Darth Woodrack
  6. Caebdar and Tut'Kor'Anuumo closed their eyes in sync with each other. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ They opened their eyes, their minds going to a flat, endless plain with reflective floor and ceiling. The sounds of smooth jazz, crackling electricity, and breaking rocks echoed in the distance. "How goes it? What have they decided?" "Nothing incredibly outrageous. Yet. However, I do believe that they may do something of the sort soon." "That is ill news. Do everything you can to stop them from taking this course of action." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "The other group seems to be considering making some rash decisions." @Darth Woodrack @Ark1002 @Kidpen @kenod @Coda ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Why do we not at least work alongside Barbados' pantheon? We have no need to join them, but there is nothing preventing us from seeking help and providing help in return." @Nathrangking @Dr. Dapper @Sorana @Blessing of Potency @ZincAboutIt
  7. Silent
  8. Haters
  9. "Why do we aim for the water? The best sounds can be heard when life is present. Cities. Jungles. But above water? There is not much for one to hear there," Tut'Kor'Anuumo reasoned. "Unless you wish to hold off trade. Then you would not be aiming in bad places." @Nathrangking
  10. "Then I pray that they give good advice," Tut'Kor'Anuumo said to Sangus. "Strategics and combat are more the domain of my other half, but I'll see what I can do." @Nathrangking
  11. Caebdar roared, flapping his wings. A flash of blinding light filled the room, and he was back to his humanoid form. He stepped across the threshold into Sunshine's domain. ~ ~ ~ Tut'Kor'Anuumo looked around the fortress, ultimately unimpressed.