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  1. main plot

    Silas walked through the streets. He had left his friends behind, claiming this was his own mission. Which was true. No one could be allowed to follow him. Silas reached down towards his hip and pulled out a special flash-bang gun. He put his earbuds and noise cancelling headphones on, and lifted the gun high above his head. The noise echoed, and the light burned an image through Silas’ closed eyes. “I’m here, you son of an axehound! Come and get me!” Silas removed the earbuds and headphones and waited. Then, he heard a rustling of cloth and a dripping noise. “Come with me, my son.” Silas walked towards Allak, and when he reached him, they were both Lashed away by Allak.
  2. main plot

    Silas walked over to the nearest window and opened it. He took a deep breath, nodded to his mother, and then jumped out.
  3. It is intelligence, memories, and mental fortitude, yes, but most insanity is a combination of mental and emotional instabilities, so adding zinc would help just as much, if not more in some cases, than copper.
  4. main plot

    Silas flipped back onto his bed and lifted the bass guitar off of his wall. He played a quick riff, and then sat up. “So, Anthony, besides joining the Ghostbloods, what’s happened for you recently?”
  5. main plot

    Is this the same as what happened to the other peeps?
  6. Btw it would probably be zinc spikes too for sanity.
  7. main plot

    Silas flipped another knife in his hand and threw it at the target again. “Pretty great, actually. The twins are superb, and I haven’t attempted to kill someone in a few months. Though, considering who’s come back, I might break that record.” @Ark1002
  8. main plot

    Silas threw another knife as he heard Anthony walk down the hall. @Ark1002
  9. main plot

    Silas walked back to his old room. He reached down and slapped the side of his boot, which shot a small throwing knife into his hand. Silas took aim, and with a single throw, he hit directly in the center of the beat up dartboard on the wall. "No place like home."
  10. Hey @Alleyverse Mods, I would be really interested to see Allak's full score, if anyone would be willing to oblige.