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  1. Talas looked down at his daughters. Two identical girls, reflections of both each other and their parents. Well, a bit more like their mother than him. Especially now. "Hello, girls. It has certainly been a while."
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    Jac, I just needed to let you know that you are amazing. 

  3. Talas didn't know what to do. Everything he had prepared for was now useless. People hate other people. Especially when they try to kill them. Especially when the person who tried to kill them was their husband. But he wasn't mad. No, he was overjoyed. She still loves me. Even when I can't love myself. "I love you," he whispered. "I just didn't expect you to be able to forgive me."
  4. "Why did I try to kill my entire family? I had no choice," Talas said, rising from his seat. "I had no choice, but do you want to know why I had no choice? Because you wouldn't leave! You risked your life and the life of our daughters to do what exactly?" Talas walked closer. "You tried to save Anthony and Tena, two people who could have protected themselves, and would have been ignored anyway if you hadn't tried to protect them. I was sent to kill. Nothing else. But I wasn't in control." Talas was now barely a foot away from the woman he loved. "I WASN'T IN CONTROL! MY CHOICE IN THE MATTER WAS GONE!" His irises had turned almost completely red, no longer the near perfect unison of red and green. "I AM—" Talas stopped. He was yelling at his wife. And in front of his own daughters. His voice broke and he fell to his knees. "I am sorry. I am a monster. You hate me. And I have never deserved anything more than that hatred in my life."
  5. "Why? A good question. But I must ask, why to what? Why did I try to kill the people I did? Why am I now so physically changed? Or are you asking why I continue to live? Because even I ask that last question many times every night." @Ark1002
  6. Talas nodded. "Yes. I did try to kill you. Not just you. My mother. Your father. Our daughters. And there isn't a single night I don't wish I had died the night I left." @Ark1002
  7. A voice. Crying. A female voice. A familiar voice. More than familiar. The voice of his wife. The woman he loved more than anyone in the world. The one voice he thought could have made him happy. And yet all he felt was... Empty. He knew he should be overjoyed, but he just felt guilt and shame. ”I guess that I should start,” Talas said quietly. “I’m sorry. For everything.” @Ark1002 @AxeliustheGreat
  8. “Just tell her... I don’t know how to say it, but tell her that she could return here safely. But don’t make it sound a threat.”
  9. Talas sighed. “As stated before, if I could find my family, I would do everything I could for them. But I cannot find them, and that brings me to my first order of business: if and when you are contacted by my wife, please... just try to tell her something.”
  10. Talas sighed. "Not you. You did just fine for the time that you had me. It's my fault that the bad things that happened did happen. None of it is on you."
  11. “It’s not your mothering ability, it’s the lack of fathering ability in someone else.”
  12. A hint of a smile crept onto Talas’ lips, and then was quickly replaced by the same somber expression. “I was, once.”
  13. “I wouldn’t know what it would be like to be a good father. I certainly never had one myself. I’ll say it again, I wish I could be there for them, but if they need distance, it’s distance they’ll receive.”
  14. “I wish it were possible. Maybe it is. Who knows? I just want her to be happy, regardless of how she feels towards me. If it’s easier for her to hate me than to love me, then so be it.”
  15. “I don’t know. I don’t know where they are, I don’t know how they are, I don’t even know what my daughters’ first words are! I just... I just don’t know.”