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  1. Roshar? fite me bros
  2. nice
  3. Yes, please. I’ll have the newly revised sheet done soon. : ) Edit: Here ya go ( : Edit 2: Since nobody has posted anything yet and I don't want to double post, here is my (hopefully) next character. Edit 3: Also, just a heads up—neither of these sheets are in their final draft stage, and thus even if they are approved, they may not be finished for some time.
  4. would there be enough points left over to raise his skill in martial arts?
  5. yes
  6. IT IS FINISHED also i am sorry about the length @Sorana @Voidus
  7. Bleeding palms. Hands scraped from glass and shrapnel. Not glass. Obsidian. Remains of a powerful suit of armor. Remains of Vincent’s power. Whatever blast had sent him here had destroyed his armor, but he wasn’t about to waste an opportunity like this. A brand new adventure. * * * * Talas stepped off of the giant bird’s saddle with a graceful drop of five feet. “Thank you for ferrying me away, Yxares. Father will be displeased, but he himself said he couldn’t teach me any more than he already had without direct memory insertion. No, not happy in the least.” Tal patted the bird on his leg, and with a wind-ripping leap, the nightwing was gone. Talas dragged his fingers across his sharpened arm ridges, slicing off the last remains of his fingerprints. Silas’ fingerprints. Talas picked a knife out of his bootleg and began carving. New fingerprints for a new man. Each stroke brought forth more and more blood, a red-orange with a scent like rotten fruit mixed with ozone. With the angular carvings complete, Talas licked off his fingers. Finally, Talas was complete. A man ready to kill everyone who got in the way of his end goal. Even himself.
  8. His powers can only change minute details, the tense, and the perspective. Not decisions or stuff like that. @Ookla the Dreamer
  9. Modify slight things like the fullness of someone’s glass, make their socks mismatched, and also be confused as to whether or not they (the character) is ‘Me’, ‘You’, or ‘We’. Just running this through my head atm, even if it gets approved I doubt I’ll use it.