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  1. @Lump-wing I wouldn't say I didn't sense it, I felt the same way that it was a huge logical leap in the actual story. That's more of a head-cannon assumption about why she went there for me. I could be very wrong.
  2. I thought the line about computers using the same technology might have related to how she also seemed able to access M-bot's capabilities as she was "sinking into the ship". With that, and the line in Chapter 55, I took it as something she realized as she was working with M-bot.
  3. I was getting the impression that Jorgen had feelings for Spensa like halfway through the book. He was always moderately respectful to her, she basically hated him because of his background. He seemed to speak well of her most of the book. He also would never have made a move even if he knew how he felt. There was a rule about Cadets having relationships, and Jorgen is least likely to break the rules.
  4. Am I the only one who thought as soon as Spensa saw Jerkface and started describing him that it would turn into eventual coming around and possible love interest? I'm not sure exactly why I thought it, just the constant thinking of "Jerkface" (which would change to "Jorgen" later a lot of the time) seemed like such irrational hatred that I saw it turning around.
  5. Higher ranking members of Ghostbloods also seem to be Cosmere aware, with at least one a worldhopper.
  6. I mean I think it's pretty obvious that Kelsier's new crew, the Ghostbloods, are trying to get all the shards so that Kelsier can become Adonalsium. It's just a bunch of heists. (this is pretty tongue in cheek; but at the same time it's the only logical conclusion.)
  7. They can definitely throw me off for a second. That said, when Rysn had a scene in OB, I was pretty pumped to see where that was going. Having reoccurring interlude characters is definitely something I think would be cool; but I'm not sure if it would fit the purpose of Brandon's interludes very well. For example, I would love to see what our three friends from the Purelake have gotten up to; but it's not clear if they are still on Roshar.
  8. To be fair, I think "indirect influence" is a fair way to word that. Just like you could say Shallan's belief in Vorinism is indirectly influenced by her growing up in Jah Keved, or in a Vorin family/community. Doesn't seem like many high-ranking people in Roshar are interested in being a heretic in their home countries.
  9. Nightblood doesn't actually keep the investiture when he's destroying things. It feeds his abilities somehow, but it is consumed, not stored.
  10. I'm pretty sure the 17th Shard is the Evil from Threnody who are hunting Hoid. It makes perfect sense.
  11. I assume the answer is likely no; but I wonder if a non-mistborn/allomancers would have issues burning this alloy? The question definitely still leaves a bit of room for that. I assume it shouldn't be a problem; but I don't know if I've ever seen it canonized, and other godmetals can't all be burned by all.
  12. At very least, it would be really on-theme for Cultivation to use Honors investiture-rich “corpse” as a fertilizer (I.e. she’s manipulating his slivers and splinters for some purpose).
  13. Is anyone else concerned that Harmony will still become/is becoming Discord? Hes having a hard time actually using the powers in harmony. The biggest thing to me though is that the Terris prophecies say something like “he shall be called Discord”; and the Terris prophecies were pretty specific and correct (unless Ruin changed that part).
  14. It’s then ever further revealed that this was actually planned all along and Ruin just had the ultimate prank pulled on him and his release was actually his downfall. The plot twists at the end of each book in the trilogy are so dang good.
  15. Snapping and being broken are essentially the same mechanic, but allomantic powers and nahel bonds are still fairly different. The potential for allomancy is hereditary through spiritual DNA, and requires a snapping to occur; but the spiritual aspect that lets you do it in the first place is still a part of your spiritual self. A nahel bond on the other hand is something that gets added to your spirit web as you develop the bond, so I would think it’s more susceptible to be healed away from you; if healing were to work for such things.