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  1. "Ever get a look at my name?" @Rushu42
  2. "yes, 'rational' which is why my chair along with this was in the break-room this morning ." Bell held out the 'Editor' plaque and took one of the cupcakes for himself. "'You should have had them fresh, these are just my leftovers from last night. It is sort of a family thing." Bell took a bite of his cupcake "Have you checked the roster yet?"
  3. "Why? Is the money there radioactive?" Bell reached out his hand and shake'd his tupperware under Acacia's nose. "Congratulations for landing yourself a management position, on your second week in a new reality."
  4. Bell leaned back in his chair, watching Acacia's slight hesitance with the carved mineral coins. "You've been in the Alleys long? Your looking at glowing money like it might be radioactive." @Rushu42
  5. "You would think so, but It's festive and part of the season." Bell swept his chair back under his desk. "Plus," he continued "This city has always been a pressure-cooker. It's good to remind people why they are here every now and then."
  6. "Its called The Festival of Rebirth, an annual sort of a celebration of the new year." Bell interjected. "Its a great time, my parents would always dress me up as The Baker and take to listen to the Rebirth story wile eating eating chota.
  7. Bell opened his Tupperware, "Well 'Little Ms. Phantom' do you at least eat?" That scar down her throat, the few Radiants he had met were never happy people but that on a child just seemed cruel.
  8. "Yeah... Um, hello?" Bell looked down at his necklace. The sand had turned black but that didn't mean much, he may have just walked by a Coppercloud on his way to work without noticing. @Voidus
  9. "Well my desk is over there and my chair is... in the break room?." Bell looked back at Acacia quizzically "A Smedry you say, well this is sure to be interesting."
  10. "well that one down and yours miss' editor?" @Rushu42
  11. "If you're good to me," Bell smirked. "Anyway I've told you two my name what your's ?"
  12. Bell absentmindedly pushed through the doors of the building with a Tupperware full of leftover chocolate salted-camel cupcakes under his arm. He stopped after after a second taking in the new faces "Oh hey, one of you must be the new editor. My name is Bell, I write all the spooky stuff in the crazy people section."
  13. Here is my Alleyverse Post character.
  14. Wow, I haven't been down hear in a while. I would love to be part of the newspaper PM. I was actually toying with the idea back in era 4 of re entering as a character who ran a newspaper. honestly sound like a great way to catch back up @Rushu42
  15. If Identity can be split into to functions, can it then be stored separately like tin and senses? If so what is stopping you from taping that old pattern and then taping thee expression of it. Love that this is being pick apart by the way.