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  1. That is quite imperative clause.
  2. Nath got naja'd.
  3. No!! My interruption!
  4. horror

    Storm. There was a Storm. Dark waters, there was a Storm. Oren tried to push himself up, get away from the chaos around him, but his hands just sank into the concrete in flashes of light. That is what happens in a Storm, he glows, and he destroys everything he touches. He was going to have to watch a world burn again wasn’t he. Just like then. Just like then. The scenery of razing around him was consumed by another’s, a more personal destruction. His home’s Destruction. This is where I… that’s right, my journey hasn’t ended yet. ‘There is still life after death.’ His home faded and he was still in the strange city of alleys still glowing. Ai helped him up feeling more real than usual and walk back out into the chaos tremoring. ‘strength to come from weakness’.
  5. inactive

    "Tiiyu, Spark him... now." Li TaiRu said fixing a metal bracer to his arm and painting a stamp. "Sparking now." The glowing glass sphere responded *** In his last moments. The Light from a ruby sphere in The Mailman's pocket became erratic. Flowing in tendrils inside It's glass casing each quivering in response to a voice speaking though it. "Did you truly, think you would be able to do this without consequence? Or perhaps, did simply forget what happens to traitors?"
  6. Painfully accurate.
  7. Oren walked up to his favorite diner. A not overly big or busy place, not to far from the city harbor, gave change in metal coinage, and almost always had the weather on the radio. It was a great place and he was really glad he found the place in his short time here. Oren stepped in and Immediately It seemed off. The place was empty, the closed sign was flipped -he didn’t even know they had one- and the Owner was shuffling across the building moving things around. “Hey, did you see that thing in the sky, any Idea what’s going on… wait, are you packing?” “Yes, I don’t know, and I don’t care. I’m just want to get out of here before another guild war happens!” Ai looked up at Oren, her vulpine form rippling with concern, “A guild war?” “A guild war you don’t mean like…” even with just a few months here Oren had already heard talk of the Seven Day War, some conflict between the Great guilds, He wasn’t sure what it really entailed other that it was big enough, terrible enough, important enough to still be talked about so long afterward. “The Seven Day War?” the Owner continued. Oren nodded. “I’m, not sure,” the Owner admitted, shaking her head “But I’ve heard tell that there was a building exploded already – and Damnation, I’m not going to risk staying here and watching the city burn again. As much as I loved calling this city home, I’m not going to lose another child to it. She put the last thing into the box and started heading out towards the door. She turned back looking at Oren with a mother’s sympathy, “You and your parents should get yourselves out of here as well, no matter what happens its not going to be nice out there.” She looked down at the box sadly “Its never to late to pull up tents takes.” “My…” Oren started, “My parents won’t be an issue and hey, if its never to late then there is nothing wrong with them being in for a little longer right.” The Owner gave out a fatigued laugh almost melancholy and headed out the door. Oren watched the movement and could only find her sympathies reflected. He knew exactly what it like to see a home carefully built be lost forever to be burned. He looked down at Ai and shared a moment with his sister. Ai nodded, “-Wait, I’m newer there so I’m not how much good it’ll do but I can put a good word for you at the harbor make things easier for your family, maybe even get a crew to help you load for wherever your going.” She looked back at him and smiled, a smile not of sadness, or even fatigue, but one of pure relief, “That would be much appreciated. Thank you.”
  8. Could I get Oren added to the list? He's already been approved by Mac but hasn't been added yet.
  9. Oren looked up as the stars started blinking out and gasped, it looked beautiful, it looked like home a solid black sky. He went to the other side of the dock staring out to water watching, waiting but... no lights came into their waves. He chastised himself for even entertaining the thought. Oren shook himself; he rested a hand on his scarf as he looked back at the newly blacked sky and realizing what it was, beautiful but also something truly wrong. “Ai,” Oren said, addressing the fox by his side “what is going on in this place?”
  10. What? how its literally my title right above my avatar?
  11. Not quite you see a narwhal only has a tooth I have actual horns two curved and pointy ones to be exact and therefor not a narwhal but I, am "A Aquatic Rhinoceros.
  12. I Win Less But With More Capitals