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  1. Aye, though as unclouded as it may be it is often turned the wrong way.
  2. Your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them.
  3. Unless I miss my guess about the ages here, I believe there is a second generation of Bob Ross fans in the making. IB Chem teacher even showed us some to relax us around exam time. Cliffs and sea and sun and gulls. Very soothing.
  4. I just finished with some Minecraft. I use an extensive set of mods on somewhat of a rotation. Java, of course. 1.12.2. There are tons of tiny mods that improve things, but for the larger ones I suggest 1) Blood Magic with Animus and Blood Arsenal. 2) Electroblob's Wizardery (with addon spells). 3) Atum. 4) Dungeontactics 5) Thaumcraft 6 with everything except Thaumic potatoes. 6) ProjectE (slightly OP) 7) Tinker's Construct with Tinker's Armory. 8) Botania is pretty decent too. If you're going back to 1.7.10 then Thaumcraft 4 is still good, but Blood Magic isn't as great. Ars Magica becomes an option, and Draconic Evolution and EnderIO are (IMO) better. Other than that be sure to grab NEI, JEI, HWYLA/WAWLA, WAILA Harvestability, betterbedrockgen, veinminer, journeymap, infinitefluids, Engineers Workshop (Reborn), Baubles, Clumps, Appleskin, Uncrafting table, and capsule. Curseforge is my source for all of these. If anybody's interested I can try to add a zip file.
  5. Anyone for Disturbed? 5FDP?
  6. I suspect that the Lerasium bead would protect you just like an awakened copper bead, I doubt the bead would know or be able to rely on its Allomantic / Ferruchemical abilities. Perhaps it will form a metal disc as a shield.
  7. I swear to never reveal information about TUBA that is secret. I swear to never spike any baked item And I swear allegiance to this Guild, TUBA
  8. We should establish a formal, tautological definition of tautology because we should have a definition of tautology which is tautological and formal. Someone make that into a Ketek.
  9. Best numbers
  10. This thread is longer now
  11. @Tal In the Skybreaker result it says "They have great powers of discernation." Should probably fix that to "They have great powers of discernment." at some point. Edit: I got Skybreaker as well
  12. Sheep Biter
  13. I met those requirements by meeting them.
  14. I have indeed done that, that's what I did.
  15. I wish to join because I want to.