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  1. Anyone for Disturbed? 5FDP?
  2. I suspect that the Lerasium bead would protect you just like an awakened copper bead, I doubt the bead would know or be able to rely on its Allomantic / Ferruchemical abilities. Perhaps it will form a metal disc as a shield.
  3. I swear to never reveal information about TUBA that is secret. I swear to never spike any baked item And I swear allegiance to this Guild, TUBA
  4. We should establish a formal, tautological definition of tautology because we should have a definition of tautology which is tautological and formal. Someone make that into a Ketek.
  5. Best numbers
  6. This thread is longer now
  7. @Tal In the Skybreaker result it says "They have great powers of discernation." Should probably fix that to "They have great powers of discernment." at some point. Edit: I got Skybreaker as well
  8. Sheep Biter
  9. I met those requirements by meeting them.
  10. I have indeed done that, that's what I did.
  11. I wish to join because I want to.
  12. While I concur with the half of your argument concerning morals, the trolley solution is not quite right. The point of the trolley problem is to create an environment in which this decision must be made. Any holes in the environment are not relevant because the question is not actually how to save those people. The question is sacrifice of one for the good of all, not how to prevent death by train. So trying to derail the trolley also derails the moral question. It isn't a physical situation to begin with.
  13. The above argument is based in the assumption that the morality of an action relies upon the intent of those who perform the action. Recall Jasnah's thief in the alley problem. When she taught philosophy to Shallan. Reread that, it is this same issue here. This is also the trolley problem. A common theme in philosophy is the sacrifice of one thing for another, a tipped scale. Likewise, is it better to break the morales you are protecting in order to protect your ability to hold them in the future, or rather to maintain those morales at the expense of your future ability to hold them. For example, a nation is at war to protect moral X, they fight an enemy that does not have moral X and is attempting to eradicate this nation. If this nation needs to break moral X in order to survive, thus enabling future adherence to moral X, should they do it? Or should they hold to moral X even though they may die for it. Martyrdom, or survival? At what cost?
  14. Nine Shadows, Nine rings, Nine Nazgûl, Nine Unmade.
  15. I will preserve what is right and eat what is left. I will never taint any preserves with anything that does not belong. I will never fill any jellied donuts with hemalurgic spikes. I will always eat preserved food when possible. I like canned apricots as a preserved food.