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  1. Buy And Kaladins fight with Szeth was the most epic fight.
  2. What?
  3. - I Swear to never reveal information about our organization which is deemed secret. - I Swear to never spike any baked item with any substance that should not be there - I Swear allegiance to this Guild, and give all due loyalty to it's goals and precepts
  4. ahh
  5. The decompression effect?
  6. So how come there were only swords?
  7. I found more evidence that Stormlight is cold! He infused the stone with Stormlight, frost crystallizing on his arm.He was't sure how he did it, but it felt natural, like pouring liquid into a cup. From WoK page 841 and The arm wound leaked Light, not blood, and to Kaladin's amazement it slowly began to seal up, frost crystallizing on his skin and Stormlight draining from him. From WoK page 870.
  8. Ah yes I did not realize that that was one of the 10 orders.
  9. Willshaper what is that?
  10. There are apprenticeships like when Kaladin's father wanted to send him to Karbranth to apprentice him to become a surgeon. Do apprenticeships count?
  11. If you were Brandon Sanderson what is one thing you would put into the fourth book. Personally I would have Rock ( With his shards gained from killing Amaram) would return to the Horneater Peaks a King. In WoK it mentions that if a person from the Horneater Peaks came back with shards they would become high king. When he becomes king I would make him become part of Dalinars' coalition.
  12. If Kaladin could turn Syl into Sylspear how come there aren't any different types of dead shard weapons. There are only dead spren swords and not any other kind of weapon. My guess would be that swords are the default weapons and when not in use they just turn back into swords. Also maybe the Knights Radiants just did not know that they could change their weaponspren.
  13. I honestly do think that stormlight is associated with cold temperatures.
  14. Which book would it be in, I will try to find it too.
  15. Are you sure, because I could imagine stormlight being cold. Like when Kaladin was hung up in the highstorm he specifically mentioned the cold being one of the worst parts.