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  1. I'm asking because of the fifth heightening... ie the one where one becomes immortal. Seems kind of a cheap thing that after making it to that point... perhaps even having that state being the end goal... only to have some random critter be capable of taking it from you. Which could well result in death via rapid aging.
  2. So this should be fairly simple... but probably isn't. Can a Larkin forcibly drain breath from someone holding breath?
  3. Personally I believe so as well. Though it's more a feeling without obvious evidence to back it up... IE I have no specific element that lead me to this belief rather it is the overall feel of the patterns surrounding Adolin.
  4. @Llarimar I think part of the failing is the apparent seeming mundanity most regard insects combined with the number of individuals that fear them. I play a number of ARPG's and one of the most common mod requests you find with them is to get rid of spiders... the second most seems to be the removal of spider webs. That might just be my observational ability but those with these fears seem rather vocal about them. Nausicaa, was a long time favorite of mine. Sadly my own imagination and capacity for self editing of memory has long since ruined it for me. Shelob, sadly was just an over sized spider. Ancient anthropoids had rather spectacular physical variety and capabilities. These were eventually selected out of existence by environmental pressures.
  5. @Xtafa, They'd likely be bigger than they were about 300 million years ago during the late Carboniferous and early Permian periods.
  6. So... I'm slightly confused by this outrage that supergirl has towards anyone who has the capacity to hurt her. She by comparison could slaughter, most, anyone without breaking a sweat and yet the very idea that anyone else could harm her... well that's just not ok. By this standard I should be livid that everyone else in this world can hurt me with just about anything they pickup... The very idea that anyone would dare to hold a pair of keys in my presence or a spoon... Is this just another case of pisspoor writing that attempts to equate kyroptnite to something else that I'm missing? edit: So lena made the arguments I'd have made and Supergirl still went off claiming its not the same...
  7. Jasnah and Dalinar...
  8. My apologies to those with arachnophobia, I sometimes forget that such a thing exists... none of my fears I've sort of side stepped the native elements within my current draft by having the character reference the land of Shinovar as the source of his knowledge. My method of writing is basically me struggling to describe the movie/show I can see in my minds eye. In this case it was a shard blade with a webbing pattern on the blade. King of nowhere, That is a good point, though not entirely complete. While most webs we see are in fact for catching flyers there are a number of other uses. For example there is a species of spider that spins its web between its four elongated front legs to create a net. Trapdoor spiders use their webbing to create their namesake trap doors that they hide under before pouncing upon anything unlucky enough to get too close. There are a number of spiders that live underwater and use their web to trap bubbles of air that they use for Another use is as an anchor/safety line... actually in the setting of Roshar having the capacity to create anchors as needed would likely be beneficial.
  9. So I've been doing some Stormlight Archive fanficing when it suddenly occurred to me... I can't remember any references to spiders or webbing... I'd like to use the imagery within the story, however, as this story is told from the perspective of the character, I'd rather only use it if the character is aware of these possible elements. So does Roshar had spiders or their equivalent?