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  1. Hm..right. So, I leave Tuesday morning and tomorrow I need to stop procrastinating and be productive with my time, meaning there isn't any other for sure time I'll be on the Shard for a while.

    Before that, though, I do need to get some things said for Alleyverse characters.

    Eiran and Freedom are taken care of. Eiran's doing some unspecified stuff to help and Freedom we're just going to say is wherever the most living citizens of Alleycity are. After most things are cleared up, Eiran is going to Newcago for a bit and Freedom is going to vanish. I'll figure out more explanation for both afterwards.

    Eve, however, is not at a vanishing point. Sorana, if you and Itiah could just treat her as an NPC, that would be great. Maybe she can even fall asleep. Whatever works best. I'm really sorry to leave her like this...there just wasn't any way that made sense with her character to have her leave.

    That should be it. I'll probably appear sometime tomorrow, but it's not a guarantee. 

    If I don't, then, see you all in a month and I'll miss you!

    1. AonEne


      Miss you too! Have fun! 

    2. The Last Post

      The Last Post

      I’m not too late!


    3. Sorana


      Don't worry about Eve and have a great time! We'll miss you!