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  1. Even Butt Venture didn't know what to do with those.
  2. And exceptionally good at hiding.
  3. The Face wanted revenge. Or a slice of pie. But either would do.
  4. Thanks, all. Tuesday was better and the week turned around. (Solution: started a new embroidery project .) (Communication is a two-way street, Ene! I'm sorry I haven't been around as much recently...)
  5. Today has been...long. I haven't been able to focus on much anything which is unfortunate. (Yay to starting a new semester with a poor test score in a tough class because your brain doesn't want to do physics! ) (And, to make matters even better, my friend did not seem to believe my self-assessment or comprehend that such a thing could be possible for me. Yay for friends who have higher expectations of you than reality despite your many efforts to dissuade them of the notion! Makes you feel great when you're looking for reassurance that fallibility is okay! [insert long rant on this here]! ) Today has been...a true joy. ...hoping for a better tomorrow. רפואה שלמה! *hugs*
  6. For approximately 3.5 seconds, at which point the tiger changed strategies.
  7. Such as the end of the world, for one.
  8. Eve Tacet-Yin-Dove peered over her glass of water at the group speaking. They were a fair distance away, but from her perch in the corner, she still had a decent view and reasonably good hearing of their conversation. Candidly discussing assassination. Theorizing how to create a guild to overthrow and rival every guilds. Confidently boasting of their abilities. Openly. They certainly had little knowledge of the importance of tact, of doing things in the underground. Like TUBA in its golden days. She suppressed a smirk, recalling the time she'd tried to pick up an order of cookies at their bakery and wound up waiting hours to get through all the paperwork. They'd fallen. Everyone did. It was the work of Investiture. It led to one feeling overly confident, led to carelessness. It corrupted. She regarded them warily, curious as to where this would lead. She did not expect nor want them to notice her, the small young woman seated in the most shadowed (though, admittedly, not nearly as dark as she'd like) spot in the room, booted feet barely reaching long enough to brush the floor. Eve enjoyed watching those seeking to institute reform. It meant she'd be better prepared to deal with the fallout, the victims, of their actions. Someone had to.
  9. With this newfound power, the moo ducks sought to bring back 71% chocolate.
  10. They sought to overcome their differences and make it work, a lofty goal.