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  1. wedding

    She noticed the slight movement but didn't comment on it. "It doesn't seem as though there's any lasting enmity," she said, watching Walker. "Did you sort out whatever it was you had against one another?" It was nice that even despite the craziness of the city, things like weddings happened. A little normalcy in the chaos.
  2. You genius human. Gloves to school. I might copy that brilliant idea sometime in the near future.* *Important note--this would be for the sake of not freezing, not to cover my safehand. The Alethi will never convert me to that awful practice.
  3. It looks awesome, Itiah. Maybe you can too, Luna! Maybe you too have a secret artistic talent that you just haven't unlocked yet!
  4. wedding

    "Haven't had that pleasure," Freedom said, half sarcastically. "Though I actually hadn't even been aware that they recorded duels. It makes sense, but at the same time it seems like an unnecessary way of making violence seem more appealing, when it shouldn't be." The groom turned their way and smiled. She looked away quickly, only to spot a woman standing next to them. Freedom recognized her. Deteca something-or-other. Head of TUBA. Rusts. It was a weird feeling to be surrounded by powerful people. She turned back to Lusk. "Then again, having them as reference might not be a bad thing in the preventative sense--know how to shut things down before they progress too far and out of control."
  5. wedding

    The fresh air felt good. No, not good--great. Freedom took a deep breath of it, smiling. Her months long house arrest was finally over. After all the PlasmaCore business, Pry had gone all responsible sibling on her and grounded her. That was fine by Freedom, as it gave her plenty of uninterrupted time to experiment with extrapolation and atium, but it also didn’t grant many opportunities to venture outdoors. The only way she’d been able to was accompanied and that always felt pretty awkward. Freedom fidgeted with the sleeve of her shirt. It was Pry’s, only fitting because she was storing away age. Her sister had received an invitation as a by product of still being on the TUBA mailing list. She’d sent in countless requests to be taken off it, but it never seemed to happen. Pry didn’t want to ignore it though, so despite being busy herself, she delegated going to Freedom, saying that as they hadn’t seen her in a while anyways, Freedom could pass as her. Not quite true, though, anyone who didn’t look to hard at her forehead could think it was Pry. Either way, she was avoiding actually talking to anyone as she had no clue what Pry had actually done for TUBA and would end up in awkward territory. “Huh, I do like these wedding arrangements,” someone near her said. The voice was familiar. She glanced around quickly, eyes landing on Lusk Uwik. He was watching the couple. “They do have some charm,” Freedom said. “Though, the last time I was at a wedding, I ended up bringing the groom near to tears.”
  6. Okay. Sorry it took a while to get to this. Here's an updated E4 bio for Freedom. It should still be well under the limits as the only major change was the addition of a weakness. And if you could transfer over Eve's bio too, that would be great too. Thank you, mods, for all the work you do with this stuff.
  7. The Alethi were fighting hard, but the left-handed would fight harder. They organized a mass safe-hand glove burning. Unfortunately, it spread out of control and destroyed a plentitude of buildings and pro-safe-hand people. Meanwhile, the Western Dominance invented a new form of explosive. Hurt Alethkar, heal the Western Dominance. Iri - 9 Rira - 10 Reshi Isles - 7 Herdaz - 10 Aimia - 10 Shinovar - 6 Jah Keved - 6 Alethkar - 9 Northern Dominance - 3 Eastern Dominance - 3 Western Dominance - 3 Terris Dominance - 8 Hallandren - 10 Elendel Basin - 10 The Roughs - 10 Southern Scadrians - 4
  8. More abolitionists attacked Alethkar from the inside. Safehands were going to become a thing of the past. Meanwhile, the Southern Scadrians recieved some much needed aid. Hurt Alethkar, Heal Southern Scadrians. Iri - 10 Rira - 10 Reshi Isles - 5 Herdaz - 10 Aimia - 10 Shinovar - 6 Jah Keved - 6 Alethkar - 9 Northern Dominance - 4 Eastern Dominance - 3 Western Dominance - 2 Terris Dominance - 8 Hallandren - 10 Elendel Basin - 10 The Roughs - 10 Southern Scadrians - 9
  9. HOW IS LIFE GOING BY YOU? Blame these losses on Ark. Not me.
  10. Surprise was evident on his face, but it vanished after a moment. Eve dismissed it, happy to hear of another strong likely uninvested person. It was nice to know that not all of the city was as docile as she so often found it. Every actively working person made a difference. Even one who seemed as prone to killing as this Shez, from the little Alask had said. She smiled slightly. "You better not leave him waiting too long then."
  11. Yaaaaaaay, thanks for following me!!

  12. I haven't a clue how you would delete an account, but to unsubscribe from things there are two methods. Go to your settings and A ) turn off email notifications or B ) manage followed content, select all things you follow and choose the option to unfollow. That's probably very vague and unhelpful... Basically, go to settings and play around.
  13.  5d7516a2b453a_Screenshot2019-09-08at10_56_10AM.png.f7e93d87a57b6911aa1f10053f2723b1.png

    Thanks, Truthless. Losing over and over truly is a character building experience.:D

    (Unless it wasn't you... :ph34r:)

    1. Truthless of Shinovar

      Truthless of Shinovar

      Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t! We skybreakers need not make sense....


      Yes I just shamelessly stole a Kelsier quote and forced Szeth to say it:P