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  1. My house is divided against itself. How can I get it to stand? How do I stop being scared of people? Why do we fear disappointing people and what can be done about it? Do you know any good methods to stop procrastinating?
  2. Studying the behavior of people in groups... *shudders* It's a freaky reminder of how influenceable we are. Psychology can be counteracted by being aware of it and going through loops of opposite psychology and the like. Sociology, less so. Your natural inclinations within a group are harder to change, to control. I'm taking a history class with a side focus on human behavior this year and storms it is scary to see how pulling the right strings can make people do things they would never do otherwise. The two, psychology and sociology both, are scary. Sociology more so though, hence why I picked psychology. I would ask in your advice thread even if I did not need advice!
  3. I...managed to not see this for two months. Much apologies! Warbreaker. Don't know why. It just kind of resonated. Psychology! Sociology is scary. Ghostblood. As a TUBAist, it was a humorous contrast.
  4. Meaning they were from a territory called anger.
  5. *hesitantly steps up to Archer's door and knocks*

    Trick or treat?

    (I'm dressed as a high school student this year, equipped with heavy textbooks and everything!)

    1. Archer


      *opens door*


      *slams door shut*

      *throws door back open and chucks a Harbaugh 26" Table Lamp into your bag*



  6. So...I had to look up stereotypes for my area since I see it as a rather average place, none too interesting*. Apparently we...: Talk funny (Maybe further south? Or maybe I just don't notice it?) Eat a lot of seafood (I have never eaten much seafood due to religious reasons, but maybe people do?) Are obsessed with one sports team (I have yet to meet a fan of that team, but maybe that's another further south thing?) Are also obsessed with one type of seasoning (I had never heard of it prior to this search) Pretty much all live in one city (False. I do not live there and while I know people from there, there is much more to the state) Drive aggressively (Uh...not really? Maybe in other areas?) Are very proud of our flag (I mean, it's cool, but I like it for its historical significance, not the actual design) I feel very enlightened. *Though, that may be the case for everyone. Home is home.
  7. The other four weren't so nice, however.
  8. So long lost no one could quite remember their name. Maybe it started with an 'x'?
  9. It had nothing to do with the smell.
  10. Hello! How are you doing on this fine day?
  11. I gave you one! One! I-I-I'm practically innocent!
  12. BREADMUNKS were very different from breadmunks in many ways.