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  1. Confetti showered down when the universe saw that Bit had come to visit.
  2. Thank you! Muchly appreciated!
  3. It varies by state. Some will allow a person to get a permit (meaning they can drive with an experienced* adult in the car) when they’re 14 while others require them to be 16. A restricted license** can be earned earliest, depending on the state, from age 15 to 17. That subsequently turns into a full license after a span of time has passed,*** between 16 and 18 years. *I don’t remember the exact specifications off-hand and they might also vary by state. **Think restrictions on times of day they can drive and so forth. And, you guessed it, also might vary by state. ***At least, I’m pretty sure that’s the same everywhere in the country. Could not be…
  4. The guards, however, were already in the midst of a deep conversation. ”So,” one said, “is something god-beloved because deities love it or does it possess a characteristic that makes deities more prone to love it?” Another guard glared at him. “I thought we’d been over this. Socrates’ inquiry holds no practical applications for us—what does it matter why a deity likes something? Our time would be far better spent debating Plato’s allegory of the cave!” The first guard scoffed. “Really? You think we’re actually only experiencing and viewing a shadow of the real world, unaware of the truth? Yeah, right.” It was then that they noticed Fadran. They quickly straightened their uniforms, pretending to have been paying attention the whole time. “How might we be of assistance this fine day?” asked a guard who had been silent until then. He had a habit of using overly formal language and liked to keep his mouth shut whenever possible.
  5. Then the breadmunks joined forces with the breadmonks and rebelled.
  6. aside the cobwebs. He’d never had anything against spiders, but he really wished that they’d choose more convenient places to build their traps. Convenient for Was, that is.
  7. Many of the narrators holed up in well-defended super-secret lairs for the remainder of Ookla season.
  8. Then promptly spit it back out when the piece of chocolate remembered it was allergic to noses.
  9. It declared them all wrong and hired a breadmunk and a breadmonk instead.
  10. More consultants just exacerbated the issue. They couldn’t agree on anything.
  11. Then he remembered that he was vegetarian.
  12. He had no relation to the Butt Venture that the Longest Thread’s narrators were familiar with.