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  1. They had made him a birthday cake once.
  2. @I think I am here.
  3. Narrator Silva didn't want to think about it.
  4. The breadmunks quickly grew bored of enslavement and left to Breadmunktopia.
  5. A breadmunk looked up from where it had been hiding. "What's so wrong with me saying the name of my species? Breadmunks have rights too! If it weren't for how much effort it would take, I'd start a protest! A peaceful one though. Not violent. Violence is almost as bad as how mean you're being to my kind. You all are MEAN and I don't like you." Then it disappeared using one of the many mystical breadmunk powers.
  6. Then the ghanderflaffles all turned bright red from embarrassment.
  7. Someone on the moon sneezed.
  8. "Never trust a breadmunk with hands larger than a breadmunks'."
  9. I've never thought about it that way, mostly because there never really was much mention of it in the books. And as this is a memes thread, enjoy another Moash hating one. Though, honestly, I don't hate him any more than I do Amaram or become frustrated at Marasi.
  10. It's a thing in one of the RPs. There's a guild that likes spiking cookies then giving them out to innocents.
  11. *why she gave Pry F-brass*
  12. *wears a lot of black* *likes some depressing music* *but dislikes most* *decides she must not be emo* I'm the person who gets those types of threats once an hour. At this point I just respond "Love you too" and walk off. It works wonderfully as a response to cursing as well.