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  1. main plot

    The young man stared at the message, trying to understand what she was saying. Abbreviation was a foreign language to him. Was it "da" as in "the" and was "abom" some shorthand for a code? Then he chuckled to himself as realization dawned on him. DA abomination. Maybe. he replied, hoping he'd understood correctly and wouldn't have to explain that he was incredibly socially inept. He looked back at his work, sighed, then put it into a folder. The man picked up his phone again. Do we have any record of abominations absorbing people before? Far as he was aware the answer was no - he'd spent quite a bit of time researching abominations to determine how much damage different ones could cause if they trampled through a bakery.
  2. Next to Lisa, Aderet sat down. She looked at the girl's sleeping body and sighed. There were so many places she'd rather be, but she also knew she was stuck in the present. The awful, bloody present. Aderet pulled her knees up to her chest. The weight of her safepouch was comforting. She rested her head over her covered left hand and closed her eyes. Hopefully sleep wouldn't be as elusive as she expected.
  3. main plot

    Five minutes prior... The young man froze. He often daydreamed while working, but he knew the difference between visions and daydreams. For one, his daydreams typically didn't involve things that belonged in the DA's laboratory and for another, they didn't leave him knowing when he’d nodded off. He set down the paper in his hand and picked up his phone. He felt kind of bad texting Deteca already since she'd basically just left. For all he knew she was in the middle of some important meeting that could save the world. But then again, what he needed to tell her also might. After nervously pushing back up his glasses a couple of times and procrastinationg, he typed out a short message, deleted it, and rewrote it a couple of times. In the end he just went with one simple sentence. I saw a monster, but spotted no spikes. He pressed send, wondering if it was just his nerves getting to him. The fact he’d seen the ceiling last night and now could only mean one of two things. Either he was going actually crazy, or, well, he was in danger. Setting down his phone, he turned back to the graphs on the paper, doing his best to ignore the sinking feeling in his stomach. @AonEne
  4. *shamelessly joins the spreading of TUBA propaganda* Hemalurgy free today, a better maintained soul tomorrow, better cookies forever.
  5. Aderet moved off to the meager food supplies. She cautiously removed a skirt layer and twisted it into the closest she could to a basket shape. It was by no means flawless and wasn't going to be long lasting due to the weave of the fabric and the unsecureness of her knots because of the fabric's slipperiness and thickness. She compacted as much as she could into it, slung it over her shoulder, and returned to Lizanne.
  6. Aderet stayed by Lizanne, not doing anything, but not getting in the way either. It was her own way of being helpful especially as she could feel her hands shaking. Like she'd feared, the situation kept worsening.
  7. He nodded. “Should anything else relevant come up, I’ll send you a text. What little I’ve seen hasn’t been looking good.” The young man waved then left the room. Now he just needed to wait and hope. And do paperwork while he was at it.
  8. “I have no firm evidence, but last night when I was going through some paperwork, that ceiling,” he pointed upwards, “found its way into my head. The only explanation I’ve got as to why that was the part of the future I saw is that something was there, just not visible.” He shrugged. “Nothing I see is set in stone and that also might not be what it was. Maybe my ability is starting to go haywire and showing me things that actually are useless. But I thought you should know. Just in case.”
  9. A young man stood in the corner. He typically didn’t show up to meetings as he normally already knew what would be discussed. But something had happened the previous night, something he had a feeling TUBA’s leadership would want to know about. He sighed and walked over to Deteca. Most of the people had left the room already. ”I think our meeting was watched,” he told her in a low voice. @AonEne
  10. Only one? Here you go. Fortune: Something will fall from the sky today. You probably won’t see it. And Lucky Numbers: -4, -2, 2, 4, 24, 42
  11. main plot

    Eve stood outside on a patch of sidewalk, looking up. The fog remained and the city had an eerie glow cast upon it. No. This was not the city she devoted her life to. The was the result of someone messing with things that were no good. “What is that?!” someone near her shouted. Eve turned in the direction they were facing and froze. A giant figure outlined in fog loomed over the city, something about it seemed familiar to her. Then it hit her, where she recognized him from. PlasmaCore. ”Oh, storms,” she whispered. “Haunt?”
  12. Probably been down before, but "Look Down" from Les Mis for the bridgemen.
  13. And then...freedom! *hugs @Ghanderflaffle*
  14. *hugs* The good thing is that once the test is over, it's over. It most likely won't come back and be a recurring nightmare.