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  1. Hello! How are you doing on this fine day?
  2. I gave you one! One! I-I-I'm practically innocent!
  3. BREADMUNKS were very different from breadmunks in many ways.
  4. It was quite expensive real estate.
  5. Eiran looked at the others when he heard the crash. "I think we should probably check if he's okay," he said. He paused for a moment, as though to say something more, but then started in the direction Kingston had gone, not checking to see if anyone was following him. They likely wouldn't. He was a new hire, not someone whose advice really ought to be taken quite yet. He reached the doorway and frowned at the destroyed door. There didn't seem to be any doorknob in the rubble, he absentmindedly noted. "Kingston?" Eiran called hesitantly. "Everything alright?"
  6. Good question! I have no new pictures to share, but... A few weeks ago, lightning severed a branch from a tree in my backyard. It was a rather large, leafy branch. The deer were quite pleased at this unexpected feast. Then, you know, we brought in an arborist to remove it because it was, well, big. So now the poor deer have been forced to return to their usual sources of nutrition. There have been a lot of cute little ones around lately, though. Little speckled deer.