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  1. chimpanzees that were trained in the noble and most respected art of finger painting.
  2. Adonalsium reassembled, though some parts were in the wrong places.
  3. poodles were the latest overlords of Earth.
  4. You frown, uncertain at how you feel about being controlled by various different authors.
  5. ...totally did not forget it was my Shardiversary till just now...*yawns*...



    It's been another year.

    I've been here three years. Th-three years. I remember times early on when I saw even being here a year as crazily far away. Well, now I've done 3 * (crazily far away).

    That sums up this year fairly well. I...haven't been around here nearly as much. Crazily far away most of the time. Took on a lot irl and then some. It's been insane, stressful, and overall wonderful. I can't promise to be around any more next year--if anything I will have new joys to add to the mix.

    But, that said, you guys deserve to know that when I do stop by, my bad days turn good, slogging thoughts become quicker, negative mindsets gain a spark, droughts of creativity become flooded.

    Thank you for that.

    Thank you for these three years and, preemptively, thank you for the future. Thank you all for existing. For creating the warmest corner of the internet. For being here and being yourselves.

    I'll leave it at that. Thank you and goodnight. ^_^

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    2. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran many peoples' Shardiversaries are there today?

      Happy Shardiversary regardless! Woop!

    3. The Awakened Salad

      The Awakened Salad

      Happy Shardiversary!

    4. Doomstick


      Happy Spike Day, Miss Forest!

  6. The breadmunk did not appreciate the treatment and decided to riot.
  7. "I suspect they have a habit of unrising a bit when nobody is looking, too. Even at that pace, they should've made some progress," said another breadmunk.
  8. They should have known; the offending items wore fake moustaches.
  9. It had spilled something on its shirt.
  10. Happy birthday! ^_^

  11. Butt Venture happened to be severely allergic to them.