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  1. Happy birthday, Rebecca! ^_^

  2. And then the visions danger appeared. Stuck against the ceiling of the elevator, slowly, yet quickly, getting crushed by the pressure. He brushed them aside. Eiran was now perched on the railing, scouring the ceiling with his eyes. They needed to find a way out through there and then maybe they could get off somehow. He reached over and pressed the call for help button, following Kingston's lead. When it repeated the same thing as last time, he sighed. "No use. Even if it did work, the signal would get worse and worse every moment," he said to Allence and Kingston, still surprising himself at how calm he sounded. "However, we do have some good news." Eiran pointed to the words on the wall which Kingston had translated. "Whoever this Pele follow was got out of here even after the doors closed. That means there's a way out." Hopefully. Or the 'Pele was here' was just a trick installed by the engineers of this death trap. The music resumed once more, the recording having reached its end. One tile in the ceiling looked off, he noted, but it was too high for him to touch. "Can you reach that?" he asked Kingston. @Archer @Emi
  3. The disaster involved a shortage of kiwis.
  4. He's also Butt. Butt wasn't sure what to make of the change in scenery.
  5. But I also want to win before I go to sleep! Hmph. Fine. I shall deal with only a couple moments win.
  6. He currently was surrounded by a swarm of jellyfish.
  7. Butterflutter XI had written an identical show.
  8. This fellow kept confusing him. Was he mentally...okay? Eiran wasn't so sure. Before he could ponder that train of thought further, there was a cheerful DING! and they started to fall. Quickly. He wasn't quite sure how he knew it, having never been in a falling elevator before. He also was quite confused for the wrong reason. See, given that they were in a free falling elevator, inevitably they would hit the bottom. Upon hitting the bottom, depending on how far they'd fallen, the danger could be minimal or fatal. Yet, he didn't see any visions of danger from that. It made no sense. All shafts came to end. So why didn't he see that danger that he knew was coming? Unless, was it bottomless? That seemed unlikely. It surprised him how calm he'd remained, plummeting faster and faster to a possibly nonexistent bottom. "Do you understand what it says?" he asked Kingston, raising his voice to overcome the other man's scream. He had many more questions, but that one seemed the most pertinent. That word on the doors could be the difference between life and death. Not that he was seeing any death situations in the near future. Not waiting for a response, Eiran began inspecting the walls, searching for clues. Anyway to realistically get out of the elevator safely. He might have been a High Epic by a very loose definition of the term, but his prime invincibility did little in this case. It hadn't even warned him! That, in addition to the shift in music, was itching him. Why hadn't he forseen this? How would this not constitute danger? "Free falling elevator survival," he muttered to himself, remembering some old survival reading he'd done as a kid. "Don't jump. Almost impossible to time correctly. Best to lay flat in the middle. More people die using stairs than elevators. There are safety mechanisms. Each individual cable is strong enough to support the elevator. Multiple types of brakes to stave off disaster. Cushioning at the bottom too." None of it struck him as particularly useful. There didn't seem to be a bottom. The cables all were broken, apparently. And the brakes didn't appear to exist. @Emi