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  1. In some countries, it was a requirement to be allowed to teach.
  2. "I'm Aderet Celeste Blanche Addington, but no one bothers with the whole mouthful unless they're extremely stuffy. Aderet is just fine. It's a pleasure to meet you, Nnimm," she said. She tried not to stare at their odd coloration. "To my knowledge, falling through rips in the universe isn't normal. I hired a worldhopper to bring me here for company business. I'm trying to open a store for my fashion line in the city. It's surprisingly complicated." Aderet shrugged. "But that doesn't answer your question in the least. If you wanted to report that...malfunction, you could stop by the Dark Alley." She paused, her eyes doing another once over of Nnimm. "I wouldn't recommend it, though. While they tend to be intelligent, they have a habit of spiking innocent newcomers. And stealing attributes from unwilling, more exotic, victims. Not really my kind of place." Aderet looked around the bar, adding yet another reality check to her ever-growing count. "Not that this really is either." With her gloved left hand, she picked up a strand of blonde hair that had fallen on the table. She inspected it cautiously for any stickiness before tossing it over her shoulder. Tonight, she would spend quite a while decontaminating. And Aderet didn't intend to wear that light blue dress again until someone washed it five times, at the very least. Anyone or anything could have sat there before her. "Where are you from? Before you fell through a rip in the world, that is." It sounded so ridiculous. They'd fallen through a rip in the world? Anything's possible, Aderet. she reminded herself while checking the white glove she wore for stains.
  3. YES! I LOVE BOB ROSS! On two-times speed, he's a weird sort of therapeutic. Also, Please tell me you've heard this before. I will literally have this on loop for hours.
  4. wedding

    He was going on a tangent. Devolving into discussions of his childhood. Talking about the duel. Again. This wasn't going to go anywhere or accomplish anything. Surreptitiously, Freedom took a grape from the table beside her. She kept her eyes on him, the picture of perfect attentiveness. Nodding at the right moments. Smiling slightly when she ought to. Then she chucked the grape at Lusk's head. No better way to learn combat than to see how her mentor adapted to the unexpected.
  5. A fairy sprinkled fairy dust on him.
  6. era 4

    Pry ushered them through the door. On the other side, she double-locked it. They caught up to Freedom who was already on the ground level and walking in the right direction. "Alright." Compile grinned. It felt foreign on her face. She'd have to up the amount of time she wasted to prevent having worry lines by the time she was twelve. "I'll be blunt too." Compile stared straight at Crow. She increased how much zinc she was tapping. "I want you to accept me as a willing hostage in exchange for my cousins. One or two, at the very least. Then, I intend to woo you into taking me under your wing, rather than treating me as a prisoner, and educating me in the art of evil. When I'm all nice and grown up, the two of us will either have an intense argument or you will happily let me go my way and join the DA to learn Hemalurgy. I will never surpass you, but I intend to make my name known in the Cosmere. And not just as that Atium Ferring's little sister, or a footnote listing the name of one of Crow's victims. "I think that goes to your advantage quite a bit, if I may say so myself." She swallowed. Her cards were down. Now it was Crow's turn.
  7. @Darth Woodrack Aderet Celeste Blanche Addington pushed her chair back and stood up. She placed a pastel pink card on the table. An address and phone number were written on it in elegant cursive. Below them, printed, was her name, both middle names included. "Call or come over if you want to talk after letting some of this sink in. We both seem resolute in our opinions today," Aderet said. She gave him a quick smile before turning away. Not that she'd ever admit it, he'd also given her a lot to think about. And not all good things. On her way to the door, a person sitting alone caught her eye. You are not taking on another charity case, Aderet. she thought. Of course, however, Aderet ignored the rational side of her brain and sat down across from them. "I haven't seen you around here before. Are you new?" she asked, her right hand laying on top of her gloved left. Her mind protested immediately. Stupid question. You've never been to this dump before. How would you know who's new or not? You're a sight to see yourself. Where are your manners? Have they been tarnished beyond repair after only an hour in here? Too late, she argued. Taking it back now would be even less elegant. Let it go. @SingingMosaic
  8. I'm in the mood to necro something. Are you any closer to determining for sure if you're here or not? What happened to Do you think is evil? If yes, why? If no, why? Does Lusk secretly own a stuffed animal that he's kept with him from childhood? Did you intentionally not answer Ene's questions or just never get around to it? Why don't you follow your own AMA? @I think I am here.
  9. When is your earliest memory from? What is it? (If you're okay with sharing. Feel free to say no.) What is the weirdest thing you said today? Animal, mineral, or vegetable? Do you know what you want to do with your life? What is the biggest problem our world is facing, in your opinion? Which Kholin would you want as a sibling? How do you pronounce Kholin? Do you have any irrational fears? You know my thoughts on this... What did you dream about last night?
  10. Unlike Stick's Special Recipe which was recommended by 8.34592834857 out of 10 dentists.
  11. A random compilation. MB spoilers (?): Bastille:
  12. era 4

    "She knows something and she's not telling us what," Freedom said, looking at Pry. "Not everything is a trick, Free. Some things are what they appear at first glance," Pry said. She'd crossed the room and knelt down by the bookshelf. From under it, she took out a sheathed knife. Pry handed it to Freedom. "I'd give you a lecture on this weapon, but to be honest, I don't know anything about it and I don't think you care. I also don't want you to actually have to use it." Freedom put it in an inside pocket where it was accessible, but not obviously so. She didn't want to use it either. To harm another and...draw blood. She felt her mind rebelling even at the thought. No. You are getting over that "little fear of blood". she thought, remembering Lusk's distinctive description of it. It has no power over you. Just like Crow doesn't. She swallowed. "I have no right to argue with Honerva. She knows better than we do." With that Freedom strode out the door. Pry, however, waited. She didn't like the thought of leaving two strangers in the apartment where Juon and Tino still lay asleep. @Truthless of Shinovar @Chasmfiend#1 Compile started to tap zinc. "Hello, Crow," she said, standing up the swing. She walked behind it and rested her knee on the seat. Her hands clenched the chains tightly. "Thank you for coming. I'm sure this was very out of the way for you, given how busy you've been lately. I almost expected you not to show up." For once, the little girl didn't have her hair in pigtails. It lay flat, with the exception of a curl of two popping up randomly. A strand of hair fell in front of her right eye. The lock partially obscured the Ghostblood symbol on her forehead. She hoisted her other knee onto the swing and embraced the slight sway back and forth. "Why did you come? I've never considered myself all that persuasive in writing. Or in person, for that matter." Compile bit her lip uncertainly. "If you say that you came to kill me, I'm going to be quite miffed, though. I always thought you had some respect for me."
  13. Like Truthless, I haven't got a pet per se. I found this fellow grazing a couple days ago. They like to come in troops. At this point I don't see deer as a novelty--they're as common as squirrels. But other people seem to think they're cute, so here's a picture of some neighborhood wildlife that likes to call my yard home: No idea why the picture is so fuzzy, though.
  14. *takes a step back, platter of cookies clattering* We've been told off a couple times for polluting the Intro threads with Cookie Wars, but feel free to stop by the Alleyverse subforum in the RP section for a cookie (some even are certified Hemalurgy-free by TUBA, the resident sane guild (hopefully no GBs will find this and use the claim as grounds for assassination. ), like the ones I've got here) or some RPing. We'd be happy to have you! I think that's as much of a plug as I ought to stick here. Anyways, welcome to the Shard! Would you rather have Kelsier or Kaladin over for dinner?