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    Oh and making terrible metaphors. My longing to make terrible metaphors is like a hippo's longing to take a mud-bath. A nice, hot mud-bath. I should know. I'm like a hippo myself. A mud-bath would be nice right about now...
  1. "I am the Lopen, which means I am ready for anything at any time. You should know this by now." "Hey, gancho! Hey! You want me, I think. You can use me. We Herdazians are great fighters, gon. You see, this one time, I was with, sure, three men and they were drunk and all but I still beat them." "I’m an expert on one-armed Herdazian jokes. ‘Lopen,’ my mother always says, ‘you must learn to laugh before others do. Then you steal the laughter from them, and have it all for yourself.’ She is a very wise woman." "A one-armed Herdazian is still twice as useful as a no-brained Alethi." "Oh. Oh. Question for you! What did the one-armed Herdazian do to the man who stuck him to the wall? Nothing. The Herdazian was 'armless.'" "Ain’t nothing wrong with being a woman, gancho. Some of my relatives are women." "Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before pancakes." "If you’re crazy, you’re a good type, and I like you. Not a killing-people-in-their-sleep type of crazy. Besides, we all follow crazies all the time. Do it every day with lighteyes." These are all exclusively from the Lopen. Though I know Kaladin and the others have their funny moments, they're just harder to find. xD I hope this helped!
  2. My brain is slowly imploding. Why aren't there more of these?!
  3. I just signed up for Nanowrimo (national novel writing month)! I'm writing a book under the working title of "Heart Etcher" under the name "Führer Roy Mustang." I don't really know what I'm doing since this is my first time, but I'm hoping that this will teach me a lot. I'm looking forward to breaking my fingers and brain next month! :D

  4. Wow, for a second there I thought this picture was actually officially from the series. Nice work!
  5. RWBY is, like AonEne said, an "American Anime" sort of like Last Airbender is considered an anime. It has a very unique art-style by combining 3D with regular animation. RWBY stands for the four main character's names. If anyone likes anime and good storytelling, I would really suggest this series. The first few seasons are lighthearted and in good fun, with the later seasons broadening the plot. Personally, I love RWBY!
  6. I would like to second everything that everyone else has already said. <3 So much love right now.
  7. Oh my Lord! This is awesome! I love the perspective you took when drawing Kel. It's really neat and gives me a feeling I'm really far above the ground xD
  8. 3D

    I suppose that another advantage would be that a Line of Warding wouldn't be effective. They could just reach over. You'd have to use a Line of Forbiddance, which might corner you into a box. Though considering how easily wild chalklings can tear through Lines of Warding, it might not be a huge advantage compared to what they already have. Perhaps 3D "non-wild" chalklings would enable each individual chalkling to fight humans directly. What are your thoughts?
  9. I wonder if it would automatically take on both the properties of a Line of Forbiddance and Warding... That would be one awesome Circle of Forbiddance... or whatever it would be called.
  10. 3D

    Oh my dusts! You know what 3D printers are? They basically allow you to draw lines of plastic-like material in 3D shapes. I wonder if they could make an equivalent, but for chalk? That would be... dangerous. Imagine three-dimensional chalklings??? Worst. Nightmare.
  11. A lot of the students weren't paying attention in their classes yes, but a lot of them were also really bad at drawing good circles. Those who didn't pay attention, didn't succeed. It's just like with regular students. The goofs do poorly on tests, and the few freakishly devoted nerds ace them. I think the same principle applies here. Stories tend center on the abnormal people, so I guess that's why it seems that in the Rithmatist... a lot of people can draw good circles. They're just the ones that we interact with more. I liked your post though. Drawing with chalk is what Rithmatists do for fun instead of video games. xD Beautifully put.
  12. I got Skybreakers! I find this mildly amusing though, since I'm comparatively empathetic. I suppose there can be empathizing Skybreakers though. I'm actually really glad I got this; I kind of hoped I would. Description: Skybreakers are the second order of the Knights Radiant and are characterized by a strong belief in justice and a belief in absolute truth. Skybreakers tend to believe in laws created by the majority, and will frequently divide people based upon their actions with little regards to 'potential'. They have great powers of discernation. While they may come across as harsh, it's because skybreakers can have difficulty empathizing. Like Szeth, make sure that you, and those around you are able to recognize your unique talents that will carry you through life.
  13. @Jorville I'd have to say Roshar. Really any one of the Surgebinding powers is just awesome. xD
  14. Thank you all! I feel so loved Oh and my favorite Brandon Sanderson character(s) are Shallan and Kaladin. I know most people don't like Shallan, but I'm weird like that xD What's my favorite Brandon Sanderson quote? Ummmmm..... ALL of them??? Does that count as an appropriate answer? And... thank you Archer for warning me... I think?
  15. ...Me. Now you know I exist. My life is complete. Thank you