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  1. I didn't imagine it, but now that I read this, it's clear that they are the same person. How could I not see it before?
  2. Welcome! What about a map of Roshar?
  3. Yes, I saw this later. Sorry for the double-posting, this is new for me.
  4. Hi!

    Welcome you too!
  5. Hi!

    Hey, thank you!
  6. Hi!

    I know, I'm reading Warbreaker right now . I hope that with this gift I had won a friend forever XD.
  7. I have just understood that the breathes wasn't lost, they are in the object until they are used, but not lost. (I'm reading Warbreaker right now.)
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    Me? Sorry!
  9. Hi!

  10. Hi!

    My life to yours, my breath become yours :).
  11. Hi!

    I loved Kelsier, then I met Kaladin and... Now I love Kaladin more XD.
  12. Hi!