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  1. When you have a semi-major existential crisis trying to overcome a discrepancy in TFE and WoA... Ok so basically (TFE spoilers)
  2. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave
  3. Same!! I'm so excited!! (Those of you who don't know what we're talking about need to reread SoS )
  4. When your sandershelf is full...
  5. I also found a wild Sanderfan at my church today!! I brought Way of Kings because my mom likes to talk for forever after the service, and he talked to me about it!
  6. I assume so... What about Nightblood? Also congrats!!
  7. No, but that would be EPIC. I just meant that Hoid came up in the conversation.
  8. YKYASFW your text conversations occasionally include the phrase "Hoid what the [insert expletive here]" I realize I probably need to explain... My SO and I were just conversing about the Cosmere. When our boy Hoid pops his head in and I mention that one time he spent several months inside a large stomach, being digested. My SO thought that deserved the above response
  9. I was wondering if anyone had noticed that... I thought maybe it had been there forever but my computer didn't show it?? Usually y'all are super on top of it : )
  10. Sanderson's Apprentice Anyone want to write a story?
  11. Another SAO: (Sorry I keep copying people's topics, it just gets my brain going )
  12. Alternate Attack on Titan:
  13. When your new favorite emoji is the mushroom and you send large mushroom forests to all your friends with absolutely no explanation whatsoever and also respond to everything in M-Bot lines. Edit: l just started at the very beginning of Shardcast and have been listening to it for the last four straight hours. I have never felt so knowledgeable about the Cosmere.
  14. Alternate Warbreaker:
  15. So majestic The phoenix one is my name, I spent a lot of time on it