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  1. Fablehaven! Haven't read that in years. Or is it the new series?
  2. Ahh. Ahh! So many feels! nooooooooo Anyway, YKYASF when you call an aerial maneuver in Star Wars an Ahlstrom loop.
  3. Mine's sapphire too (Yay September buddies!) but I'm more of a Willshaper person (And kinda mad there isn't more about them).
  4. I once timed one of my (other) friends when she was reading a four-book series -- she finished them all in just over an hour. Decent sized books, too.
  5. I got our oboe to read all my Cosmere books (He reads SO fast it's almost scary )
  6. a ) Yay pep band!!! What do you play? (I'm an alto sax) b ) I once almost lost my copy of Elantris in the bleachers Edit: (Still can't put quotes in while editing... Regarding @Second To Last Post 's post) c ) My friends always joke that I eat books. (They're delicious )
  7. When you go on every car trip possible with your dad so you can listen to AoL together on audiobook (He's liking it so far!)
  8. My school doesn't use Kahoot often enough for me to really get a theme, but I've always wanted to play as "Hoid", win first place, and then never tell anyone it was me
  9. Here's a post so you can post again without double-posting, @Dr. Dapper Let us join in the quest to aid a fellow Sharder in getting 1000 posts legally!
  10. When you have a rose in a pewter vase (leftover from my parents' anniversary) and keep switching between thinking about Steven Universe and Mistborn. 'Cause... Rose... but pewter... Now that would be a weird crossover.
  11. Sixteen is just an all-around great number. Aside from being used in baking and nature and stuff, it's also a square number, and a member of the binary sequence. (You can divide it by 2 evenly until you get to 1 ) (Math nerd ) (That's probably why it was so cool in MB, because you could logically categorize the Allomantic metals in groups of eight, then groups of four, then groups of two...) (Math nerd again)
  12. ^Double post Also, what the rusts is homany?
  13. Uhhh... I think he's in the middle of WoA. I gave him Elantris, then TFE, and he was really confused at first because he thought they were the same series
  14. Yeah He said I'd better be ready for him to talk about it incessantly and the obvious response was that not even incessant discussion was enough to do the Cosmere justice
  15. When someone says the name "Devina" and I swear I thought he said "Vivenna" and looked around for our favorite hair-changing royal. Well, maybe second favorite. Though she did have some great development. Also, one of my friends is reading through all my Cosmere books at an insane pace (I have to give him two books at a time every couple days) (It's really great)