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  1. when you demand daily book reports from your dad, who is listening to Oathbringer in the car on audiobook. He accidentally predicted TWO of the MAJOR twists!! I was so mad. the first one was (OB spoilers, obviously) and the second one, the one that really got me, was So, in summary, I was slightly sad about that. But he really seems to be enjoying it! Also, YKYASFW you, ahem, strongly advise your dad to listen to the entire Cosmere on audiobook.
  2. lgbtq+

    Fun fact: allies have their own flag!
  3. lgbtq+

    No problem Come on guys, we gotta keep this going all of June!!! If any of y'all are at a school, do you have a GSA/Pride Club? If so, what do you do there? (My school's Pride Club is primarily a friend group but we do some activism things, plus parties )
  4. Wow, I honestly thought you already were an adult. *brain shifts axis* Also, for ≠, yeah, I know, it was just random and I thought it was funny (Gravity Falls is good but so are books, live your dream)
  5. I am so mad you get out of school so early. My last day's not until next Thursday. (Okay but honestly the most unrealistic thing about Phineas and Ferb is that?? 104 days of summer vacation??? On what planet???)
  6. 1. why the dusts is this so storming entertaining ∞: Have you seen Gravity Falls? π: Regardless of Question ∞, what is your favorite kids' cartoon? Δ: Why? µ: When did you first see it? ≠: Do I turn in my essay online or in person?
  7. lgbtq+

    Aw, you guys cheated. I'll have you know that I spent a quarter hour in Word painstakingly cropping and recoloring six distinct sections of my original white-on-black photo. I swear. Kids with their convenient photo-editing software. (Says me, a high schooler who can't for the life of them figure out how to use Photoshop)
  8. Sorry for derailing but 1) where do I find that color-changing .gif and 2) how do I overlay it on an image can someone please help me Edit: Also, when I first read the thread title, I thought it meant "hyped" like "excited" and I'm like, well, yeah, I suppose he must be pretty hyped about writing to crank out two books a year
  9. ...taldain I knew that I've been saying it like Kaladin with a T this Whole time
  10. Wrong Brandon, y'all I often imagine myself just talking to the characters in any off moment (or in the middle of a battle, ya know ) It usually ends up with "Ah storms there really isn't anything I can tell you without changing something important" Sometimes they immediately attack me, and, like, understandable but Rude
  11. Wait -- Wheel of Time is going to be a TV show???
  12. My favorite study music
  13. When you're bored in class, so, of course, you write your name in glyphs. (It's sideways, sorry)
  14. I thoroughly enjoyed Mull's books when I was younger, but coming back, I was disappointed that while the settings were stunning, all the characters were basically photocopies with different color schemes.
  15. The diagonal stripe of grayed-out cells shows you're not really serious shippers. Really serious shippers ship people with themselves. (I am 100% joking and I am also not an authority on shipping I'm only doing this for my own amusement)