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  1. I didn't take any at the con, but I can take some once I get home today
  2. Impossible. Brandon Sanderson's infinite creativity is one of the great constants of the multiverse.
  3. YKYASF when you wear your (repaired) mistcloak from last Halloween to Geek Girl Con! I got a grand total of six call-outs from people who knew what it was from. (I think I may have helped convert some of the friends of the people who recognized it ) I had a lot of fun modifying it for the convention -- I spray-painted the bronze symbol on the back with a stencil, and it leaked a little, but it looked really cool and I decided to wear modern clothes with it. Mistborn Era 3, anyone?
  4. WOW, good luck!! Points for such an incredibly ambitious goal!!
  5. Hmmmmm... It would only be a 26 hour round trip for me... When's the release again?
  6. His expression is so perfect. "YOU KNOW WHAT I-- WELL-- WELL STORM YOU THAT'S WHAT"
  7. If all else fails, go by publication date. Hard to go wrong if you do that.
  8. I listened to the audiobook on a road trip, and they did pronounce them with every vowel pronounced, like Domi was "dome-eye" and Sarene was "Sar-ee-nee". It threw me off massively, but I eventually got used to it. (The weirdest one was Kaise, which was pronounced Kay-eye-cee)
  9. !!!!! Guys I'm so excited about this !!!!!! So I got the White Sand manuscript with Brandon Sanderson's newsletter, and, around the same time, I saw a video on how to bind books. So I had the Crazy idea to reformat, print, and bind the unpublished, non-canon prose version of White Sand! I know this is probably pushing copyright laws a little, but it's not like I made any money off it -- in fact, the whole project probably cost me like $35 -- and I only made one and it took such a long time and I'm so happy and it's done!!!!! The formatting took a really long time, actually (Word is storming difficult to work with) and I gained a healthy appreciation for publishers
  10. There was one incredibly memorable morning practice last year where we couldn't see more than 5 feet in any direction, which was not helpful as none of us could see the drum majors. So... thanks, Ruin
  11. Send it to me if you do!!
  12. Alternate Kelsier Secret History:
  13. I'm always sullen.
  14. I wracked my brain for hours but I couldn't think of anything I wanted to do that a ) wasn't a mistcloak (made one last year) and b ) didn't require me to make a full suit of plate armor. So I'm doing an Attack on Titan cosplay.
  15. I don't know if this has been done or if I got the idea from this thread in the first place but just Assassination Classroom