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  1. Honestly most situations are okay as long as you have power and wifi
  2. ...I honestly think one of the reasons we hate Moash so much is because he had so much potential? Correct me if I'm wrong. But I think having him be a protagonist at first made it really gut-wrenching to see him do all the stuff. (I'm not 100% sure what this had to do with that post but, ya know, thought tangents)
  3. ... *shrug* I still like it (Seriously. Really good art. Also, I'm like 89% sure Moash is going to have some kind of redemption arc so I'm reserving judgment)
  4. a ) I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT b ) Such awesome art!!! c ) ...Who's the other guy?
  5. The only constants in life are taxes, death, and a universal hate for Dolores Umbridge.
  6. Why does everyone not like Calamity? (genuine question) I really liked it -- but then again I'm very gullible when it comes to books and will often view them through the stuff I've heard about them.
  7. Today on Materials Science Adventures: The only way I remember whether it's brass or bronze that has zinc in it is by remembering the Allomantic pairings. (Though bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, which is also an Allomantic metal... But I know the pair for tin is pewter, so that rules that out.)
  8. Yeah! I mean, the looking similar thing, totally But they have totally different personalities, of course. Who do you think more deserves a redemption arc, Soren or Claudia? SOREN Pros: Goofy, surprisingly innocent, Not involved with dark magic, had an eye-opening experience of his own fragility Cons: Kinda a manipulative jerk CLAUDIA Pros: Super loyal to family, also kinda innocent in her own way Cons: The dark magic thing, plus I'm not sure whether using dark magic actually transforms a person (see Callum's trippy dream)
  9. I love how he started writing Stormlight 4 before finishing outlining it. Seems like something I would do (Of course, if he needs to he can edit it later) Also I'm so mad I didn't see that on my own! I've been checking like three times a day!
  10. One of my favorite things about Sanderson books is that there are very few characters that can be easily defined as "evil". Yes, Moash is a jerk, but he was driven to it. Yes, Amaram is a liar and a hypocrite, but he is, in his own way, trying to save the world. TLR was trying to preserve humanity (and I do NOT agree with his methods, but he did give it a good shot). Honestly, I think the only characters that can be truly defined as classic villains are Ruin and Odium. Possibly all the Shards, since they are literally incapable of being anything other than their Intent. Everyone else is pretty much just a person with different goals. And the interaction and/or clashing of those goals is what causes conflict.
  11. Okay -- Odium, as a concept, is indeed pretty cool. So's Ruin. They have solid logic woven into their outlooks and provide an interesting look into what people would be like if they only had one aspect of a personality.
  12. David and Syl... Would probably get along great and get nothing done. Tia and Jasnah... Wow that's scary. Jasnah on caffeine. Kelsier and Dusk. Wait, no. That should never happen. Lopen and Wayne... Utter chaos.
  13. I Love All Of Themmmmmmm But overall, I think SA has the richest worldboulding and most well-thought-out character development. It just weaves together really well.
  14. Assassination Classroom (an anime that I have seen 1.5 episodes of)