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  1. Good quiz! 76%Elsecaller 53%Lightweaver 33%Skybreaker 29%Bondsmith 24%Edgedancer 17%Dustbringer 16%Truthwatcher 11%Stoneward 6%Willshaper 0%Windrunner
  2. Diving bell spider is a species of spiders that lives underwater, and use its silk to create a diving bell (thus the name). Maybe spiders on Roshar are acquatic and lives in coastal environments (and / or at purelke) ? They can survive storms underwater
  3. A Lurcher\Coinshot can go to the beach and search for lost metal item being a human metal detector. Lurchers don't even need to dig to retrive the items
  4. Nicroburst ... not what i have expected, but cool i think
  5. the alloy of law, perfect balance between humor and compelling story
  6. alloy of law spoiler: the scene when Wax and Harmony have a talk about divine intevertion and free will during the battle at Vanishers' base, Wax ask for more help from Harmony and he see his trunk with the mistcoat and his guns just near where he was hiding and Harmony just say "you're welcome"
  7. definitely Vasher. I'm grumpy just like him
  8. it comes from the worms living in the fruits of the plant. I have no proof of that, but i think that the place where the aviar get their talents is also a perpendicularity: it would explain why all the aviar go to that specific spot to get those worms and also Dusk tells that "All minds in this place are invisible, always, regardless of Aviar" so definetly a special place, that on shard worlds often means perpendicularity, but obiouvsly i can be wrong
  9. i don't think that the hair's color can be used for an awakening, in warbreaker the color used to awaken something is taken from an unliving object or from an entire corpse when creating a lifeless (like the fur of the squirrel used by Vasher), so i think that if somebody uses is own color to fuel an awakening his skin and body hair will eventualy turn grey (if this is possible). Maybe it possible to use the hair if you first cut it off so it became a " organic objects that are far removed from having been alive " not unlike an scarf made out of cotton
  10. Thanks to everyone yes please, i love cookies mmm...maybe not... it seems full of metal spikes... hard question. I think i'll go with "mistborn: the alloy of law" i will check it out for sure
  11. Hi to everyone, i'm a big cosmere fan but unfortunately i have hooked only one of my friends and he is really behind in reading the books so i decided to register on this forum so i can discuss Branderson's works with others