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  1. Seeing as how we’ve only observed physical manifestations of cognitive beings as a result of direct human cognitive perception happen on Roshar, is it possible the separation between the Physical and Cognitive Realms on Roshar is much thinner than normal? Nowhere else in the cosmere have we seen human perception direct concepts into becoming cognitive beings, and then physically manifest.
  2. I think that the Court of Gods painting Kaladin saw in Celebrant was the one Lightsong himself saw depicting the battle with a black sword (Nightblood). It had/has a lot of red lines, and only Lightsong, a heavily Invested being, could see the image. Regular people seeming only saw abstract art, and Kaladin isn’t “regular”.
  3. When Dalinar first questions the Stormfather about the Sibling, He says “No! You hurt them enough!”. Bit of a stretch, but considering who Dalinar had just been hurting at the time (or at least relatively recently hurting), there might be some connection between the Singers and the Sibling. Considering Venli was already given the ability of Connection via envoyform, it makes sense for her to bond the Sibling if it was somehow related to the Parshendi. Maybe the realization that the Singers were the original Rosharans is what made the Sibling withdraw in the first place, because it associates with what is percieved as the natives of Roshar. (Cognitive Realm, becase spren are cognitive beings? Stretch, but that’s what I have.)
  4. @Llarimar Just think of Dalinar. Newly triumphant, having resisted becoming Odium’s Champion, he now has to fight his own son, one who was said to be so much like him. Adolin finally fell to both the pressures of living up to his father’s reputation, and the guilt at the expression of pure hatred he had at Sadeas’ murder, all the while without an ounce of regret. In fact, knowing Renarin bonded some seemingly twisted spren, it would be fitting Odium’s greatest blow would not be against him directly, but by turning his support, his “Kholin family dynamic” that strengthened him, against him.
  5. I don’t really have any evidence for this assumption, at least not hard evidence. However, in the scene where he accidentally walks in on Shallan in a nightgown, I noticed something odd he said. He said, “...my name is Adolin Kholin, I was born under the sign of the nine...” Knowing Brandon, I wouldn’t dismiss this as coincidence out of hand. We know Braize, Odium’s Invested planet, is related to the number nine. Since Preservation’s number was 16, Honor seems to be 10, while Odium is 9. Nine shadows of his Champion, Nine Unmade, etc. We have WoB on that, can’t find it. Anyway, what is “the sign of nine”? Why does it happen that a main character, who has had nothing special happen to him as an individual thus far (at least in comparison) suddenly mention this supposedly unimportant fact in passing? Coincidence? Not likely.
  6. This thought just occured to me. If Endowment is tearing off chunks of itself to bestow Breath, then in theory, could someone collect a maximum amount of breaths and Ascend to Endowment?
  7. Thanks! I’ll edit that now.
  8. As I was re-reading WoK, I noticed Taravangian say something odd. When he revealed himself to Szeth, he says “Sometimes I wonder if the Lifebrother himself sent you to me.” To which Szeth replied, “To bloody myself so that you wouldn’t have to. Yes, that sounds like something one of your Vorin gods would do. Knowing that people associate Stormfather with Jezrien, who is worshipped in Vorinism, could the Lifebrother be the Sibling? The name pattern is similar. Stormfather, Nightwatcher, and now Lifebrother. And if the Sibling was necessary for “life” to survive on Urithiru, then the name is also appropriate. I haven’t seen any other reference to this outside of this scene. So the question is, could the Lifebrother be the Sibling?
  9. I know duralumin immediately burns away all reserves of a metal in a “supercharged” blast. Does anyone know what might happen if you flared it? Could that extend the effects of any duralumin-enhanced metals or make the effects more potent? Side Question: What could happen if you burned duralumin and aluminum?
  10. From my understanding, all of the Shardworlds so far have been in the same galaxy. If its a possibility that other galaxies exist, could it mean Adonalsium is also a Splinter of a much greater power?