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  1. I am quite fond of Moash's character as one who made opposite choices along the path to Kaladin, as they diverge further, I wish they will end up in very different places instead of Moash becoming a Singer's Kaladin (please don't) or get to redeem somehow by sacrifice for/ helping/ saving the main group etc. Sometimes I just have random plot ideas that sounds cool to me but probably won't make sense in the book.
  2. I personally don't like redeem arcs so I wish to see Moash being convinced that he is Odium's champion but later discarded when the real champion rises, he eventually has to deal with all his guilt and stuff but it has all been too late to turn back.
  3. Dalinar is my husband and I burn for him. Have a crush on TLR. Like to read about Nale and Vasher/Nightblood. Ship Adolin and Kaladin.
  4. For some reasons, I always picture Shallan with black hair and Jasnah with dark red hair, Kelsier with black/ brown hair, Hoid being quite short, Kaladin having short hair, Szeth being very Asian (basically a ninja)
  5. I don't know if it's relevant or not but the Ire has methods to shield devices from shards, so perhaps the same effect could be done in rosharan magic, honor sensed the thing disappeared (plus he is losing his mind) and thought it's gone?
  6. That's what I thought, perhaps the Aimians hided the dawnshard from either unmade or KR, the scouring happened because someone/some party tried to find the weapon but didn't know where exactly to find, so they destroyed everything in sight to look for it (and if the Aimians actually hided the dawnshard from everyone else, there was a good chance they will be accused for being involved with the enemy or something like that, thus "scour" not "tragedy").