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  1. If the Lord ruler was proficient in all 16 metals and forced Vin to burn Aluminum before she was brought to him (showing that he had knowledge of more than the basic eight metals) why didn't he use Cadmium or Cerrobend at any point in the book? He could have used it to kill her without much effort.
  2. In honor of Shdows of Self being released, I made a video inspired by the scene in Alloy of Law where Wax chases the train. Enjoy!
  3. I think Calamity IS a shard. Calamity is just the human name for it. Remember that we don't know all of the 16 shards yet. This could be a shard that has drifted out of the dwarf galaxy of the Cosmire and entered the Milky Way. Maybe there will be more hints in the Cosmire books.
  4. I was swamped for 1 1/2 hours tonight.

  5. Come January, I will be taking comedy writing classes at Second City so I can write my feature film!

  6. Just sniped an eBay product. My heart was racing.

  7. To my followers, sorry for that tweet spam. I'm trying to organize something.

  8. Saw The Hobbit last night. It was incredible! So glad I marathoned the original trilogy first. I loved all the throwbacks.

  9. Just heard about the school shooting. I feel so bad for all those families.

  10. "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" is my favorite non-religious Christmas song.

  11. If old hardware is still probable for the new Smash Bros., I want Virtual Boy to be a playable character.

  12. Have I ever mentioned that I think Taylor Swift is hot? Because I do.

  13. Derpy made a cameo in my dream last night.

  14. Because the way Extra Credits talks about it makes it sound boring.

  15. The amount of stress I feel right now is through the roof.