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  1. Thanks to Argent for suggesting downsizing the images, turns out the Shard doesn't like things that are close to 8000x4000 pixels at 300 DPI. Day one: Day two:
  2. That could be. I don't know how to downsize them, though, I just work at large sizes on Photoshop. I'll look that up, thanks.
  3. I'm trying to post my Inktober drawings, and I get the error message "upload failed" when I try to add them to a post. I've tried saving them at low quality and saving them as PNGs. I haven't had this problem before, and I was posting Swordtember drawings not three days ago. I used .jpg and high quality for both my Inktober and Swordtember posts. What is going on?
  4. Hello! I'm Axe, back at it again with another month of daily art. I'm a bit behind already, since I had no time on the first day, but by tomorrow I should be nice and caught up. For this challenge, I'm drawing a different scene for each prompt, following someone's adventure. I chose to draw a white wolf for this. Here's the prompt list if you want to follow along at all: The website won't let me upload my day one for some reason, so I'll try again tomorrow. Let's hope.
  5. Day thirty: skull.
  6. Day twenty-nine: crown. Based off the Crowns of Baekje in South Korea.
  7. I appreciate that as well. I've been on the Shard for 4.5 years and had only one day won for the longest time, but I won five days in the last month doing these. Feels very special.
  8. Thank you! I have been putting a lot of time into them, pft.
  9. Day twenty-eight: asymmetrical. A bunch of previous ones were asymmetrical too, but this one is (I suppose) especially so.
  10. Day twenty-seven: pattern.
  11. Apparently people had trouble getting Aether of Night? I just sort of ended up with it, I've had the manuscript for three years or so.

  12. Day twenty-six: wood.
  13. Day twenty-five: spider. TW: spider.
  14. I won another day. What is happening.

    1. Robin Sedai

      Robin Sedai

      Your swords are cool :D

    2. Sherlock Holmes

      Sherlock Holmes

      I suppose they must be, if people like them this much. I think one new person every three days goes through and likes a bunch of them.

  15. Ah, Shadiversity. I'm getting back into watching stuff from overly enthusiastic middle-aged men, so I might end up watching more of his stuff soon. Most of my interest in the medieval era falls outside of Europe, so I found his informational stuff increasingly less useful as it went along.