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    Writing Patrick Rothfuss-esque fantasy, and adding sailor's lore and ship-chickens for good measure. Drawing dragons. Reading fantasy (duh); Robin Hobb, Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson, J.R.R. Tolkien, Tui T. Sutherland, Brian Jacques, etc. Finding out how well skateboards can work through an inch of snow and/or ice. My favorite Sanderson characters are, in order: Kelsier, Kaladin, Wayne, MeLaan, Vasher, and Szeth.

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  1. Do you even Lift, bro?
  2. “If je had allies, I don’t know of them. Except for the Jackal, of course.”
  3. So am I trying to mess with you, or should you do more research?
  4. “The Waiter is dead, and his body was burned to ashes, as I recall.”
  5. Hello, everyone. Post a response to the question that follows if you’re a TUBA member. Would you rather be a millennial or a gen Y?
  6. Weird how those are almost in order of when they happen, but backwards.
  7. Because I don’t do anything on Wednesdays except for pick up dog poop and sleep.
  8. For me: Thursday, Tuesday, Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday.
  9. Those are my two favorite days, but I like Mondays as well.
  10. guild

  11. guild

    "Okay," Dan said, following Shae.
  12. guild

  13. guild

    Dan, Shae, and some Chaos Marines appeared on the path between the church and the bunker. “So, uh,” Dan said to Shae, “we should probably reset the thing to the way it was.”
  14. era 3

    @Grey Knight
  15. era 3

    “I do,” Dan said, smiling and continuing to purr.