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  1. main plot

    Seom examined her for wounds.
  2. Agreed.
  3. Yes, and I get to kill people!
  4. main plot

    "Sure thing," Seom said, hopping down from the rock she'd been perched on. She walked over to where Bella was and looked her over.
  5. main plot

    "W-- oh, uh, Bella?" Seom asked as she looked over to where Mike was.
  6. main plot

    Tena almost jumped. Almost. "That sounds terribly religious, and sorry, honey, no god has ever done me any good." Tena analyzed the man there as she rocked her baby gently. Red lightning meant Parsh, so he had a gemheart. That Shardblade was likely either corrupted, or Awakened. She kept the corner of her eye on the floor where it had hit, watching to see what happened to the floor. She took a step back and held her baby to her chest, but did not look at her husband as she spoke to him. "Ani, my love, come here and take Sol." @RayOfSunshine
  7. main plot

    "I don't either," Tena said with a sigh, leaning her head back and huffing.
  8. main plot

    "Fine," Tena said. She glanced at Ani. "You alright, honey?"
  9. main plot

    Tena rolled her eyes at Anthony and slapped him on the cheek. "Man up. She's your daughter, I'm sure you can look her in the eyes." She turned to Ambrosia. "I can see that. So, game plan is is that we're not going anywhere, but we're going to be prepared to leave if need be. Silas didn't give any reason, and something might have happened to him to make him go crazy." She shrugged.
  10. main plot

    Tena took her and cradled her, looking down at her baby and letting out a sigh of relief. There was always a faint edge of unease in her until she could hold her baby, really know that Sol was still there. "So, how have you two been doing?" Tena asked her husband and daughter-in-law.
  11. main plot

    "Good to know," Tena said, looking over the babies to reassure herself. "Hey, darling," Tena said when Ani came down the stairs. She held out her arms. "Sol." @RayOfSunshine
  12. main plot

    "Hello, dear," Tena said, cracking a smile at Ambrosia. "Are my granddaughters okay? Also," she raised her voice, "Ani, come down here!" Seom nodded and headed off to find and help whatever soldiers she could with her med kit.
  13. main plot

    "What should I do..." Seom asked Mike. "I only have so many goldminds on me. Also, when all this calms down, I am going to learn how to use a sword or a gun or something." @Sorana
  14. I realize that this thread exists and walk in. "What's going on..."
  15. main plot

    Tena kept running and eventually got to her house. She'd had steps installed last year, as she could no longer Steelpush her way up. She jogged up the steps and walked into her house, closing the door behind her. "Ambrosia?" @RayOfSunshine