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  1. Guys, I swear that there were only like three people in the Alleyverse who were there longer than me and weren't active when I started, and now all the new people must be constantly not-around most of the veterans. Huh.

  2. Literally in shock that y'all still exist and thanks to Bearer of all Agonies (what a name) and Truthless of Shinovar for the happy birthday, I appreciate it quite a bit. I'm going to have been on the Shard for three years in two months, everyone call me an old man when that happens.

    1. Doomstick


      old men unite! :P

  3. Are you a Spambot?

    Happy Birthday!

    1. Sherlock Holmes

      Sherlock Holmes

      Yo I have no idea why that image posted five times, that was an actual artwork I put like five hours into

  4. Happy birthday!! I know you’re Brandon Sanderson in disguise why else would you guys share a birthday

  5. I was reading Sanderson when I was ten, I think. And I've known a Sharder who was ten, but he's long gone. By the way, hi, I'm Axelius and I don't post much anymore.
  6. Talon is chilling and drinking wine, waiting anyone worth his interest to show up so he can seduce them. He had a little mask that made his eyes look like a hawk's.
  7. Talon was looking over at the customer curiously, wondering how he'd get the man into bed. If the man wanted it, of course, and he didn't see any reason why he wouldn't. He waited to be called for or addressed, polishing a bottle. @bees?
  8. Talon nodded. "What sort of drink and meal are you thinking?" He slid a menu in front of the strange man, smiling at him. "Call me over if you need anything." He swayed a few steps away, a little irritated about how bartending rules kept him from being too incredibly forward with costumers.
  9. Talon looked up from his washing of the dishes, sensing something odd. He poked his head out of the kitchen and saw a wildly attractive man stroll right into the building. He tapped his chin for a moment, grinning, then finished up the dishes quickly and headed out to lean against the bar. He allowed himself a slight smile, absently watching the handsome dude while he looked around at the other customers.
  10. Two days ago was my Shardiversary! Thank you all for being lovely to me while I've been on this website, I've met an incredible amount of wonderful friends here and I am beyond appreciative. 

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    2. Elend  Venture

      Elend Venture

      *sees that you failed to notice the sword*

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      Happy belated shardaversary!!!!!!

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      Happy belated Shardiversary! ^_^

  11. My characters for the Fatebreaker era: Tena and Talon! Tena got switched up quite a bit. Her wifey is in Lith's post above this one. Talon is basically the same over the normal universe and the alternate one. Hit me up with some thoughts. I know Talon isn't a typical AV character, but he's not intended to be one. Love u guys!
  12. Dan yawned and sat up, having slept the night curled up around Shae. "Hm... Shae, wake up, please. I wanna do something." @ShadowLord_Lith