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  1. Dan yawned and sat up, having slept the night curled up around Shae. "Hm... Shae, wake up, please. I wanna do something." @ShadowLord_Lith
  2. Tena rolled her eyes. Of course you are. Make yourself something, I'm sure you can manage it. She listened to Ambrosia and Talas idly, mostly just smiling at the icon of Ani on her phone.
  3. Tena nodded. Right. And how are you? @Arcc1002
  4. Tena watched this whole scenario and heaved a sigh. She was glad they were recovering, at least a little. She texted her husband. Ay there, how is the little wolf? Her nickname for her daughter was one of the more odd things she did nowadays, and that fact made her uneasy. @Ark1002
  5. Tena listened, holding her baby and rocking her gently. This was going to be rough... She wanted them all to be happy, since they were all family. But this sort of situation was one she'd never seen turn out well. I have to try and help, but they need to say what they have to say first.
  6. guild

  7. Tena jumped to her feet and stared as Sol woke up and glared at Tena. Tena gently petted her daughter's head, looking at Ambrosia in shock. She knew she'd regret jumping so fast later... Onyx seemed to have spasmed in her belly. That wasn't good. "Si-- Talas? There she is..."
  8. "Pft, who you do think you're talking to, an ex-mobster?" She chuckled, then looked at him seriously.
  9. "Shoot," Tena said, looking at her son intently and rocking her daughter gently when she started waking up.
  10. Tena shrugged. "I still wish I could've been better. And you, kiddo, are fully in control of yourself right now. So you can choose to let what happened in the past affect your actions. If you want to be a good dad, whatever that means to you, it's within your power. Okay?"
  11. Tena sighed. "I guess. I tried to be a good mom and dad, but... only so much I can do." She shrugged. "I didn't really have a dad either, for a long while. I'm sorry you had to deal with that too."
  12. "Are you insulting my mothering abilities?" She looked at him seriously, lifting her daughter slightly.
  13. "Yeah," Tena said. She was silent for a moment, looking at Talas curiously. "You're a good kid." She reached over and ruffled his hair, smiling.
  14. Tena shrugged. "But I want all of you to be happy, and I guarantee that your kids will be happier if they have a dad, if he's a good dad." She looked at him resolutely, cocking an eyebrow.
  15. "Oh..." Tena said. "That is... I'm sorry. I don't think I've heard anything from Ambrosia either. I hope she's okay... Do you think you could get along with her again if she shows up?"