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  1. Dan nodded, and they went to the chapel. Yay! With Dan stressing the whole time. Yay!
  2. Dan nodded, walking to the chapel and holding Shae's hand happily. He loved Shae... a lot. The thought of losing him made Dan want to curl up and fall asleep, and he hated that weakness. He hated being afraid. He pulled Shae a little closer. "I love you so much... I promise I'll keep you safe..."
  3. "I won't ever leave you," Dan said, hugging Shae back, then trailing his fingers over Shae's scar. "This makes you mine." He moved his hand up to his own mark. "And this makes me yours." He smiled, perking his ears. "We serve each other. It's our duty as family." He licked Shae's forehead, blushing and smiling. He felt better now... He liked reminding himself that Shae was his, and it always made everything better.
  4. Dan nodded. "Of course." He gently ran his hand through Shae's hair. "I love you... I don't know if I'll be able to stop saying that..." He smiled, looking at Shae with concern and something almost sad in his eyes. He loved Shae so much, and he wanted to be Shae's world like Shae was his... but Shae didn't want to talk to him first. He supposed that that was fine, though. Even if it hurt. @ShadowLord_Lith
  5. Mumford and Sons Sigh No More album, specifically "Roll Away Your Stone".
  6. Happy birthday to you!

    Happy birthday to you!

    Happy birthday dear Sherley,

    Happy birthday to you.

    And many more...:lol:

  7. Dan took them off for him, confused by them.
  8. Dan carried him to his nest, then laid him down there and started to kiss him and snuggle him and try to make him feel better. He was bad at this, but he was trying...
  9. Dan was there in about a minute, and swept Shae up in the biggest, tightest, happiest hug of all time. "Baby, oh Sisters, oh Sisters, I missed you! Are you okay? Please?" He licked up Shae's tears, grinning. And also wanting to cry.

    I know it's tomorrow, but I like saying happy birthday before Luna can beat me. -_-


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  11. Taldan nodded and got onto Gallen's horse behind the man.
  12. Axel's guy followed Gallen.
  13. Tralda nodded, and stood.