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  1. Holy plot twist, Batman! Uncle Brandy caught up with the circus one day, and was surprised to see Butt Venture waiting for him.
  2. They traveled the land and became known as one of the worst best traveling circuses in all the land, with Mother Pineapple their star acrobat. @Voidus
  3. Your opinion has been recorded, and ignored. Thank you for your time.
  4. I am still of the opinion that Tolkien wins the duel, because of Ungoliant, the Dragons, and Tom Bombadil! @Voidus
  5. @#Voidapple! I demandth an answer from thee! If Tena were to die, would you prefer for her to be a Cognitive Shadow, or return as a male?
  6. You say that, and yet... Also, Tena would kill me if I made her divorce Anthony (spoiler: she loves him), so there is that.
  7. Gorram it, Ark! Fine, Tena’ll marry Anthony, but if he goes evil again be aware that I have an NPC with +640 points (that Archer allowed), and I am not afraid to use him.
  8. Don’t think that it’s not true Ark. I have divorce documents, and I’m not afraid to use them!
  9. Windrunners: Oh my god, family! Is anyone hurt? Who’s not here and why, did they get hurt? Can I go help them? Skybreakers: Everyone get in an orderly line, so we can take a proper picture! I saw those bunny ears, Eric! You shall pay! Dustbringers: *knocks everyone over in haste to get to the food* Edgedancers: *finds the person in the corner* Hey there, you feeling left out? Well, let me CHEER you up! Truthwatchers: *sits in corner reading nervously* Lightweavers: Yes, eat the cake! *everyone passes out because of drug said Lightweaver put in cake* Elsecallers: Everyone, check out this latest thing I made! No, don’t ignore me! Willshapers: Guys, this is a picture of me in NYC, Beijing, London... etc. etc. Stoneward: I stand. I am strong. Against the tide of people I stand. Bondsmith: Family pictures!
  10. Ahem. I saw this. I will find you and kill you.
  11. voidapple forever

  12. This I am still asking myself.
  13. Thankfully, all of my characters rely on skills instead of magic.
  14. He brings up a good point. @Ark1002
  15. A LOT. Though I did most of it. Just kidding.