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  1. It was the Ghostblood pledge, and all of those who had sung were now sworn Ghostbloods.
  2. Take the classic Alleyverser path: have six characters just in case mayhem ensues. *ahem* *ahem* @Ark1002
  3. I’ll do them, but I’m expecting a load of upvotes from y’all. That was sarcastic. But seriously.
  4. Sorry, Clae. I’ll do that. @JacobClaessen I’m going to work on solo portraits for a lot of the characters. At least, the ones I’m familiar with.
  5. I’ve collected the bios of my three characters (with guild affiliations). Tena Seom Dru Yes, I added another character. My three girls are ready.
  6. You should see the backstory for one of my side characters if you want a really long one. He also has a points total of 650.
  7. That one is super cool, Mr Mafia. I love it. Probably one of the most unique backstories of any character in the Alleyverse.
  8. While Uncle Brandy watched, drinking vodka.
  9. I question you something: why is your first post in 2015 when you apparently joined in April of 2018? 

  10. Heh. The Newcago Court is kind of just the Newcago Court. Beyond description. Not really. Queen Elsa Steelheart rules it with non-canonical powers (the powers Elsa has in Frozen). The Chaos Marines are hers to command, but she never does. We used to host parties and sledding competitions and othersuch a while ago, before Steelheart went inactive. Now the thread is dead. @King Taravangian, did that clear it up?
  11. Actually, KRs get their Shardblades after swearing the Third Ideal. Just had to correct you there. @Blessed peace
  12. The ability to start a new guild is within anyone's reach. I tried it, for goodness's sake! @Voidus
  13. I find this funny, since I edited it a few days ago to make it clear. It’s on page six or seven with the STRING OF CAPITALIZED WORDS, but not bolded ones.
  14. Have you read the doc I linked to you, Archer? If so, you know who the father is. @Archer