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  1. Yeah, art is different for everyone.
  2. main plot

    She snored rather loudly and kept sleeping.
  3. main plot

    Seom had found herself a mat and was asleep on it. @Sorana
  4. He was also a dog, which was awesome.
  5. main plot

    "I want to nap," Seom pointed out. @Sorana
  6. main plot

    Seom gave Mike an apple and a protein bar, then gave Wes the same. @Sorana
  7. It's yo birthday? 

    Happy birthday!

  8. Tfw your boyfriend is super old...

  9. main plot

    Seom walked out with some apples and proteins bars.
  10. Secret History may or may not be one of my favorites in the Cosmere. Also, welcome! Try not to eat any spiked cookies!
  11. Uh, yeah... our cookies tend to be a bit more dangerous than most... Ah, also, welcome to madness! Enjoy the complimentary baguette!
  12. First off: Your art is awesome! The lighting and shadows are very well done, the anatomy is correct, and the colors are excellent. As a fan of more comic-y styles (tamisrandom or rebelflet on Tumblr), the lack of linework makes things a little less good, though I'm incredibly picky when it comes to art, so... don't listen to me about that. Second off: Out of the paintings you posted here, the wolf one in the spoiler tag is my favorite. It has linework and correct anatomy (yeah, yeah... I'm obsessive about anatomy), and I love wolves, and the color scheme fits. Third off: I love the painting of the evergreens and night sky. The contrast is excellent. Thanks for showing us the art! It's really cool to see how other artists' styles affect how their works look.
  13. main plot

    "Sure," Seom said. "One sec." She walked off in the building they were in, which was a clothing store. @Sorana
  14. main plot

    SON I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU'RE DEAD AMBROSIA WILL KILL YOU, Tena texted Silas when he didn't reply. @bees?