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  1. @King Cole - Thought this might be a good place to find kindred spirits
  2. As a former jRPG player, I know healers/support are key, but often a far less glamourous role
  3. Solid answers! I'm also in the Shallan/Jasnah camp. But I also don't know if Shallan is quite right for Jasnah. I go back and forth I guess. Healing magics are often underplayed
  4. Thanks for the upvote! And I will give the meme thread a look for sure. Alleyverse politics? wow - I will likely stay neutral since I'm mainly looking to theorize. But at a brush I would say I value non-Hemalurgic cookies. I think I would combust
  5. Another random question - how do I find friends on this? I have some people I know from goodreads and I want to find them and follow them around
  6. Fav Sanderson book is a tricky one for me actually. It will be an SA one, but I can't decide on which of the three. But I will probably have to go with The Way of Kings. It is the book I've read the most and think about the most. The themes in that series just speak to me. Fav world/magic system - so many to pick from. Roshar is a strong contender, but It would have to be Scadrial. Fav pairings - well I really think Odium and Hoid should hook up... just kidding. I actually really love Syl and Kaladin's relationship - but don't know if I "ship" them perse since I think they both need something else out of a long term relationship. You? I'm sure you've answered that question before
  7. I consider myself warned. By way of thank you - here is a cookie... See what I did there?
  8. Homecoming and Alvin Maker are particularly heavy handed. But back to the Zeroth law of magic - are there cases where the three laws of magic are followed, but the zeroth isn't? I'm drawing a blank
  9. @RShara - Thank you kindly! And so much to think about
  10. That is interesting - Cards work in particular is littered with LDS references - like frustratingly so. I don't pick up on it as much with some of the other LDS authors. Regardless, good luck with your paper and with subsequent med school
  11. Ok, not to sound emotionally fragile or something, but I'm new to this kind of forum (most of my interaction to date has been on goodreads). It seems to me that the biggest obstacle I have is how much content there is on this thing. I can easily lose myself in here if I'm not careful. Any particularly great threads? Also, it seems like the only real cardinal sin is not doing your research to see if you are posting in the right place or if there is an existing thread already. Any other run rules?
  12. hmmm... as an LDS person myself I'm now curious about what the course is about.
  13. @RShara: Well said all the way around. And I have loved the various art interpretations. And can I add - that this makes me so very sad. I read the prose version a while ago and loved it! I consider this one of my top 1,000 favorite cosmere books and I'm an avid follower of everything from this world. These graphic novels are just such a let down. I had convinced myself after the first one that I was just unfamiliar with the medium. But I have grown to actively loath these infernal things.
  14. I'm feeling super behind - where do we learn that Braize is base 9. I know in OB we see Odium is base 9, but didn't connect that to Braize. Gosh I need to reread OB again don't I?
  15. I was just going to point that out - and I actually don't think we know even a drip of Hemalurgy's potential