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  1. When I read the Reckoners for the first time, I had just finished The Office for the first time, so in my head they looked like various characters from The Office. Prof was Oscar David
  2. Shinovar was transformed into the way it is because Honor and Cultivation used magic to make it habiatable for humans, so my guess is that that same magic is what's allowing the continent to move without eventually losing all of Shinovar's soil
  3. Rare photo of the Returned known as Warbreaker, Colorized
  4. That would require a custody battle and some Skybreakers
  5. Hes dead inside
  6. All Returned died at some point, so I thought: why not? Shashara
  7. Susebron
  8. Allriane Next clue please
  9. Honor's Drop is star on top
  10. Telrii Next clue
  11. The black sphere is the portal to the Reckonerverse which will finally confirm the Calamity is a Shard
  12. Speaking as a student, do NOT give them Stormlight. The moment those kids see a 1000+ page book, they're gonna give up. I mean we already give up when the books are 200+
  13. I like it. If any shard were to come down and be with humanity, it would be Sazed. Except he wouldn't have a fullborn body. He would recreate his original body and wear his Terri's robes and just have a nice quiet day in the park