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  1. Could you just list some of the important characters I'll meet in the beginning so that I won't spend too much time memorizing side characters who barely show up?
  2. Months ago, I started the first Wheel of Time book, got bored, and dropped it. This happens a lot when I start a new series like Way of Kings of Game of Thrones. I just get overwhelmed by all the new names and locations. Could you guys tell me everything I need to know about the world and who the important characters are? No spoilers please. All I remember is a man turning into a mountain in the prologue and some sort of festival in chapter 1.
  3. This is probably not a very important question, but its one that's been bugging throughout my quarantine reread. Why is Sadeas' camp so disorganized? His markets are sloppy and randomly put together, his soldiers go around without taking good care of their uniforms, and their disheveled environment encourages them to be unprofessional and drunk. Surely Sadeas knows that enforcing some rules would make his soldiers more effective? So why does he do it? The only reason I could think of was to be a contrast to Dalinar's army and show the war camps how needless his Codes are. But it seems to me that there are too many negatives in having a sloppy camp that makes proving a point worth it. And everyone know Dalinar has the best troops in the armies anyways, so why bother with it?
  4. So let's say there's a person whose addicted to nicotine. Then, they bond with a spren and get access to stormlight healing. Like Teft, this person's addiction has become a part of his spiritual identity, so it can't be healed by stormlight. If this person smoked and then sucked in stormlight, would the stormlight remove the nicotine like it removed alcohol from Shallan? If it did wipe away the nicotine, would the surgebinder feel withdrawal symptoms, or would the stormlight prevent those symptoms? If stormlight didn't heal the withdrawal symptoms, what would happen if the surgebinder was a heroin addict, where the withdrawal symptoms could kill them? Would the stormlight actually cause the surgebinder to die? Or would it keep the surgebinder from dying, but also not heal the withdrawal symptoms, keeping them on the verge of death?
  5. What does SR mean?
  6. Quick question: Do we know if any of the unrevealed Shards are dead/splintered?
  7. I know you can lower the difficulty mid battle, but I dont know if that's a permanent change or if you can switch it back to hard mode later. I've only played it on easy mode because of exactly what you said and it's only my second FE game, but then I realized it was VERY easy
  8. I'm still pretty early in the game so no spoilers but what house are you in? Golden Deer all the way!
  9. Seems like a serious health concern
  10. Theres a bad stigma in Rosharan society against Releasers and I dont want us to share that stigma, so I would like to see Lirin become a Releaser so that not only could they show the world a good Releaser, but also one who avoids violence. And I could see him using division to remove dead/infected flesh seeing as how hes a surgeon and aahspren like to look inside things. Plus it would match what all the Hearthstone folk said about him doing surgery was "unnatural"
  11. Alright I changed it a little bit
  12. I hope cursing is allowed Kaladin: We need you to take us to Thaylen so I can save Dalinar Captain Ico: I refuse! I have to bring Syl to the capital Kal: Dalinar is a Bondsmith and he bonded to the Stormfather Ico:
  13. Normally I'm a pretty nice guy, but if we're sharing popcorn, and I see you eat some before the movie starts....well you better be ready to face my rage
  14. Thanos wears his gauntlet on his left hand because he's secretly a devout Vorin woman and just wants to keep it covered. That's why he never takes it off