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  1. Susebron as Odium would be the worst as in he would be consumed with hatred, but since he has the brain of a child, the worst he could think of would probably be like pushing them to the ground. Any of the 5 Scholars would be terrifying as Dominion, and especially Ambition considering what they did in their life. I bet Cultivation would be a good fit for them too but that's not worst case scenario
  2. Ah well it was a fun round anyway! My Returned name is Skyborn the Free
  3. @Paranoid King @Toaster Retribution thanks for everything guys! This was a great round!
  4. Sorry I didn't do much of that whole theatre setting thing
  5. Oh Shakespeare, my old nemesis. I never thought I'd have to work with you to win a rap battle Edit: Storms! I was saving my 200th post for the roast
  6. When is this rap battle going to start?
  7. Put me in as Sebarial This is gonna be fun
  8. Yeah not much happened but it sets the stage for future installments
  9. I love stormlight as much as the next guy but I NEED a conclusion to the wax and Wayne era. Im dying over here!
  10. I bet Szeths flashbacks will be more exciting, but Eshonai's will probably give us a bunch of Listener lore that we could use for theory building so it seems like a win win
  11. What do you mean by interfere? Are you asking if the medallions can be spiked?
  12. Dear Worried about Willy this yuletide Willy wonka was the first person to have a lot more time than you. The only way to become Odium's champion is to have the mass market in the future. Sincerely, Google Dear Google, My brother's being super passive aggressive to me because I used his conditioner. Everytime I try to apologize he ignores me. What should I do? Sincerely, Soft-Haired Thief
  13. Harmony is twice as powerful than any other Shard, but because the Intents are opposites, it makes Sazed unable to do much or interfere. Someone asked Brandon if Harmlny could beat Odium, and he phrased it in a really good way. Let me see if I can find it
  14. I think eventually all the Shards will go crazy with their Intent. Honor just happened to go insane faster because he was dying like Leras
  15. Well I cant argue with that logic I would choose Honor, but knowing my personality, it would be less about keeping oaths and more about respect