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  1. From the album Skyward Illustrations

  2. Here's a little Syl. Watercolour seems like the perfect medium for her.
  3. Not super specific to the topic of ideals, but close enough, right?
  4. Here's a quick sketch of Shadesmar. I'm going to try to do your prompt every week; I like the idea of having something specific to draw. Also, I can't quite believe I just coloured basically this entire sheet of paper with a sharpie...
  5. From the album Stormlight Drawings

    A bunch of people said my first painting of Jasnah looked too soft or too nice, so here she is being scary instead.
  6. From the album Elantris Drawings

    This started as a figure study. I came across a picture of a guy huddled up wrapped in a sheet and thought he looked like an Elantrian, and then I just kept adding more people to the sketch.
  7. When you're doing routine figure studies, come across a photo of a model sitting in a huddled, broken sort of posture, and immediately think, "He's Hoed." When that thought leads you to turn your "quick practice sketch" into a massive Elantris illustration.
  8. This. This is the bane of my existence.
  9. Oh, I don't know, I think I'll keep the mistwraiths. I hear they make good lab assistants, with a few alterations.
  10. I hear there might be labs available for a newcomer with an interest in dark alleys and hemalurgic experiments.
  11. Well, thanks for the quick survival guide, Archer! Now, what if I happen to enjoy performing questionable hemalurgic experiments in dark alleys?
  12. It's hard to pick a favourite, though the ones I keep re-reading are Wax and Wayne; their dynamic is so much fun. I keep drawing things from Stormlight, though; I love the design elements of Roshar. As for cookies and Breath, I will only accept free cookies if they're mint chocolate flavoured, and I'll keep my Breath, thanks!
  13. I'd have said "Greetings, humans," but I suppose there might be various nonhumans around a place like this, too. Anyway, hi, I'm new and I'm terrible at introducing myself. Where do I start in this rather intimidatingly large and sprawling forum?