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    I've gotten into reading a lot lately (but that's kinda obvious). I enjoy cooking and work overall. And ya...
  1. Happy birthday!

  2. This is awesome! I actually did the SAME thing to my older sister lol! I dragged her in on my reread - it's her second Cosmere book. I read to her every night, we just started the third one
  3. I haven't been on here in like a month, and I'm so confused right now... How'd we get to stormlight characters? And is Butt still alive? Ghanderfaffle?
  4. I wish I could give this all of my 20 like votes
  5. I got *drum roll please* SEEKER *Disappointed crowd* Yep, I'm a seeker I guess lol... The only thing I would say criticism wise, is that the question that's like "when do you do your work", 2 of the answers seemed the same, and some of the other answers, I was like "whaaat?"... But other than that, seems like a really cool quiz! Thx for making it
  6. How is that username still available lol

  7. Ever since I read Warbreaker, I have been wanting to re-read the chapters of the storm light archives, where "Ziehl (is that spelled right?)" And "azure" are in it... Because, ya know... But, I listened to the 3 storm light books on audible, so it's much harder for me to find what those chapters are, much less which books they even begin lol If anyone knows what chapters I'm looking for/where to find them, then plz let me know, thx!!
  8. I remember the simpler times, when hamsters ruled the world, and their only threat was a big dog... Or a robot? Or volcanoes? Or hamster balls? Maybe it wasn't all that simpler...
  9. The thief of always The name of the wind A spell for chameleon The Poison Wood Bible
  10. How many post does this topic need for the record?
  11. My main one was 75% stoneward then, 59% bondsminth 59% skybreaker 58%windrunner 31% edgedancer 31% willshaper I don't really know how accurate it is, cause I don't know that much about all the orders lol
  12. When did the ghanderfaffle come back? U know what, I don't even care, I just love it
  13. then he thought better of it... It's too hot for sudden life-changing-popsicle-extravagansa-ness... And it's just quite unpractical
  14. Woah woah woah... He is like WAY LONG DEAD, how could his deadness survive the whole universe exploding all those times? And all that crazy crap around like page 12?... At this point should I even question? Brandy, with a bottle of vodka in hand, (he still hated brandy) explained how he faked his death
  15. Man, I can't believe you guys have stuck with Butt this long. I mostly expected to come here to find a bunch of new random stuff lol... Nice to see some things never change - long live Butt Venture!! (Somebody shouted)