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  1. I haven’t seen anybody do headcannons on here before but here goes. Every 400 years Sazed gives up the harmony shard to a cognitive shadow he has prepared to carry out the Godly things he does on the daily and in a full born body he designed he spends one day among the people of Scadrial. He does this for a few reasons: He never wants to lose sight of what it is like to be a human and/or lose his ability to relate to the people he is protecting. By spending time without the shards he is able to clean himself of their influence for a time, giving him more freedom to act without the conflict between ruin and preservation stopping him from doing certain things. Sazed avoids completely losing his identity to the shard in the ways that Honor and Ruin has before him. Does anybody see this as a realistic tho g to do or even possible? the way I see it he will still have a connection to those shards that very few people could so he could retrieve the harmony shard anytime he wants and if he did this unexpectedly then nobody would have time to prepare themselves to get the shards in the way kelsier had help to use preservation. Thought, feelings, complaints?
  2. alright so here is my theory. technically, when you are remembering an event from the past, you are really remembering the last time you remembered it. It is a kind of weird concept but that is how memory works. Through the process of telephone your memories become very maluable to suggestion and such or they just degrade with time. If TLR decides to put a week of his memories in a piece of copper and then burns it, he does not have just one memory of the week, he has several carbon copies of it. He can then go into his copper mind that he is storing the copies memories away and give himself back a recollection of the week while still leaving the rest in his coppermind. His memories never degrade. In fact if he wanted he could constantly be tapping his coppermind like miles did with gold, but he would only be slowly degrading one of his copies of his memories. Which he could refresh by compounding what is still in that coppermind. There is a lot that we don’t know about copper. We have seen Sazed tap written information out of his coppermind, but we have only seen him store images. When one is tapping images or events i believe it is quite possible that they can do so while still being aware of what is going on around them. TLR could (theoretically) be looking at all of his memories while doing regular life and it not affect his ability to just live life. He probably uses zinc to aid in this. Maybe this is one of the reasons that he was going crazy slowly. I bet this took a toll on his mental state, making him susceptible to ruins influence and such. just some thoughts
  3. hypothetically, you are a bendalloy ferring, and eat something a little undercooked that would have given you food poisoning,but you stores that away in your reserves. would this actually prevent the food poisoning? or does storing in a bendalloy only tuck away the nutritional value? time to up the game. you are drinking a mountain dew, you start to feel the effects of poison and realized somebody poisoned your drink! *GASP* thinking quickly you store everything that you drank. would you be able to store the poison as well? could you just put it in a metal mind and then throw it away?
  4. we already know what compounding copper can an extant. in the first mistborn, the crew mention that dox couldn’t go to any of the balls that the lord ruler would be attending. the reasoning behind this is that apparently TLR never forgot a face, even if you had briefly seen you. The lord ruler had the ability to remember the slightest of details. he would take his memories from the past week, compound them, and have everything he has ever learned or seen (even briefly) but had it available to him several times over. as long as TLR compounded his memories, he could remember pretty much anything to the most minute detail. i’m guess about “ten fold” as well as he would have been able to remember it otherwise.
  5. Aon Tia I’m sure includes calculations for the circumference of the planet... As for altitude, when Roaden teleported he went from aproxiametely one coastal area to another. So he should have been pretty much sea level in both places. If you wanted to go up a mountain i assume you would need to include the altitude measurements.
  6. ahhhh, i forgot about that. good catch
  7. @jefftucker0525 @QuaN7umVo1D keep in mind, Nightblood does not exclusively suck the investure out of its “victims”... it also takes investure from the wielder, it’s becausenof that that whoever wields it starts losing what pigment they have because it is corrupting their biochatic breath. anyways, my point is, he doesn’t need to retain any inclvestire from a victim to leak once he is unsheathed. when he is unsheathed he immediately starts chowing on the investure of the swordsman.
  8. and interesting concept to explore: what kind of resonances does hoid experience? We know he has some sort of healing factor, on top of that he has massive amounts of biochromatic breath and allomancy. with all of those different forms of investure, there must be some wack side effects. we also have reason to believe he is a soon to be knight radiant. we have not yet seen what resonance looks like while mixing systems from different shards. i am curious as to whether the mixing of any magic systems causes a “dissonance” for the user opposed to a resonance.
  9. give somebody an unkeyed tin metal mind. they could actively store feeling if they are needing surgery, it would also be helpful for traumatic injuries. if somebody can’t feel the pain of their injuries they are much less likely to go into shock. PLUS you wouldn’t even need to store any senses in the tin to begin with.
  10. my problem with this is anchoring. i just don’t think that a mistborn would have to turn around to look for an anchor before pushing on something big. while brandon typically mentions what their anchor is, i can’t remember him stating that the coin shot/mistborn frantically turning around looking for an anchor. my impression was always that being able to be aware of the blue lines around you comes with burning iron/ steel. if a mistborn closes their eyes they can still see blue lines. i don’t think it makes much sense that they could exclusively see the metal in front of them if they close their eyes. i don’t think inquisitors can also only see things in front of them, it wouldn’t make sense to think that their eyesight works like normal eyes, only seeing what is in front of them. i haven’t ever seen a WoB saying a coin shot can only see blue lines in front of them, or can only see something behind them if they saw it while it was in front of them first. if somebody finds one please share!
  11. i loves seeing the growth that the characters were forced to endure in WoA. especially elend this is straight out of a movie. really elend’s first bad a— moment
  12. i wonder if inquisitors would be especially susceptible to feurochemical connection... also, we know that preservation and ruin had different abilities when it came to hemaluric creations or hemalurgically invested people. i agree with @Yata that the shard ruin definitely has the upper hand, but ruin also cannot hear thoughts from inquisitors. ruin could appear and talk to spiked individuals but could not read thoughts preservation could hear the thoughts of spiked individuals but could not talk to them directly. what might be some of the advantages/disadvantages that any other shards might have when it comes to hemalurgy?