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  1. Thanks @Zath. Love Wayne's 'slang', thought he would be fun too rap as, and i was right. You totally earned the win here though. Good luck in the final round my dude. Could i get some of that Aloe Vera please?
  2. Congrats to @AonEne for making the final round. I hope you're humble in defeat, as well as victory Here goes: Arrrrr come on mate, now this ain't fair, I'm only here because you were there. Back before the Catacendre, doesn't matter i'll still end ya. Whats over your eyes mate? Underwear? Lord Mistborn, Spook, or Lestibournes. I'll roast you, with gratitude, rest assured. What is it with lords and all there names, let me say now, you won't survive these flames. You weren't Tineye, more like Tin addict, lucky your mate was emperor, you could always have it. Kelsiers barman, with all the drinks you were serving only Mistborn in the end because he put a word in. There's nothing you can do, nothing to really hurt me. You could be Twinborn, Mistborn, Compound with Hemalurgy. You'll be forgotten in era three, i'll be going strong in era thirty. You nearly killed yourself, you want victory, you ain't worthy. I come from a time of electricity and cars, you don't need allomancy to glance at the stars. You come from a time ruin and ash, you had no idea what you were doing, your trash. I sure as hell won't forget to mention, how useless you were in the Well of Ascension. A sword and some tin? you need a better armoury, I'll Ruin your Preservation, you will never know Harmony.
  3. Definitely agree, the banter between Wax and Wayne kills m, "Spoiled Tomato". Help me get over Ear 1 ending.
  4. Thanks guys and girls, time to get wasted!
  5. Insert colourful language here ^^^^ Didn't know about the rusting censor, sorry.
  6. Could have said this earlier, but shout out to @Ashspren for setting this up. First thread I've really got involved with and sure as hell not my last. Gone about my rap a bit different, as I finished Bands of Mourning literally 2 days ago. Enjoy! Knock, knock, "Wayne, get up. There's 3 guys at door. Said they want to see you, didn't say what for" "Wax! Come on! Can you tell 'em i'm dead. Don't want too leave, I've got MeLaan in bed" Wayne reluctantly heads downstairs. "Wait! Its only Sadeas, Vasher 'n Hoid, I got out of bed for you 3? Now i'm annoyed. Vasher looks like he was born in the Roughs 'n Hoid looks like he ain't eating enough. Sadeas? Ha! you got stabbed in the eye, this'll be nostalgic, as you know how to die. Well you can't come in, go stand out in the road. Is Wax still nearby 'cuz i'm about to explode." Wayne joins the challengers outside. "So is it Vasher, Zahel or Peacegiver the Blessed? Either way, when im done, your're going to Return to your rest. When i'm done here, you will want too give me you Breath 'cuz you winning this, I've got more chance with Ranette." "Ah, Hoid, nice flute Wanna trade? Piece of fruit? You could do with and apple or some cherries, you under prepared mate, should have asked Steris. I know you think your good at disguises" With a rip of the shirt, and slur of the words. "non o' yours is good as mine is. Always hopping about, pick a place 'n stay you ain't wasting anyone, your wasting away." "Sadeas, the snake, the liar, the faker. Wayne the Incredible Sliding Bloodmaker! See I sound alright, your titles are crap, I know what you need, just the right hat. You should have been stabbed in the back, with no way of running. You got more than you deserved, you actually saw it coming. Winding up Adolin, what were you doing son, did i mention that your face looks like chewing gum?" "Now you 3 admit, my bars were sick and i'm not filling my metalminds, not even a bit. If you don't mind i'm done with this rust But the sexy Kandra upstairs, told me too be quick" Wayne leaves the challengers dumbfounded by his wit. *Pun intended.
  7. @Gray to, Totally agree here. All 3 are, as they say in the biz, FIRE!
  8. And the Cultivation of puns will be his burden, not ours.
  9. As long as he has the Devotion too keep at it.
  10. Can't believe you just Ruined his pun . . .
  11. Moash, Amaram and Odium!? Ooooooooooo dis gone be good.
  12. When you and your only other Cosmere reading friend play on a private server on Ark:Survival Evolved named Roshar and name all your dinosaurs after Cosmere characters. All hail Dalinar the T-Rex.
  13. Brilliant!